Friday, October 5, 2007

Google roundup

I've noticed recently that I've been receiving an increasing amount of spam that tries to use Google's name to add credibility. This morning, for example, I received an email from "Google Money," with a subject line claiming that I had won lots of money. I didn't open the email, but I can only assume that either they wanted all my personal financial details or they were trying to sell me genitalia enlargement products. It's a fairly clever ploy--after all, Google has a million different products with their name on it, like Google Earth and Google Scholar, so really, Google Money does seem like the logical next step. Though I would assume that it would be something to do with banking or investment and not so much something to do with handing out free money to random internet users.

Anyway, since I had Google on the brain to begin with, I thought I'd do a post about interesting search terms that have brought people to this site. Far and away the biggest one seems to be some variation of "AIG baby laughing commercial," which makes a reasonable amount of sense, given this entry. Though I think it's really the comments that are causing my blog to show up in the search results.

Other common search terms that make at least a bit of sense include "Yannick Noah ex wife" (which points here), "GQ where not to find her" (which points to that old standby, Lesbian Mecca), and "bridal puffball dresses" (which points, obviously, to my wedding dress entry).

The ones that I find a bit more interesting include:
  • "How to deal with hematoma pain," even though the entry about Torsten's surgery is actually somewhat relevant to the search, just because 18 people have found my blog that way, which seems like a lot. Having been through the horror that is a hematoma, I'm very sorry for all these apparently desperate people with hematomas.
  • "'Wedding night' stories," because why, why would someone be searching for that, and also, how deep into the search results would they have to be looking in order to get to this entry?
  • "Bulleted list of cons for school uniform" because some junior high school student was obviously trying to get out of having to actually think of arguments for his persuasive essay assignment. I'm pretty sure that my reasons why we want to move to San Francisco didn't help in his quest. (By the way, it turns out that if you Google anything that has to do with school uniforms, you get quite a lot of porn-related results.)
  • "Miricle [sic] wax du," because I just cannot figure out what this person was trying to look up. "Miracle wax," maybe. But "du"? Where does that come in? I also have not figured out what entry this search pointed to.
  • "Shar Pei head concrete," because oh God, it sounds so cruel. What happened to someone's poor Shar Pei? I keep hoping that they are trying to sculpt a Shar Pei head out of concrete, but somehow, I doubt it. I assume the search brought them to this entry, but there is NO MENTION of concrete there. None.
  • "Wax craving" (which pointed here, an entry that most likely missed the mark for this searcher) because do people actually crave wax? Really? REALLY?
Now my curiosity is piqued, so I want to know: What strange Google searches have brought people to your blog?


  1. Most of the time, it's song lyrics, because I generally use them for my post titles. But sometimes, it's these completely outlandish things, usually involving nude, underage things and spankings. I wish I were kidding.

  2. I'm so computer illiterate that I have no idea how you find such information. Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. People come to mine looking for:
    1) brownies
    2) baby names
    3) mini-pill info
    4) Old Navy info
    5) searches like "deciding whether or not to have a/another baby"

  4. How cool to know this stuff!!!

    I am so techie UNsavy. How do you find this info out?

  5. for me, people who google ketchup and goulash get to my blog, which I find hysterical.

    It's because of This

  6. THat is so bizarre, and now I will have to find out whether anyone surfs onto mine for equally random reasons.

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