Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday questions

Well, today is Friday, and I have some practical questions for you all, so I think I'll take a cue from black sheeped with some Friday questions. I have been dying to get input on these questions for quite some time, even though a few of these things are totally inconsequential.

1. If you eat a pudding cup or yogurt, do you lick the lid? Do you lick your fingers when you eat? If not, do you find it gross when other people do it?

2. Have you ever waxed your, er, lady parts? How much did it hurt? Was it worth it? Would you do it again?

3. Do you bite your fingernails? If not, again, do you find it gross when other people do?

4. If you're married, do you and your spouse have matching wedding rings, or are they totally different? If you aren't married, do you think you'd like matching rings if and when you ever do pick them out, or is that not important to you?

5. Regardless of your political preference, have you been paying attention to political coverage recently? Are you enjoying it? Do you plan to vote in November?

Now, to answer my own questions...

1. Yes, I do lick pudding lids, but I try not to lick my fingers because Torsten finds it gross. I personally do not find it gross.

2. No, I have not, but as you may have guessed, I'm considering it, and would like some input.

3. No, I don't bite them, but I do pick at them. I'm not particularly grossed out by other people biting theirs, but I do find it icky if they do it to the point of drawing blood.

4. We picked out matching rings--Torsten's is just wider than mine. For us, it was important. But I can totally understand why people wouldn't have matching rings--price, design preference, very masculine versus very feminine styles, a matching set with an engagement ring, etc.

5. I care very much about this election, and I will most definitely vote (in advance, because we'll be on our honeymoon on Election Day), but I am feeling very burned out by all the political coverage that happened during the primary, and even though I find the DNC fascinating, I can hardly bear to watch another political speech. I hear a booming voice over a microphone, and I instinctively shrink away. But I still do care, and I wish that those speeches did not have that effect on me.

Now, over to you! Help me out here. Especially with that waxing question. I need to know!


  1. 1. I never lick the pudding or yogurt lid, it personally would gross me out to do it, but I wouldn't care if someone else did :)

    2. Never done the waxing either, sounds super painful. Shaving seems way easier.

    3. I do not bite my fingernails, and do not care if others do it, but I do find it annoying to hear people crunching/chewing on the part they just chewed off. EW.

    4. We do not have matching wedding rings. He wanted titanium so that it is really light on his hand.

    5. I am paying some attention to the presidential election, and I plan to vote Republican.

    Have a good weekend :)

  2. 1. Sometimes I lick, sometimes I don't, but I do not lick my fingers and that would be gross if someone else did.

    2. I really want to but haven't yet. Actually I want laser hair removal so I don't have to deal with it on a regular basis.

    3. I do not but I do have an obsession with cutting my cuticles.

    4. Not married but would prefer matching rings. But I'm also not going to compromise if I find the ring I really want so I guess it doesn't really matter.

    5. Sort of following but not too closely. Would rather watch Law and Order than the convention.

  3. 1. I almost always lick the lid, but try not to be a finger-licker. I fear I am.

    2. Tried home waxing once and only managed to pull off half a dozen hairs and bruise myself. I stick with shaving.

    3. I am, sadly, a picker though I have times of reform. I am not a nailbiter.

    4. We don't really have matching rings, but both are yellow gold.

    5. Definitely I am paying attention to this election and will vote. I know what you mean though about the in-your-face coverage. I haven't been watching the DNC, etc -- just catching up with things by reading the news the next day.


  4. I have always waxed my lady bits. I won't lie its not the most pleasant feeling in the world, but it is definitely worth it.

  5. Yes, I lick the lid. I only lick my fingers when no one else is around. I don’t find it gross but I’m afraid that other people do so that’s why I only do it when others aren’t around.
    No, I’ve never waxed. I prefer to maintain my lady parts myself.
    I bite the skin on the side of my fingernails. I only find it gross when people spit the nail out onto the floor.
    We don’t have matching bands. Mine is white gold with diamonds and his is just white gold. So, not that different, but not matchy, matchy.
    I have been paying attention to politics somewhat. I’m already set on who I’m voting for so I don’t really care what is said or reported from here on out. It’s getting old and I’m ready for November already. Yes, I will vote and wear my “I voted today” sticker all day!!

  6. 1. I lick the lid.

    2. No waxing ... ouch!

    3. I used to bite my fingernails and then decided I liked long nails ... so I began to get weekly manicures (this was when I was a teenager) and it helped cure me of that habit.

    4. No matching rings and we're OK with that

    5. I'll be more interested in a month when things are set ... then I'll get SUPER educated before voting. I hate LOVING a politician only to have them not be on the ballot. So I'm apathetic until it's time to get serious.

  7. 1. I do lick the lid and fingers if necessary.
    2. I've been sugared in that region and it hurt like you wouldn't believe, but I think that had to do with having hair that was just a tad too long for the procedure. I didn't finish it.
    3. My ex and I had matching wedding bands, my future ex and I did not.
    4. I hate elections and all the crap, so I'm not really paying attention and I'm pretty sure I won't vote...but you never know.

  8. 1. Yes. No. No, unless its loud and slirpy.

    2.Yes. Lots. Yes, I have many times.

    3. I used to, and no.

    4. Not hitched, like both ideas really, depends on the man, I guess i wont in my current relationship but that has more to do with OM than me.

    5. Yes. No, i dont enjoy any of it. Plus my dad likes to stress me out with political crap.
    But i find voting and my ability to vote very important and do not take it lightly so like to be informed.

  9. 1) I lick the lid, but only if I'm alone. I don't lick my fingers either, because ... well, I don't know why, I just don't. I never have.

    2) Oh yes. I've been waxed into oblivion down there, and yes, it hurts for the first several (BAD BAD BAD), but it gets a LOT easier, I swear. Also, it's worth it. So worth it. Best thing I've done, beauty-wise. I love it.

    Shaving sucks. The itch! The ingrowns! GAH!

    3) I bite my fingernails, only at night, only when I'm alone. I like short nails, and am too lazy to cut them. It's not really a habit.

    4) Our wedding rings are night and day. Mine is platinum with diamonds, and his is a plain gold band.

    5) I am paying full, rapt attention to the entire political process, and watched the DNC in its entirety and will do the same for the RNC. I'm a hardcore Democrat.

  10. 1. Yes, I lick the lid, to get the most out of whatever I'm eating. But I usually eat yogurt in the privacy of my office, so no one is seeing me act like a six-year-old. I'm unsure how licking fingers comes into eating pudding...

    3. Yes, I can't kick the habit. It is a source of constant shame.

    4. Our wedding bands are both plain bands, but mine is skinny and white gold, and his is thicker and titanium. I wouldn't say that they match, but they definitely go together.

    5. I'm following the political coverage via NPR and online headlines, but my mind has been made up for some time now. I am totally voting.

  11. 1. Yes to all! I don't find it gross when other people do it.
    2. No.
    3. No. I don't really find it gross if other people do.
    4. We are different. My husband it outdoors and uses his hands a lot so he needed something very durable. I needed diamonds =)
    5. I have been paying attention but not a LOT of attention. I do plan to vote.

  12. Ooooh, I like those questions. Everything from silly to smart!

    1. I don't normally eat pudding or yogurt, but when I do, I skip licking the lid. No grossness, though, if you want to.

    2. Never gone there. Waxing my brows is enough for me.

    3. I don't bite my fingernails. And I don't find the biting part all that gross when others do it ... unless we're in an enclosed space and they are discarding their nail parts on the floor, my couch, etc. Eiwwwww.

    4. Sweets and I will not have matching wedding rings. Mine is going to be a shadow ring for my engagement ring and he just picked something he really liked. I like how it shows our individuality.

    5. I've been watching the DNC and really enjoying it. I cried last night during Obama's speech. I say I'm going to follow the RNC, too, but I can see getting easily annoyed with their message.

  13. 1. I lick the lid, but I only lick my fingers if I'm not in public and it's necessary (no napkin handy).

    2. I haven't, but I'm interested to read the responses. I have a feeling I'm too shy to have that done, and I would be scared to do it myself.

    3. I do bite my nails, and I hate it. But I do it without thinking. I have successfully quit long enough to grow them out a few times, but all it takes is 5 minutes of not paying attention and they are gone again. It bothers me a lot, but I've tried everything to stop and none of it has worked.

    4. Ryan and my rings are totally different - mine is a white gold "anniversary band" with a row of channel set diamonds in the band, and Ryan's is Tungsten Carbide or whatever it's called that's really light but very strong and doesn't scratch. His also has a design on it. We each picked out something that we really liked.

    5. I have been paying attention off and on to the election coverage. I don't watch most of it, but I studied public speaking and rhetoric in college, and I think that Obama is one of the most powerful speakers I've ever heard, so I like to listen to his speeches from an educational standpoint. Plus I love the idea of history that kids will study for years happening before our eyes. But I agree that it does get tiring listening to it all.

  14. 1. I lick the lids. Fingers... occasionally. I don't find it gross when others do (I assume that, like I did, the person washed their hands before eating).

    2. Never waxed anything other than eyebrows. Don't ever plan to.

    3. I USED to bite my fingernails. I stopped sometime in my 20s, I think. I don't care if other people do. Seeing someone pick makes me cringe. I don't care that they DO it, I just don't want to LOOK at their hands WHILE they do it. My daughter Beth picks.

    4. We both have plain gold bands, so I suppose they match. His is a lot bigger.

    5. I'm tired of politics. In general, I find politicians and their advisors lack common sense. And the ability to budget.

  15. 1. I lick the lid, not my fingers, and wouldn't really care if someone licked both.

    2. The waxing is not too painful. Take an ibuprofen about 45 minutes before you start, have it done professionally your first time. I have a product for at home waxes that is finally available in the US that I love! Too bad I don't have reason to need #2 anymore.

    3. I bite my fingernails, but it annoys me when other people to. Hypocrite? Yes, I know.

    4. Our wedding rings match. I wanted that, and we both wanted the same style - but I could see if someone had a strong preference to another why they would get different. Personally, it doesn't really matter as long as it is worn.

    5. Yes I pay attention, I think this election is an exciting thing for our country.

    Wow... I hope this isn't too long.

  16. I lick the lid every single time. The Ex couldnt stand it, thought it was gross!

    Ive tried waxing myself but it really didnt work out...Id like to get it professionally done and I may try it some time in the near future. Shaving isnt too bad to me though.

    I do not bite my fingernails...I kicked that habit around age 12. I do still pick at them though. The only time it is gross for someone to bite their nails is if they chew on the broken part after..yuck!

    I dont think it matters too much about the wedding rings to me. If both parties like the same style then go for matching, otherwise choose their own

    Im in Canada and IM sick of the US election coverage!

  17. 1. Yes I do lick the lid. I usually scrape the majority of it into the cup itself but I always lick the remnants.
    2. Nope and ow.
    3. I'm trying very hard not to, but it's a nervous habit.
    4. No matchy matchy here. I have channeled rings and his is just a band.
    5. If I could just stop hearing about the stupid John Edwards Baby Mama Drama, (for the love of God NC isn't there any other news lying around?) I'd be fine with the politics. I LOVED Hillary's orange pant suit at the DNC, and I will most certainly be voting. :)

  18. 1. Maybe I would lick a pudding lid, but not yogurt. I don't know why pudding seems more acceptable.

    2. Never done waxing, don't think I will. My eyebrows get irritated from plucking, so I don't think I want to know what that would look like.

    3. Mostly I chew on my nails, but occasionally I bite. I haven't thought about seeing other people do it. Well, Dave bites his and I yell at him to stop, but only cause he bites down to the quick.

    4. Not married (yet!)

    5. Kind of been paying attention, I'll probably pay less attention to the RNC, and hells yes I am voting.

  19. I am a total wax convert! The first time hurt, I'm not gonna lie but it's not unbearable and each successive time you do it, it's not so bad.

  20. 1. i lick the lids of pudding cups. not my fingers though...

    2. nope! i am deathly afraid of the pain...

    3. i bite and pick at them. it's a habit i got from my dad. i hate it and wish i could stop.

    4. we don't have matching bands. joe's is plain and mine has diamonds.

    5. yes, i've enjoyed it but, like you, i'm getting a little burned out. i do plan to vote in nov. though, and i know who i'm voting for.

  21. I'll just answer the important one...I get a brazillian wax every 4-6 weeks. I started doing them about a year ago I wouldn't go back to shaving or letting unmanagable for anything in the world..

  22. 1. no, i do not lick the lids. yuck.
    2. never waxed at all -- even legs. i am a wimp.
    3. i used to bite my fingernails, but stopped when i was a kid. i find the habit pretty gross now, too.
    4. we do not have matching wedding rings. mine is a 1 carot diamond with other diamonds surrounding; his is made out of carbide.
    5. yes, interested in the election. mccain's vp candidate choice is interesting.

  23. 1. don't usually lick unless there's more than usual on the lid, and it's something especially delicious. do lick fingers.

    2. never have! want to! am scared though!

    3. don't bite, don't care if others bite as long as i don't have to watch

    4. totally don't care. hypothetical hubs could have vastly different ring (as long as i didn't think it was super-heinous, like a skull or something)

    5. DEFINITELY voting, DEFINITELY care, but DEFINITELY not watching any coverage because it makes me want to claw my eyes out.

  24. What fun!

    1. I don't lick the lid. It's always the gross part on the lid.

    2. Did a bikini for my honeymoon..hubs said that the full monty would creep him out. Didn't hurt NEARLY as badly as I thought it would, nor did it get bumpy (I have an awful time with eyebrow waxing). In the end, I won't do it again. A razor and a trimmer are just fine to keep things nice and tidy. I just thought it was a waste of money for something only 2 people see.

    3. Never been a biter and I always get compliments on my nice natural nails.

    4. I'm not into matchy-matchy, but I'm fine if others are. I'm just not a fan of women with plain rings, and I think that's the only way you can have matching bands. Mine ring is also a family heirloom though, so we didn't have to buy anything for me but the wedding band.

    5. I care very much about politics and feel that it's every citizens duty to vote. However, I have quit watching it because I'm sick of all of the nasty talk about other candidates.

  25. 1. Yes, I do. I don't do the finger licking, but you definitely can't waste any :)
    2. Nope, haven't done it. But I've been considering it lately. . .
    3. I also do not bite my nails. They're thicker than most, and it's really just too hard.
    4. No matching wedding bands. I liked mine, and he liked his, so we opted for different. Because we are different. His is one of those tungsten ones that you'd have to cut the door off of before you could cut the ring off. I dunno, it's what he wanted.
    5. Yes, I have been. It can be tiresome at times. Definitely didn't expect McCain to choose who he did.

  26. ooooh, fun!

    1. I lick the lid, but not my fingers. I don't know that I've seen someone over the age of five lick their fingers, so I don't know if it would bother me.

    2. I've never waxed, but might consider it, though I'll admit, the idea of it freaks me out!

    3. I used to bite them when I was younger, but not too much now.

    4. To be honest, I haven't given this too much thought yet, since I am not married.

    5. I always pay attention and I always vote. I am still registered in NH and have no desire to vote in DC, so I always do absenttee ballot. I've already voted in the primary for some of the local elections and have requested my absentee ballot for Nov!

  27. 1. Lick the lid, occasionally lick fingers, but I don't do either in public.

    2. I've only had my armpits waxed. I've had hairs from my ladyparts get tangled in the elastic of my underpinnings and thought that was pretty doggone uncomfortable. I can't imagine what waxing would be like. Well, yes I can, and it would involve a lot of screaming, swearing, and hitting.

    3. Biting fingernails is disgusting. I used to do it when I was a kid, then I learned about all the stuff that hides under the nails, and, um... gaah!

    4. First wedding, yes we had matching rings. This time? No.

    5. I watched the acceptance speeches the last two nights and that was about it. I won't watch the debates because they infuriate me. You bet I'm voting.

  28. 1. I lick the pudding lid, but not the yogurt lid. Although now my dog loves yogurt, and whenever I open some he thinks he gets it so I let him lick the lid.

    2. Um, no, I'm a big chicken. I tried waxing my legs once (maybe in high school? College? i can't remember when) and it hurt so much I couldn't even finish. Also, I've had tears spring to my eyes just getting my eyebrows waxed, so I'm thinking the lady bits waxing is firmly entrenched in the NEVER GONNA HAPPEN category. Shaving works perfectly well as far as I'm concerned.

    3. Nope, never. My brother bit his nails for years as a kid though, so I guess it is something I don't really notice much. I'd probably find it weird if someone were doing it in public like on a bus or subway or something.

    4. My preference would be for matching/coordinating rings.

    5. Hell yes, I'm voting! I've been pretty burnt out/frustrated with a lot of the election coverage for months now. I have made a point to catch at least a bit of the DNC coverage each day this week, and I really enjoyed Hillary's speech Tuesday (I think? my days have been kind of mixed up this week) night. I'm just trying to avoid a lot of the "analysis" which seems more like newscasters talking just to hear themselves talk more than anything else at this point. At this point I wish we could have voted months ago and be finished with it already.

  29. 1. YES!

    2. NO!! OUCH!

    3. I try not to, and have mostly broken the habit. I think it's gross because I change diapers and wipe noses all day. ew. That is enough to make me stop.

    4. Our rings aren't exactly matching, but they are coordinating.

    5. I love politics. I love the coverage and I'd have to be practically dead to not vote. :)
    DNC was great!

  30. 1. I don't like the pudding lid, but I don't care if someone else does.
    2. I want to get it waxed one day, but I've read too many waxers-point-of-view stories so now I would probably be overly self-conscious.
    3. I only bite my fingernails when I'm bored. Or when they break off and there's no fingernail file handy.
    4.) Not sure about the matching wedding rings, but I think it's cool that you guys have matching.
    5.) I think politics is a big dog-and-pony show. Bill Clinton crying when Hillary made her speech? That's a little over the top.

    I think fine for now has some balls for putting it out there that she's voting republican. It seems like if you don't say "Obama" you get attached.

  31. I definitely lick the lid and i TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY recommend waxing.

    Just pop 2-4 ibuprofen about 45 min in advance ;)

  32. 1. i always lick the pudding, but never the yogurt. the yogurt on the lid is usually lumpy. i do like my fingers when i eat wings or licking your fingers at hooter, perfectly acceptable behavior. licking your fingers at highly rated zagats restaurant, not acceptable.

    2. Yes. It hurt. It was totally worth it and I plan on doing it again...for the right guy...or the right vacation :)

    3. No. It doesn't really gross me out, unless they are bloody nubs. everyone has their vices!

    4. umm, its not really important to me that they match.

    5. hell yes i'm going to vote! i'm going to try to be the first person there at my polling station (plus the democrats always give out free donuts). i think this is one of the most excited electiosn we've had in a long time.

  33. 1. I don't eat yogurt or very much pudding, but when I do eat pudding I have been known to lick the lid. Why would others find that gross? It's called not wasting food!

    2. I haven't ever done the waxing thing, but I'm curious about it to. Mainly the idea of someone who is not Will, me or my lady doctor having intimate knowledge of that area kind of skeeves me out.

    3. I don't pite but I do pick. The idea of biting is kind of icky to me.

    4. I like the idea of having the same basic ring design while making the husband's a little more masculine and the wife's a little more feminine looking.

    5. I get kind of burned out if I pay too much attention to the political coverage, but I have been keeping tabs on this election simply because it is so exciting! And I was glued to the television screen last night during Obama's acceptance speech. This is going to be an incredibly exciting election.

  34. 1. I TOTALLY lick the pudding lid, you're wasting YUMMY PUDDING if you don't. Sometimes I even just dig in with my finger to eat the entire thing. Pfft, who needs utensils? And no, I don't think it's gross if other people do it.

    2. The only thing I will EVER wax are my eyebrows, and that's because I've deemed that less painful than plucking. For me, hair removal is all about the pain factor. Is it going to hurt, and how much? Waxing rates high on my pain list. Shaving? Not so much.
    Also, the idea of being on "full display" for someone who is not my doctor or SO skeeves me RIGHT out.

    3. No, never have, and don't care if other people do it. Like you, though, I find it slightly gross if it gets to the point where they draw blood.

    4. Not married, but I don't think we'll have matching wedding rings. Similar, of course (ie; same type of metal) but I personally want my ring to compliment my engagement ring, and I'd like for him to have the chance to express his personal style through his ring.

    5. mmm, I'm Canadian, so I haven't really been following the US coverage, and of course I can't vote. Smart move by John McCain though, naming a woman as his running mate. I hope Obama does so too...

  35. 1. yes - but not the yogurts. I don't like yogurt that much.
    2. Yes, and it sucks and I do not plan on doing that again.
    3. no - never was a fingernail biter.
    4. no - our rings are different.
    5. sort husband sort of doesn't let me forget it. I plan to vote. But the drama and propaganda surrounding it has gotten to me too, it is very hard to hear anyone's speech. I prefer the critic's reviews in most cases.

  36. Marilyn Monroe apparently colored ALL her body hair because she wanted to be 'blonde everywhere'. I remember reading that in an article. Apparently if you DO do it, it's super important that you put paper towel inside so that you don't get dye there.

    And this might be the strangest comment I've ever left.

    Oh, also? Politics? Yeah. I'm into it. If CNN made a foam finger I would buy it.

  37. 1. Always lick the lid. Or if I'm in public and concerned people are going to think I'm gross, I kinda scrape it against the side of the container. Can't waste that! (Especially if it's pudding!)
    2. I get waxed every 5 weeks and wouldn't ever go back to shaving. The more and more you go, the easier it gets. First strip sucks, after that it's not too bad. Take an advil before if you're concerned about the pain, but really, its not that bad. Don't go right before your period, it's more sensitive then.
    3. I used to bite my fingernails as a kid, no longer. I don't think it's gross, but my dental hygienist self wants to mention (scream?) about how bad it is for your teeth...
    4. Not married, probably won't get matching bands since I'm a diamond kinda girl, and he's whatever is cheapest kinda guy. :)
    5. Since I'm Canadian, I'm not voting. However, I do pay attention. The US president generally has some effect on Canada. Plus I find it interesting. I watched Obama speak while I was on the plane last night. :)

  38. 1- Always. I always lick the lid. Am I disgusting? Hmmm..

    2- Waxed for years. Hurts like HELLfire and Damnation. Totally worth it. If we had the money now I'd laser it off. Forevah.

    3- I don't bite my nails anymore. But did for the first 24 years of my life.

    4- No matching wedding rings for us. Didn't even occur to us actually. huh.

    5- I am paying attention to the election and almost peed myself with the announcement of Palin this morning. No lie I went to bed CRYING last night because word was out that Romney wouldn't be chosen. Seriously. We're DCites. We dig politics. And my love for Mitt cannot be quantified. But Palin! Oh sweet Palin! I think I love her too. And we just met. McCain is a douche but you go with what you're dealt I suppose...

  39. i do lick the lid.
    i've waxed. it hurts, but not that bad. it's worth the pain and the more you do it, the slower it grows back.
    i used to bite my nails but don't anymore.
    i don't care what his ring will look like, as long as he'll wear it!
    i'm not that into the election, but i will be as it gets closer.

  40. I dont' do bikini waxes. Try shaving with baby oil- prevents razor burn and ingrowns.

  41. 1. I'm a Lid-Licker. Mm.....lids...

    2. Er. Um. ACK!

    3. I do if I'm out somewhere and I snag a nail or something. It's pretty icky though as far as germs are concerned so I try to wash my hands soon after. My husband bites his nails when he's nervous and bites them so short. It irritates me and he knows it!

    4. Not matching. Mine was a set although you can hardly tell. His is a wider band and a comfort fit which feels amazing. I wish mine was a comfort fit.

    5. I've been paying too much attention, I think and it is SO making me wish I could vote.

  42. The waxing is so, so, SO worth it. I'm actually considering moving up to laser hair removal (when I have more money).

    Do it!

  43. 1. I don't lick the lid; I scrape it on the edge of the container. I don't get grossed out if other people lick. I lick my fingers when needed, and don't find it gross if other people do.

    2. No.

    3. No, but I bite the skin near the edges.

    4. Matching.

    5. No and no and yes. I don't like to get caught up in the sales pitches, which is where the enchanting magical charisma is. But I vote, after examining dry, texty material showing how the candidates have voted in the past.

  44. 1. Yes I do (both), but not at a restaurant or in company or something like that.
    2. Nope, sorry can't help you there.
    3. I do unfortunately, but sometimes it still grosses me out when others do, or more how their nails look. You can tell from mine that I bite them but they don't look that horrible (or that's what I think anyway).
    4. Not married, but I think I would like matching rings.
    5. I would vote if I could but I'm not American. I do follow current US politics, though (though not super-thoroughly).

  45. 1 - Only at home.
    2- Yes but only for special occasions. Just too expensive all the time. Is 100% awesome and no where near the most painful thing ever. Give it a go!!!
    3-I bite em all the time (at home).
    4- We don't have matching rings. Sounds like it could be perfectly lovely.
    5-I can't vote but my husband will vote Democrat. With respect to the coverage I consider it an interesting spectacle, but would encourage people to just check out both candidates' websites' issues pages. The differences are stark, and every vote REALLY matters, not just to Americans but to people living around the world, influenced by American fiscal, immigration, and foreign policy. I like reading the websites rather than watching the newscasters bicker because you are not so bombarded by glitz and it is just issue presentation in plain English.

  46. 1. I totally lick the lid, but no one else really eats pudding in this house but me.
    2. I bite my fingernails, and it does gross me out when other people do it because the noise is so terrible. Total double standard.
    3. I have had my pits done and my lady bits done. It didn't feel NICE, but it was totally worth it as it lasted a crazy long time and it was just momentary pain. But I don't do my upper lip anymore because it makes me break out, so that;s not worth it.
    4. Our rings are both silver colored (mine is palladium, his white gold) but other than that, they aren't the same. Mine has diamonds, his is plain. Also, I never wear mine. Bad!
    5. I am a dyed in the wool Democrat and I have been paying lots of attention and everytime I watched any of the DNC I cried. So much hope, so much promise. I just couldn't take how great it all way. But I can't take the pundits, they drive me crazy.

  47. 1. I kinda wipe the lid on the cup to scrape it off.
    2. Never waxed there- I've wanted to though.
    3. I did when I was little. I usually have my nails done though with acrylics though.
    4. Matching is not required, but at least matching metals.
    5. Um... haven't really kept up on politics, but I'm voting Obama.

    Happy Labor Day wknd!!!

  48. I'm all about politics lately and I also bite my nails. I hate that I do it though and try to keep clear polish on them so I will dissuade myself from messing with it. It works sometimes.

  49. 1. I will always lick the lid. I only lick my fingers if it is something I cant rinse off too easily, then I'll lick AND wash.

    2. No, and I never will lol.

    3. I dont bite any fingernail but my little one. I cant stand the way it feels when it gets long-ish and have to immediately bite it short again. None of the others every bother me! I know, I'm quirky lol.

    4. I'm married, we dont have matching rings. We went together to choose wedding rings though, and they are engraved with the same thing.

    5. Currently in Western Australia, they are holding state elections which I am ineligable to vote in (I am a citizen of New Zealand, not Australia). I really dislike the way that with state and country wide election campaigns here, they waste a lot of advertising space and money saying really NASTY things about the opposition. Why not just promote your own side of the race?!

    That was fun, thanks for the questions!

  50. 1. I do lick the yogurt lid but rarely lick my fingers, unless I eat Cheetos :)

    2. Never done the waxing but I fear getting it done. I can't imagine how painful it'll be

    3. I have never bitten my fingernails, knock on wood.

    4. I'm not married :)

    5. I am absolutely paying attention to the election and you bet I'm voting Obama. I need to register to vote in my state first :)

    This was fun!

  51. 1. I ALWAYS lick the lid. Normally not my fingers, though, unless they're especially food-y for some reason.
    2. I've never tried the waxing, but I'd love to. I've heard it hurts- but it seems like it'd be worth it to not have to deal with anything down there for a while.
    3. I don't bite my fingernails, but I pick at the skin right next to it. So, I guess I can't get mad at someone for biting their nails- I think my habit is a bit more gross.
    and 5. I have been paying much more attention to the election, just because I think it's been monumental since the beginning and I feel blessed to actual be seeing this.

  52. 1. I do lick the lid, but not my fingers.

    2. WAX EVERYTHING!!! It is MUCH BETTER than shaving. Your fiance will be very happy! Let me know if you have any questions about it- I have been doing it for about 5 years now in 5 different cities so I can give you some tips.

    3. No biting of fingernails, but I have been biting my lip since beginning law school. Not good.

    4. I can't imagine matching wedding rings, but that's just my opinion.

    5. I am most certainly paying attn to the election and will be proud to vote for Obama. His speech last night was AMAZING.

  53. 1. I lick the pudding and yogurt lids. I think it's wasteful not to, but if you don't I'm not going to nag you. I don't lick my fingers, but I don't think it's gross if someone else does. I mean, it their fingers, and if they want to lick them let them.

    2. I have waxed my lady parts. Can you say "OUCH!!!?" I actually screamed, and it left really bad bruises. I much prefer shaving. Maybe I'm just a wimp though.

    3. I do bite my nails, but I try not to because it deforms them.

    4. I'm not married, but my boyfriend and I (who are currently talking about getting married in the future) think we would like matching, or at least somewhat matching, rings.

    5. I have been following the presidential election. I plan on voting, but I don't know for who yet. This is my time voting in a national election, and I'm afraid of ruining America by making the wrong choice.

  54. 1. Pudding lid=yes Yogurt lid=no

    2. No, I have no desire to do that. Youch!

    3. I absolutely do and I hate it. It doesn't gross me out.

    4. Um, no matching rings or anything but we just have stuff we like!

    5. I care so much about this election and while I wish it would just get here already... I know this stuff is important.

  55. I lick the pudding lids!!!! Wnat to wax the lady bits ...

  56. 1. Too afraid of slicing my tongue to lick lids.
    2. Waxing is super painful, but totally worth it. It is a seriously wonderful thing.
    3. I bite my fingernails if I see that one that of the nails is uneven.
    4. I pay attention to the election, but I am quiet about it. I pretty much refuse to talk politics with anyone who does not think exactly how I do.

  57. 1. Yogurt - yes. Pudding - no. Though I don't do it at work when people can see me.

    2. NO I want to bite the bullet and try it but I'm a wuss.

    3. I don't, and it doesn't particularly bother me if other people are. There are worse vices...

    4. I'm not married, so I'm going to worry about the ROCK first and then plan the wedding bands :)

    5. I watch CNN when I'm at the gym. And I'm a devoted Today Show viewer. That's about the extent of it.

    Nice topic! I like these questions that make you think!

  58. 1. Yep, I lick the lid, but usually not my fingers. Got to get all the tasty goodness!

    2. There was an unfortunate incident when I tried to do an at home waxing job that we do not speak of. I've just been a really vigilent shaver since then.

    3. Nope, unless I have to use my teeth to rip off a half torn nail. I find it creepy-- the nail gets caught in my teeth!

    4. Not married, but I like the idea of matching rings.

    5. I'm a Canadian, but I still pay a ton of attention to the US election, because it affects us a heck of a lot!

  59. 1) I'm definitely a proud lid-licker. Otherwise it would be a waste of yogurt! I'm only a finger-licker in solitude and when I don't have a napkin handy.

    2) I got waxed once - loved how it looked, but it itched/burned like *crazy* later on. I can't even shave there because my skin is so sensitive, so I just trim. It sucks.

    3) I bite my nails once in a while, but only when a hangnail or something is really bugging me. It bothers me a little when I see people doing it, but it doesn't qualify as a pet peeve.

    4) About to get married. His ring is more similar to my engagement ring, but still doesn't match (they're both sort of grungy/distressed-looking). My wedding ring is a family ring, so it's different. All three are yellow gold, though.

    5) I'm obsessed with the election. Obsessed. I love it, but it still stresses me out and bores me sometimes. Definitely voting.

  60. I just realized i misread the post. You said 'wax'. Not 'dye'. I'm an idiot.

  61. 1. i always lick the lid! and i lick my fingers, but only if they've got chocolate on them. i don't like watching other ppl do it though

    2.never waxed the lady bits, also considering it should i get some action, you know, EVER.

    3. don't bite fingernails. grosses me out when other do. sooo much dirt under your nails!

    4. i would want a feminine ring so i guess that means they wouldn't match?

    5. i've been paying attention somewhat and i'm in Canada. but i have a crush on Obama. he is an incredible speaker and i wish i got a chance to study his speeches for classes, but alas, i'm a year too late.

  62. 1. I totally lick the lid. I also will lick my plate if I ate something with a yummy sauce. BUT ONLY IN PRIVATE. I have no problem with seeing other people do it, but would die of shame if anyone saw me do it.

    2. No! Ow. I tried waxing my legs, but it hurt too much and wasn't as effective as I expected, so no more.

    3. No, but I chew on my cuticles, and I'm less considerate about keeping this private than the licking thing. I have no problem seeing other people do it.

    4. If we get rings, I would like them to match. If either of us doesn't want a new ring to wear, that's okay too.

    5. I've been trying not to watch. It always turns ugly. I'll be glad when it's over.

  63. Wow, I am obviously late to the party.

    1. No, and yes.
    2. Regularly. Very little. Absolutely. Yes. I also sometimes do my own. To be fair, I inherited my mother's high pain tolerance.
    3. No, but I bite my cuticles and yes, I think it's gross when I do it.
    4. I can't really say that I've ever thought about it. Not important to me at all though. Much more important that he wear the ring.
    5. I'm completely addicted to the coverage. I read, watch, listen and can't get enough. If I had a flexible schedule, I'd be in a neighboring swing state knocking on doors.

  64. 1. I will lick the lid. I don't like the fingers and I think that it is gross when other people lick the fingers.
    2. I do wax and I think its great. It is painful but go with someone that is highly recomended and the girl I go to uses this wax that they dont use paper with.
    3. I dont bite them. Ewww.
    4. I dont think I would want them to match I want mine to be girlie and his to be manly.
    5. I am watching but not as much as I should.

  65. So what if you posted these a week ago, I feel like you NEED to know my answers.

    I don't lick the lid because I feel lke the foil would make the pudding/yogurt taste weird. I also do not lick my fingers, but I am not offended if others do either.

    A few years ago, I tried to wax myself.....not fun. I think shaving is much easier.

    I don't bit my nails, but I do bite my cuticles. I don't care about others biting their nails.

    Ours match only in that they are both gold. Hub loathes jewelry and wanted the simplest ring he could find, so I chose a diamond wrap for my band.

    I am really enjoying the presidential campaign and will most definitely vote in November.

  66. 1. I don't lick the lid but I use the spoon to make sure I get every last bit off the lid.

    2. Used to wax, ahem, down there. Oddly, I didn't see what all the fuss was about. Not as painful as imagined but a little weird to have someone poking around with hot wax down there.

    3. Used to bite my nails but outgrew the habit in 4th grade when I started using hairspray for my bangs (don't laugh, it was cool then.) Don't find it gross but happy that Husband doesn't bite his nails.

    4. We don't have matching rings. He picked out his and I wanted a very simple band that doesn't detract from the engagement ring. I get the matching ring thing and wonder if we were to do it over, would I push for it.

    5. Have been on a bit of a news diet but still a little in the loop. Will for sure vote and have pretty much made up my mind. I'm just really tired of the pundits and endless coverage that I wish it were over already.