Friday, November 30, 2007

Three questions

Thank you guys so much for your comments yesterday. It's great to see all the positive things happening in everyone else's lives! I got about 10 hours of sleep last night, and I woke up today feeling much better--but then as I was getting ready to leave for work, I started feeling really nauseous. So now I'm working from home today, although if I start feeling better in the afternoon, I may go into the office. The funny thing is that other than feeling like I might puke at any moment, I feel totally fine. Is that normal? Has that ever happened to any of you?

But hey, it's Friday, which means that if I do go into the office, I can wear jeans, and then there's a whole weekend ahead of us! Assuming this nausea doesn't turn into something worse, that is. Otherwise the weekend will suck. I have an appointment for a haircut tonight (but not a drastic one, for those few readers who remember the discussion we had about this back in August--I still want to grow it out so I'll have more options at the wedding), so I am hoping that I feel okay enough by then to be able to make it.

Also, everyone in my office got an invitation to this Christmas tree party this weekend at a nearby Christmas tree farm. The farm claims to have all types of Christmas trees, fresh, up to twelve feet tall, all at the same price of $50, which is incredibly cheap, at least for this area where big trees usually cost at least $100. It's so cheap that the demand for this farm's party is incredibly high, to the point where it's invitation only. Torsten and I both want a tree, but we would have to get a Zipcar to bring it home, which would raise the price, and also we'd have to get a Christmas tree stand and figure out where to put it in the apartment, and take care of it, and then eventually get rid of it. And also, we won't even be home from December 20-26, so we'd only get to enjoy it for about three weeks.

So! Rationally, we've decided not to go to this party. But damn it, I want a tree, and I have some decorations for it, and I've never had my own tree before, and three weeks is still a nice amount of time to enjoy the tree, and this would be such a good price. But on the other hand... it's an expense, a mess, and a hassle, and we'll get to enjoy my parents' Christmas tree on Christmas itself anyway. So I don't know what to do.

So, in summary, I have three questions for you:
  1. Have you ever felt nauseous without any other symptom? And NOT because you are pregnant, because I am 100% sure that I am not.
  2. Should we get a Christmas tree this year or not?
  3. What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. I actually felt that way yesterday, for no reason, but it passed and I felt fine by dinner time. Hope you do too! #2, We have a fake tree, which makes me cry, but it's the only thing that will fit in our tiny house. New house = real tree. #3, Laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. And driving Andy to the airport. BOO.
    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. I DID feel that way when I was pregnant, but also when I wasn't getting enough sleep. Maybe you are out of whack from that?

    I always want a tree, even if it's just for a few days.

  3. i am pro-tree, all the time. maybe you could get a teeny one? a la charlie brown? like a 3-footer or something? do you think any churches or other parking lots nearby you will have xmas tree sales? then you could potentially walk there, and get a small enough tree that you could carry/drag it home. and then you get to use your decorations!

    this weekend: getting the kitten neutered. good times!

  4. i feel nauseous a lot - sometimes its from taking a vitamin on an empty stomach (weird, i know) - or worse, if you have a runny nose or a cold post nasal drip can make you feel like crap. just a little gross FYI.
    im getting a tree tomorrow! This is the earliest ive EVER gotten a tree in my life but my fiance seems intent on it this year. and if you read my boring blog later ill tell u all about my "interesting" weekend!

  5. Yes, I felt like that from the 6th to 12th weeks of PREGNANCY! 100% sure, huh? Yeah, I thought so too, this last time. But I also feel that way from taking a vitamin on an empty stomach, like dreamgirl. When it's from being overtired, I always have a headache to go along with the nausea.

    Yes to the Christmas tree, unless it will be too much trouble and you won't be around to enjoy it.

  6. 1. no, but i hope you feel better soon!
    2. YES get a tree. 3 weeks is plenty of time to enjoy it in my opinion.
    3. date! squee! and a movie with a friend. and laundry (ugh)

  7. I totally want a real tree this year because I adore them, but like you said, it's a lot of damn work and I'll be out of town Dec. 22-30 during which time my cat would probably knock it over and it would lose all of its needles and make a huge mess. Ick. Maybe next year?

    As for this weekend, I have a shitload to do that includes shopping, choir shit, laundry, watching a VERY IMPORTANT football game and running random errands.

    Hope you are having a lovely Friday!

  8. It's probably something to do with hormones (even if you're not pregnant). I've decided that hormones are the cause of most unfortunate feelings, physical or mental (at least for me).

    Get a fake tree. Target has great ones for $100 to $200 and they don't die and you don't have to buy one next year! Seriously, I know real trees are better, but they're ridiculously expensive.

    This weekend: 8 mile hike through two forest preserves in Cook County in sleet. It's a chance to use the massive collection of outdoor wear I've amassed since junior high.

  9. 1. Yes, but only because I was going through big-time stressful issues.
    2. Oh, I'm so practical and I would kind of say no. Although I really love Christmas trees, especially real ones, you pointed out a lot of good reasons why getting one would more pain in the ass than it's worth. But it's CHRISTMAS! So I don't know, I guess I'm just not in the Christmas spirit since I will not be getting a tree this year.
    3. Hopefully Mark gets back from Cincinnati so I can see him for the weekend starting tomorrow. Other than that, maybe some Christmas shopping.

  10. 1. Yes, and it usually has something to do with a lack of sleep...except that one time when it was actually a concusion.
    2. I'm not even Christian and I say get the tree.
    3. Headed down to my parents' house for the second time in ten days. I love them, but I don't love the drive.

  11. I usually feel nauseous in the morning (NOT pregnant), but I think it's because I'm awake before 7:00 am. Seriously.

    Yes, get a Christmas tree, even if it's scraggly and droopy.

    This weekend we're going Christmas shopping. Everything will be done this weekend because I refuse to do it all over again next weekend.

    (Man, I don't like Blogger's new identity system. I can't link to my website and get delicious new readers!) :)

  12. 1. Yes I have felt nauseous and no nothing to do with being pregnant. Do you feel slightly dizzy? Are you stressed about stuff? Did you perhaps eat something that didn't sit right? Are you maybe getting sick? Can be loads of reasons. 2. Probably best not to get a tree, or perhaps get a small one. 3. Resting, christmas shopping and seeing a friend from out of town. Hope you feel better!

  13. When my migraines are acting up, yes (no headache..just nausea).

    I say you should get something-this is the first Christmas before you were married you'll be telling your kids about in the years to come-maybe a small tabletop tree (or a fake one).

    I'm doing a secret shop on Saturday, then family stuff on Sunday.

  14. 1. nope. that has never happened to me.

    2. i'd hold off on the christmas tree. that's a good price, but maybe you could get a smaller one??

    3. working and HOMEWORK. and i think i accidentally started some problems between some people, because i mentioned something and now things are adding up as to what this one person may or not be doing. *i'd totally write about it, but all parties involved read my site. :(

    I hope you feel better!!!! and yay for the wknd!!!!

  15. 1. Yes, it was an inner ear infection, which messes with your equilibrium.

    2. You coukd get a real small one. When we lived in our apartment, Ed surprised me with this small tree. I had nothing to put on it, but it was great!!

    3. RELAXING!!!

  16. I feel that way a little bit today. I think something didn't agree with me....
    You should definitely get a tree!
    I'm getting a tree this weekend and turning my house into a tastefully decorated Christmas wonderland (read: possibly gaudy holiday hell).

  17. you absolutely need a tree! it isn't christmas without that basic decoration.

  18. Sometimes I get nauseous when my blood sugar is low.

  19. 1. For the last, like six weeks I have been having "morning sickness." It has become a big joke between me, AS and my coworkers because, uh, I am definitely not pregnant, but I've had waves of nausea every morning.

    2. Get the tree. It's a good splurge!

  20. 1) yes and i hate it. usually i just concentrate hard and it goes away

    2) DO NOT get a fake tree. the whole purpose of the tree is the amazing smell. just get a little 2-3 footer. that way you can still decorate it, put presents under it, and it will still smell like christmas

    3) what was number three again? oh! weekend plans. hmmm... finish photo projects, get un-sick, and finish unpacking my room. fun! :)

  21. 1. I get like that frequently and it comes in waves. I'll literally be standing there, mid-conversation and feeling fine, and then will feel like vomiting on my shoes.

    2. I would totally get a tree. But maybe compromise and get a small one. Or get an artificial pre-lit that you can use again.

    3. I am MOOOOOVING this weekend :)

  22. progesterone, which is high after you ovulate and before your period, now makes me nauseated, even when I'm not pregnant. It's exacerbated by coffee for some reason. Also lack of sleep too.

    Get a tree, unless you're like me and live in a tiny, tiny apartment and are going to be spending the holidays away from home anyway.

    Weekend plans: sleep. Also an engagement party, and a random coffee meetup with 20 of my closest strangers. Also panicking about the job thing, but I'll be doing that 24-7 I think.

  23. Answers:

    If I don't eat I get the tummy flutters.

    Get a small tree. It may not be much, but tiny trees are cute!

    This weekend I'm having lunch with Jennie (shelikespurple) and that's about it. I'm boring. Ha!

    Happy Friday to you!

  24. 1. YES! especially after eating too much...and seeing or even smelling food after that

    2. totally get a tree!! it's tradition

    3. decorating MY tree!

    happy weekend!

  25. 1. Yes. Maybe it's food related? Like you're not getting enough iron or something? I also think I have a mild soy allergy, which I didn't realize until I made the connection that I felt nauseous any time I had soy milk or a Luna bar.

    2. Definitely get a tree. Three weeks is plenty of time to enjoy it, and if this is your first Christmas living together, it's a good thing to do, for the memory and the milestone of it.

    3. Lots of stuff. Too much stuff! Craft sale, dinner party, Sunday afternoon neighbor party, dinner with friends, and a concert. I will need a weekend to recover from the weekend at the end of it!

  26. 1. Yes. Taking pills (vitamins or Rx) on an empty stomach, or even coffee on an empty stomach, causes it. Sometimes it just happens for no reason.

    2. If you and Torsten want a tree, get a tree. The cat will undecorate the bottom 1/3 of it, and will knock it over unless you secure it with rope.

    3. Housework, shopping (done already), cooking and freezing meals for this week.

  27. Yes, on the nausea (can't spell that damn word). Usually (I think) related to not eating well, too much alcohol, not enough sleep, too much sleep, too much caffiene, too little caffiene, not enough fresh air, too much fresh air, and too much candy.

    Yes on the Christmas tree. But only if you already have the lights. Because DAMN, lights are expensive this year.

    And our plans are Get a Christmas Tree, nurse, change diapers, bathe the kids, drink wine, and fix the GD garage door which self-destructed a few hours ago.

  28. I didn't read all the other comments, but are you on any other medications that you took on an empty stomach or is there anything you ate that may have been bad? I was horribly nauseous the other day (roughly a month ago) with no explanation and I think basically I took some really strong motrin on an empty stomach. Weird. I know.