Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I want to...

...Complete a triathlon.

...Plant a garden in our backyard with vegetables and flowers.

...Go for a hike in the foothills.

...Get a haircut (nothing drastic... just some layers and shaping).

...Go to France.

...Bake a cake (at this altitude, this is trickier than it sounds).

...Go to Lilith Fair.

...Speak German, like REALLY speak it, not just stumble through it.

...Eat some pineapple. And maybe some peaches.

...Finish hanging the pictures we already have framed. And frame a few more.

...Try the Dior mascara that everyone is always raving about.

...Play fetch with Montana.

...See my best friend.

...Play tennis with Torsten.

...Go to Japan.

What do YOU want to do?


  1. I want to ... vacation in Colorado. =)

    I love how your list has some things you could easily do now, despite your financial limitations, and others that are things you can look forward to in the future.

  2. Oooh, definitely want to go to France too!

  3. i want to.....

    -travel a bit this year
    -go see friends that i haven't seen in years
    -medal in an inline marathon
    -start an inline marathon in colorado!

  4. I want to

    -go on a vacation
    -sit on a beach
    -play outside in the warm spring weather with my daughter
    -going shopping
    -sleep in
    -bake bread

  5. I want to...

    travel to Mexico and lay in a hammock by the sea

    be financially secure and an independent contractor so I don't have to follow the dictates of stupid 9-5

    get a tattoo

    spend one whole day in bed without guilt or because I am sick

    dye my hair a funky color for the hell of it

    find my exercise motivation

  6. I want to
    -run a half marathon
    -drink an authentic frozen margarita
    -take a resort vacation with my boy
    -go back to France
    -find a fulfilling job

  7. I want to....

    ... be more adventurous.

    ... make the front of my house beautiful.

    ... take a real vacation in the next year or so.

  8. I want to:

    - Move my body! I've been trapped at this desk for several days straight.

    - Read more than I already am

    - Eat more oranges (my current fruit obsession)

  9. I want to write. For a living. And not have us go broke in the process. And I'm going to make it happen, damnit!

  10. ...go to the caribbean. like now.

    ...run a 5k.

    ...learn some awesome new stuff in pole class.

    ...write more regularly on mah blaaag.

  11. I bake cakes all the time and often post cake recipes on my blog. It's really not that tricky to bake at altitude; the biggest difference that I notice is that often a cake is done sooner than the time given in a recipe, so I usually check it about 10-15 minute early.

  12. I want to

    -Go backpacking/camping/hiking
    -Visit my niece and nephew
    -Update my spring wardrobe

  13. I love that your list has easily attainable things and bigger things, too.

  14. I want to

    ...take a mental health day.
    ...get comfortable saying "my boyfriend."
    ...travel internationally next year.
    ...get a dog.
    ...move past not being in the part of the dance performance I wanted to do.

  15. I want to start cross country skiing, and maybe even find out if there are races for that around here. And I want to help you do that triathlon in any way I can! Let me know if you EVER need training advice or tips!

  16. go to Bora Bora.

    get a job in a new career field in the next 2-3 years.

    meet Johnny Weir :)

  17. I want to...go on vacation. Seriously, I badly need it.

    If you're interested, I wrote a review of the Dior mascara. It is fab but I listed things I did/didn't like about it. I can send you the URL.

  18. I love this list.

    I want to get out of my house and start seeing the people who live close to me before I move away.

    I want to put on some fake eyelashes and wear them for at least a day.

    I want to finish paying off all of my student loan debt before I'm too old to walk.

    I want to get my eyes checked and get a new pair of cute glasses that don't make my eyes hurt.

  19. Sigh. Quit my job. Lose the rest of the weight. Find more friends.

  20. this is a tall order.... although generally I hope for:
    - not having to work very much, and yet get paid plenty (damn I should have gone into banking 10yrs ago and then run off to Tortola with my ill gotten proceeds)
    - getting a grip and finishing my MA
    - go on many many vacations to warm places.
    - get down to a size 10 again, (that was the size that I felt most comfortable at)

  21. A lot of similar things to you actually...

    - travel more, esp to Peru and India and Morocco
    - decorate the house
    - build shelves for all my books so I can finally get them out of storage
    - bake more
    - obsess less about babies and put that energy into living life now instead
    - plant sweet-smelling things in my new garden
    - exercise more (maybe get back into running now the mornings are light again)

  22. I want to have a house with a nice kitchen.

  23. I can totally vouch for the Dior mascara magic!

    I want to:
    * Plan the best wedding ever for my sister
    * Grow basil and cilantro from our balcony
    * Paint gorgeous canvases full of color for our home
    * Get over my fear of flying and see my friends in SF