Friday, October 19, 2007

Everybody's telling secrets

Okay, well, a bunch of my favourite bloggers, including Molly and KLC, have been doing the whole secret-sharing thing, and I loved reading their posts, so obviously I had to jump on the bandwagon. Here we go.
  • I am petrified that I will be infertile. Even though I want to adopt a child and I know it wouldn't be the end of the world if we ended up adopting both our kids. I really, really want to be pregnant and give birth.
  • Sometimes I think that instead of having a local wedding with friends and family, we should go somewhere cool just the two of us and get married on a cliff or something, still in our fancy wedding clothes. But I'm pretty sure I only really want to do that because the pictures would look so cool.
  • I like my job a lot, but it isn't a passion I could follow forever. People say that you should do what you love and what doesn't feel like work, and the only thing that falls into that category for me is blogging. I am incredibly jealous of dooce for being able to support her entire family through her blog.
  • It actually causes me physical pain to have gone this long without having a dog. But I still don't want to move just for that reason, because I love our apartment and how cheap it is.
  • Most of my favourite books are children's books, like The Giving Tree and Eloise and most of Roald Dahl's work. I have a first edition of Eloise in French, signed by Hilary Knight (the illustrator). I met him when I was interning in the Hamptons in 2004. It was awesome.
  • I check my Site Meter a lot, and am incredibly gratified by how much traffic I am consistently getting these days.
  • I read and love TMZ even though I feel really bad for people who always have flashbulbs going off in their faces. No wonder celebrities wear sunglasses all the time.
  • Speaking of celebrities, I feel really bad for Britney Spears. I think she's been suffering from post-partum depression, and I just want to somehow make it all better for her.
  • I learned French very quickly, and am totally fluent, and now everybody thinks I have a natural affinity for languages. I really hope they're right, because I'm afraid I'll never learn German well enough to really communicate with Torsten's family, and that my kids will have conversations right in front of me that I won't be able to understand.
  • It makes me a little bit sad that since we are going to focus on teaching our kids English and German, I probably won't be able to teach them French from infancy.
  • I love cute shoes but I really suck at wearing high heels and usually stick to flats. Also, I wear flip flops as much as I possibly can.
  • My sister thinks I'm vain because I really like my curly hair and play with it a lot.
  • I really like to drive but I am so excited that Torsten is about to get his American license and then I'll get to be a passenger and not have to focus on the road all the time.
  • I am afraid that the Weight Watchers will suddenly stop working and I will never get below my current weight.
  • I am thrilled about the fact that getting married gives me an excuse to buy a truly extravagant dress.


  1. the giving tree? possibly one of the greatest books ever written. (read: see today's post.)

    and p.s. i look at wedding mags envisioning my extravagant dress, and i'm not even engaged. so you go right on ahead, honey. :)

    xo, bb

  2. The Giving Tree is an amazing, amazing book. I hear you on the shoes; I am not against cute shoes, but I am against shoes that eat my feet for lunch. Go flip flops!

  3. Sigh. The Giving Tree. I cry every time.

    Also - I wear flip-flops ALL THE TIME. My "cute" shoes are mainly for going out. Luckily I work in an environment where jeans/flip-flops/sneakers are the norm.

  4. The Giving Tree seriously is the best book, ever. My stepmom gave it to me when I got divorced, and it helped probably more than anything else did. Good luck with the wedding dress shopping, and then maybe while you're doing that, you could just buy mine for me. Let me know how that goes. :) Happy weekend!

  5. Ditto on The Giving Tree, and also on the flip-flops.

  6. I, too, was very afraid of infertility, mainly because I've always had an irregular (long) cycle. I think it's a good thing - you're prepared for it all to be a process - and it's an amazing and wonderful shock when it happens.

    I would never say that people "should" do work they love. I was just reading a blog post somewhere about that - about what an unfair standard it is to impose on people that unless they derive passionate enjoyment from their work they've somehow missed the boat. The jobs that provide that kind of fulfillment often demand a lot in return - too much perhaps. There's nothing wrong with working to live, with doing a just-okay job for the sake of the life that goes on around it.

  7. I loved this post. I always feared I would be infertile too. (you know how that turned out..)
    I LOVE The Giving Tree. Favorite all-time book!
    I hate heels. They make me clumsy.

  8. aw, i really like what bubandpie said about the job thing. that makes me feel better. i always felt.. i dunno, bad.. because i didn't LOVE LOVE LOVE my job, but i was ok with it. like, yeah, whatever, it's corporate america.. i can't say it's my passionate dream, but it's working out fine. but then i'd feel shallow for not pursuing whatever my true passion is (which i have yet to even figure out).

    also: i used to be pretty meh about high heels - like ooh! they're pretty! just so uncomfortable! - until my feet died on me and i needed surgery and COULDN'T physically wear heels for like a year. now? i'm all GIMME HEELS NOW NOW NOW after experiencing not being able or allowed to wear them :-)

  9. Wedding dresses are so fun to shop for. The only time in your life (well, at least the only time in my life) where it is OK to spend an insane ammount of money on an article of clothing. Fun!

  10. i live in flip-flops and comfy roo sneakers and sometimes pumas. cute shoes are reserved for nice restaurants and going out nights.

    ps - just found your blog :) hi!

  11. Love The Giving Tree, too. And I have to give a thumbs-up to Where the Wild Things Are. Love that book.

    Both our kids? A planner, are you? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! No, I'm kidding. Things ALWAYS work out EXACTLY as planned. ;)

  12. I think I only own flip flops.

    And I would be damn happy if I was infertile. But those are one of those things that you'll never know til you try. WINK WINK.

  13. I too wear flip flops all the time. I own a TON of adorable shoes and they get mad when I don't pick them.

    (And HI! I just found you from browsing All & Sundry's blog.)

    And now, I'm off to peruse your Flickr photos! :)

  14. I could totally ditto almost everything here.

    (Except the Britney stuff. She's officially off my list.)

  15. have a signed first edition eloise!!!! and you are JUST NOW MENTIONING IT????? that would so be my freaking tag sooooo jealous now that i prob wont be able to sleep!!

  16. Your secrets are excellent secrets. And see? We all love you even more for sharing them.

    Especially the job thing, I get that totally.