Thursday, October 22, 2009

Celebrity crushes

Awhile back (like probably two years at this point), a meme-type thing was circling the blogosphere and everyone was making lists of celebrities they thought were hot. I kept meaning to do it at the time, but I never got around to it. And also, bizarrely, I find it difficult to keep track of the celebrities I like. I'll see an actor and think to myself, "That person would be on my list!" And then five minutes later, I've forgotten all about it.

Really, that's probably a good thing. No unhealthy obsession with celebrities over here, right?

Anyway, I've managed to collect my thoughts enough to pull my top five. Think of this kind of like that list that Ross laminated on the episode of Friends back in the day, except without giving consideration to gender, and also I'm not sure I'd necessarily want to have sex with any of these people. But still, the same idea.

Anyway, here they are, numbered but only for organizational purposes. Not in order of preference.

1. Lindsay Price. God, that woman is hot. Seriously, cannot get over the gorgeousness. She is the main reason that I was sad when Lipstick Jungle was canceled. Yes, even more than Robert Buckley. He wasn't my type. Apparently, she is.

2. Alan Rickman. OK, I know this is probably a strange choice, and that I'm likely quite alone in this one. But the man is just captivating. And that VOICE. And yes, I especially like him in his role as Snape. I know, I'm weird.

3. Lucy Liu. The woman is just freaking breathtaking. And classy. And stylish. I mean really, what else is there to say?

4. John Stamos. He was hot as Uncle Jesse, despite the mullet, but he's only gotten hotter over the years. Seriously.

5. Emma Watson. I know, two actors from Harry Potter on this list. But this girl is just gorgeous, and smart too, and I love her fashion sense. I remember watching the first Harry Potter movie and wondering what they would do if the actors turned out ugly when they grew up. This was definitely not a concern for Emma Watson. (Maybe Daniel Radcliffe, though.)

Who's on your list?


  1. OMG!! You are the only other person I've heard of who thinks Alan Rickman is sexy hot too! I told my hairdresser this, she almost dropped the hair dryer, and the hairstylist at the adjacent station almost lost it too. But he is sexay! And that voice, oh, that voice...

  2. I totally get Alan Rickman - I may not have put him on my list but I get why someone else would...and it's the voice -- truly the voice is sexy as hell.

    My list...
    Hugh Jackman
    George Clooney
    Steven Page (dorky former lead of the Barenaked Ladies -- hush, I adore him)
    Julianne Moore
    Salma Hayek

  3. I LOVE SNAPE!~ They found absolutely the perfect guy for that role. I know I'm supposed to hate him and all, but I can't help cheering a little each time he comes onscreen because it's like they pulled Snape from my head.

    And Emma Watson? The only issue with her is that Hermione is supposed to be a bit ackward in the early years, and she? Not a bit. She is lovely. :)

    Another who will always and forever be on my list is Reese Witherspoon. She is lovely, and classy, and she just killed me in Walk the Line. I fell even more in love with her after she handled her divorce so well... and you NEVER see her kids, which is fantastic.

  4. Oh, Alan Rickman definitely. Plus Kevin James, Will Smith...uh, I too am having trouble thinking of people. Oh, Orlando Bloom but only as an elf---normally he's not at ALL my type.

  5. Uh, not that "elf" is my type. I just mean I like him as a blonde, I guess.

  6. Uncle Jesse totally checked me out in a restaurant once. True story. Ask John.

    I get Alan Rickman too. Totally. Though he's no James McAvoy.

  7. Your list makes me laugh because:
    1) Alan Rickman! Great actor, but wouldn't be on my list;
    2) My husband is often told he looks like John Stamos;
    3) My oldest daughter is often told she looks like Emma Watson!

    My list would include Josh Charles (I have loved him since he played Knox Overstreet in Dead Poets Society) and Rachel McAdams.

  8. I ABSOLUTELY get Alan Rickman. In fact, the man is (and has always been) the top of my list.

    I'm with Swistle on Kevin James.

    I also have a thing for The Rock, Duane Johnson.

    For women, I think Queen Latifah is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I don't want to sleep with her so much as I want to BE her.

  9. I agree with Lucy Liu, she is gorgeous.

    My main man is Jeff Goldbloom. I don't care that he's old enough to be my father (and neither does his 22 year old girlfriend). He is so fine.

  10. I LOVE Lindsay Price. She just has an exotic look to her that I like.

    If they would bring back Lipstick Jungle, I would be oh-so happy!!

  11. Lindsay Price is super sophisticated. I love her too, she looks beautiful and intelligent. She always carries herself so gracefully and I strive to be a woman like that :)

    My celebrity crush for the time being is Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries. Soooo gorgeous!

  12. that's really funny because we just watched the first Die Hard last night and Alan Rickman was in it, but he was so young that I didn't recognize him until he talked, and then I was like, "oh! it's Snape!" and John laughed at me...

  13. I'm all over Alan Rickman, despite him being tainted through association with Harry Potter. I mean, have you seen Die Hard? Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves? Hoo boy.

    Bizarrely, despite the fact that I spend all of my time with ladies, all my celebrity infatuations are male. Ryan Reynolds, Giovanni Ribisi, and Brad Pitt's abbs in Fight Club. Holy moly.

  14. Oh, and the guy who plays Paul in the The Rules of Attraction movie.

  15. Lindsay Price IS stunning. My list would be Ryan Reynolds, Gerard Butler, John Krasinski, and Penelope Cruz.

  16. Oh man, Alan Rickman is my #1. I am super obsessed with him. My friends make fun of me because I'm 23 and he's old enough to be my grandfather, but I don't care. He is a sex pot.

  17. I feel like I don't know any celebrities anymore - like occasionally I'll surf onto one of those Celeb-buzz sites and not recognize who they are talking about - but I will say that Alan Rickman is definitely kind of hot, and so is Emma Watson.

    So there, at least I know of two hotties.

  18. I know a few people who really love Alan Rickman, he is totally handsome in an odd way. And yes, the voice really adds a lot to it. I love him too.

    My list would be:
    Harrison Ford (but back in the 80's like in Indiana Jones) at the top.
    Also Brad Pitt, even though I liked him much better with Jennifer Aniston.
    Jennifer Aniston, come to that, is also on my list!
    Scarlett Johansen, I think she is gorgeous.
    Lindsay Lohan - I had a HUGE girl crush on her before she aged fifty years and turned into a skank. And my friend's sister's foot was stepped on by LL at a party in NYC. Supposedly LL was a jerk about it.
    Chris O'Donnel was my first-ever celebrity crush back when he was in The Three Musketeers, but not so much any more.
    Getting away from acting, I would also totally take
    Jack Johnson or
    John Mayer any day of the week.

  19. There is definitely something about Alan Rickman for sure. I think that my celebrity crushes are not the norm because how many people are crushing on Rosario Dawson, Cate Blanchet, Seth Rogen and Jon Stewart?

  20. You are nowhere near alone in the Alan Rickman love, trust me. He is "truly, madly, deeply" HOT.

  21. Like you, I see a hot celebrity, think "that celebrity is hot" and promptly forget. So, there are lots and lots of people on my list, but at this time, I just don't recall!

  22. You had me until Uncle Jesse?

    Rachel Maddow would definatly be on my list!

  23. Emma Watson made #3 on Empire Magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars.

    Alan Rickman was #8. (You are not alone! The hotness! The voice! The ACCENT!)

    Daniel Radcliffe was #37. If you doubt his hotness, go check out some of the images/posters from Equus. HOT.

    (Yes...I know all this because I'm a junkie. NERDS R US.)

    I have a thing for Anderson Cooper. And I thought Zachary Quinto was hot as the new Spock--but he just does NOT do it for me as Spooky Sylar.

    Sam Elliot--another VOICE thing.
    David Duchovny--in the X-files hey day (not so much NOW!).
    Kate Hudson--the cuteness!

    I also forget most of my celebrity crushes within an instant. I really had to THINK on some of these.

  24. me too! i can never remember who i think is hot!

    a few, though... :-)

    *ryan reynolds
    *kate bosworth, but ONLY in blue crush when she was not yet a bobblehead
    *lucy lui, totally
    *natalie portman
    *rachel weisz

  25. Oh! Alan Rickman is so very, very much on my list. Holy hell.

    Steve Martin

    I can never remember who is on my list, either. Apparently men over 40. I'll get back to you.

  26. I like 'em dark and Irish. Kyle Chandler and Dylan McDermott - I lusted after them in middle school (Early Edition and The Practice) and I love them still toady.

  27. Did you know that Lindsay Price is back on TV (at least temporarily) in a show called Eastwick? Just thought I'd mention it - it's an ABC show I think.

  28. Just started reading your blog today! i love the posts that i've read so far and was so glad to find another coloradoan on Nilsa's site.

  29. Alan Rickman is one of the sexiest men alive. LOVE him. He is perfect as Snape and he is even more perfect as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. Melt my heart!

    I am madly in love with Gwen Stefani. She is the hottest woman alive. So hot, in fact, that I've had sex dreams about her!

    Another weird one for me is Conan O'Brien. Oh my god, I LOVE that man.

    And David Boreanaz. I loved him on Buffy and Angel, and I love him on Bones, too.

  30. Zac Efron (I know, I know, he's so young, but hey, so am I)

    and Ioan Gruffudd. Oh. My. Word. He is so so so attractive.

  31. Ooh this fun:

    -Edward from twilight aka rob pat
    -Hugh Jackman
    -Christian Bale (in batman)
    -Vigo mortensen from lotr
    -Christian Slater from pump up the volume and
    Gleaming of the cube
    -Johnny depp

  32. I dont like Alan Rickman but I do like Hector Elnonzio which I think puts me in the same category of 'distinguished gentlemen with voices that make you melt'.

    Jamie Durie (who isnt that well known in USA yet but has been on Oprah a few times). To me he is a bit like John Stamos, he used to have daggy long hair but was gorgeous, but as he has aged he has only gotten more handsome. Oh and I'm with you on the John Stamos thing, he's gorgeous!

    Cate Blanchet is quite stunning, though I dont roll that way lol.

    Will Smith. It's his sparkly eyes, they get me every time.

    Then there are the ones that are a little more unique such as Ken Watanabe and Djimon Housou.

    I think I dont have a 'type' of celebrity, some just have something a bit more magical than others to go with their looks.

  33. Lindsay Price is absolutely gorgeous. OMG her on Lipstick Jungle was insane. John K is my big celeb crush.

  34. John Krasinski and Kim Kardashian (WHATEVER, SHE SEEMS NICE).

  35. Oh, and I can't forget Galaxy Quest! Alan Rickman in that movie is hilarious. So is everyone.

  36. I'm definitely with you on this list!!! Except for that first lady who I've never seen in my life before. But yes, Alan Rickman.. the voiceeeeee *drooling*. You gotta love to hate Snape. And Emma Watson suuuper girl crush on her too. So classy. I also pretty much grew up being in love with Uncle Jesse.

  37. I'm late to the party, but clearly you are not alone in your Alan Rickman love.

    I do have to differ with Uncle Jesse, though. I remember waaaaay back when he was Blackie on General Hospital. Just can't do it.

    Can I say how happy I am you have male and female celebrity crushes? (If someone already talked about this, sorry, I didn't read all the comments) I, too, have crushes on both and I know some people think it's weird, but I don't get why.

  38. I'm a little late to the party and clearly you already know, but you are definitely not alone in your love for Alan Rickman. He has the sexiest voice!

  39. Grace Park
    David Tennant
    Morena Baccarin
    Patrick Dempsey
    Jessica Alba