Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mind over matter

Last night was a rough night, involving an extended 3:00 AM phone call from a friend having some relationship issues after I had already gone to bed much later than normal. Thus today I am functioning on not very much sleep and even though the workday hasn't even started, I am already feeling out of it. I put on full makeup today, including some desperately-needed under-eye concealer, which I don't usually wear. The idea is to trick myself into feeling as alert as I look. So far, it isn't working.

So, let's see. Time to try mind over matter. Let's focus on the positive. Hmm. It may be time for a list.

1. I met one of Torsten's best friends, who lives in England, when we were in Germany. Then earlier this week the two of them were talking online and his friend submitted her official opinion of me: "She's a great girl... you lucky bugger!" There's nothing quite like being appreciated by your significant other's friends.

2. My volleyball team won our quarterfinal playoff game last night. Next week is the semifinals and, if we win those, the finals. We went out for a drink after we won last night and I actually got to know my teammates, which felt good as I've felt sort of like an outsider all season since they all knew each other beforehand and I did not.

3. Seeing other people's relationship problems somehow makes me feel very solid in my own relationship. Not that I enjoy other people's sadness, because I truly do not, but seeing the issues that other people are having makes me look at my own relationship in those lights, and no matter what light I look at it in, my relationship with Torsten is great. Torsten is great. I'm incredibly lucky.

4. My boss is being super-nice and told me that if I need to leave early, or even go home and sleep for awhile and then work from home, I can. Unfortunately, I have work to get done this morning and a meeting I can't miss this afternoon. But still, I'm lucky to have a boss to whom I can even talk about this stuff in the first place, and who is so supportive about it.

5. I remembered to take something out of the freezer to defrost in my half-asleep daze this morning, which means I will actually be able to cook dinner tonight. This is serious progress for me, as usually I can't remember to do that even when I have had enough sleep.

Okay, well, that didn't really work. I still don't feel terribly positive. I feel tired, and also emotionally drained. Perhaps doing some work will make me feel both productive and distracted. (What a novel idea.) I'm going to try that technique. Also, let's try the power of persuasion: what positive or upbeat things are happening in your life right now?


  1. Sounds like a rough night! You are a good friend though, and I'm sure they appreciated the conversation.

    I like that Torsten's friend called him a "lucky bugger". That is very cute.

    Your boss sounds awesome, and thank god, mine is exactly the same way. He encourages me to stay home if I am the slightest bit tired or sniffly.

    So, lastly, positives in my life. I got into grad school and submitted my acceptance yesterday (and had to pay them $500! grr) and I will likely see Mark this weekend!

  2. have some coffee! and take random walks throughout the day (in the office) - it gets your blood goin. and just think how nice it'll be to go to bed tonight and wake up on FRIDAY!!!!!! :)

  3. that is so sweet that you got the "approval" from torsten's friend. that is such a good feeling.

    and positive things...oh...i don't know...I HAVE A DATE ON FRIDAY! SQUEE! but i've probably jinxed myself for talking about it so much. on the internet. lol

  4. I got a tentative offer for a new job! Well, it's the same job at the same school just in a different location. I'll be at the art library! Woot! Now maybe I can put my degree to use.

  5. Your boss sounds great! Also, on #5, I'm SO with you there. I can NEVER remember to take something out to defrost.

    Positives - well, everything is pretty much going along uneventfully, which, when you have four kids, is EXTREMELY positive!!

  6. Yay for Torsten friend approval!

    And #5 - I always forget to take stuff out to defrost.

    Good things? There's a very good chance I could get a cool freelance job in the next few weeks.

  7. Friend approval is even better than parent approval... congratulations!

    Positive things? We're doing a little surprise party for our nanny tonight (tomorrow is her last day) and the kids are super excited.

  8. yay for hanging out with the volley ball team! man do I miss just hanging out with a group of friends and having some laughs.

    positive things? i get to have hot wings tonight, for half price! also half price beers and a packer's game! this makes me very happy!

  9. I know what you mean about getting approval from your boyfriend's friends... it is a very nice feeling. Also, I love people being called bugger. Ha!

  10. oh man, i know that feeling well. although i'm usually too tired and draggy to put on makeup in that case, so well done you.

    i have so much positive going on right now! (despite the complainy post i just wrote!) mostly having to do with the boy, and sort of the same as you.. how ridiculously lucky i feel that he's around :-) cue goofy look and cheesy music... ;-)

  11. ooo 3am phonecalls are never really fun. but it's great that you feel so secure in your relationship with Torsten. :) and friend approval is always fantastic!

    my positive thing in my life- graduating in 15 days! soon! (but I think I've mentioned this a time or 100 on my site already ;) lol)

  12. Approval from the friends of you SO is the best. You passed the friend test!

    Positive stuff in my life...every morning I get to walk into my baby boy's room and he lights up with a huge smile when he sees me. Any worries I have melt away.

  13. I hope your friend is okay.

    When Mike and I first started dating, we did this corny little game of "what do you like about me?" and as the relationship went on, we'd learn new things and add to the list.

    One of the first (week ONE) from him to me was: I like that you and Scott (his great friend and roommate) get along so well.

    Scott is still one of my best friends. At his wedding, I cried buckets and kept drunkenly saying to him, "You're not just Mike's friend. You're mine."

    It's an awesome thing.

    And Mike and my best friends are all close to.

    We're lucky as well.

  14. I am completely useless without sleep - I feel ya!

    Positives - TM is getting our Christmas Tree tomorrow with his sister so I'll get to decorate it this weekend. Also, it's Thrusday, so the week is almost over!

  15. You definitely seem like the "call in the middle of the night" friend. You're awesome.

    The defrosting thing is a definitely problem with my new freezer plan. I'm waiting for them to invent a Jetsons-type defroster.

  16. "Lucky bugger!" I love that and he totally is!

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but I know that she's clearly lucky to have you.

    And the major positives in my life? Well, I got a new job! And my best friend from college is in town! And M gets out early tonight from class! And it's THURSDAY!

  17. AAH! 2 days in a row I've forgotten to take something out for dinner.

    I hope you can get to bed early tonight and catch up!

  18. Re: #3? I totally hear you.
    I have a couple of friends right now (one in particular) that i totally don't want to trade places with. Her relationship is TOXIC and whenever I hear about it, i think how GREAT my relationship is.

  19. For somebody who lacks seem to be doing just great! ;)

  20. I've started to apply this approach to my entire life and pledged to begin my day with 50 things for which I'm thankful everyday through December. Damn that sounds cheesy when I write it out. But I swear it helps.

    Tiredness, on the other hand, has no real remedy but caffeine, sugar, or sleep...says the girl whose boss's boss called her on falling asleep during a meeting yesterday!

    P.S. You're a super friend to talk her through it at that hour.

  21. I agree thoroughly about number 3. Every time one of my friends goes through something bad in her romantic life, I tell AS how much I appreciate having a stable, happy relationship!

  22. Just remember that today is another day, and you'll hopefully get a much-needed good night of sleep in between.

    It's the friends you can call at 3 in the morning that matter, so just feel special that you are that friend to someone else.

    Now get some sleep! :-)

  23. Aw, I hope things are looking up!

    Something positive? My niece peed in her potty yesterday. Sounds strange but she was so proud of herself it was adorable and made me all gooey. I don't get gooey. :)

  24. It sounds like you did a pretty good job of making a list of positives all things considered. I know what you mean about the late night convos. They don't seem nearly as bad when you're in them, but you pay for them the next day for sure!

  25. i feel you on the no sleep. i actually think i'm going to go crash right now. and it's like six thirty pm. ugh. how lame am i? but yay about the volleyball! my team just played our last game on tuesday, a loss in a losing season. but good for you guys!

  26. You poor thing, I hope that Torsten will make you food so you can have a nap before dinner.
    At this very moment, I'm going to IKEA to shop... while getting paid -Yes, my boss asked me to go to IKEA and SHOP! We need 3 tables, a rug and some christmas stuff for the office! SO COOL!

  27. I know what you mean about relationship stuff. Sometimes a friend's tough story reminds me that Paul is a great guy even though he's always trying to put food down the sink (we don't have a disposal).