Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blast from the past

Last night, we won our volleyball match 2-1. I am no longer feeling like the worst player on the team, in part because I served 10 straight points last night and in part because the game we lost was the one I sat out on. And also, when you sit on the sidelines for an entire game (the first time we had tried that approach where people alternate sitting out a full game), you really see the weaknesses of the team, and I saw a couple people who were pretty bad, much worse than me.

What can I say? My goal in life is never to be at the very bottom of the barrel.

In other fascinating news, there must have been a mosquito in my cube earlier, because my left leg now has five brand-new mosquito bites on it. FIVE. AND one on my right leg. Isn't it the middle of October? Shouldn't there have been some kind of cold snap by now that killed off all the mosquitoes or sent them to hibernate or whatever it is they do in winter? Why my legs? Why? I guess this is a reason why I should start wearing pants to work. I mean, instead of skirts. No, I do not go to work in my underwear.

Lastly, I was talking online to my high school ex-boyfriend earlier and I remembered this heinous Geocities Web page that I built when I was in high school. And actually, I had a "My Life" feature where I just created blank pages and typed stuff about my life on them. So I guess technically you could say I've been blogging since May 22, 2000. Sounds much cooler than being a bandwagon blogger who didn't even start blogging until 2007, huh?

Anyway, the site is still up, and I am going to be very brave here and give you the link so that you can check it out for yourselves (NEW UPDATE: The site exceeded its hourly data transfer rate, so I sucked it up and paid $3 for more data transfer space, because I love you. Everything should be working now. Also, a happy side effect of the $3 is that the site should now be ad-free). Just please don't judge me by my photography or my poetry. Especially the poetry. But maybe you should judge me by the page that is entirely devoted to my high school boyfriend. Because it is pretty awesome. Just like me.


  1. My favorite parts - Ben is the "coolest person in existence" and your sister is "cooler than an egg". 'Cause eggs are cool. :)

    That was cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG, THIS IS AWESOME. And it's not even Tuesday! What a treat!

  3. 3carnations--I'm glad you liked it! I'm a sucker for embarrassing myself, apparently.

    Tessie--I know, and I briefly considered saving it for Tuesday, but I like to write things when I'm feeling them, and the Tuesday Retrospective doesn't mean that we can't talk about the past any day we please. And I have to admit that I thought of you when I wrote this post--I was pretty sure that the embarrassing former website would be right up your alley.

  4. Oh, that site it is tooooo cute!

    Sister that is cooler than an egg? That is QUITE the compliment!

  5. OH!! When i clicked it, it said the site was unavailable. :(

    Sad now.

  6. Claire--Sorry! I didn't realize how limited the data transfer space was. I've fixed it now.

  7. YIKES. That is PAINFUL.

    I was QUEEN of the world in high school.


    I LOVE the Ben page. That's hysterical. And you're right.. he was totally cute.

    Like, totally. Hee!!

  9. I love how modest you were. :)

  10. omg I LOVE THIS. i thank the powers that be all the time that the site i made in highschool got removed from the interwebs ;-)

    so you went to a friends school?? as in the good ol' quaker friends? in hs, all of us who'd been to "alternate" grammar schools - montessori, friends, and me at extra-weird waldorf - ended up friends with each other :-)

  11. Swistle--The whole way the "princess of the world" title came about was that my sister labeled herself the queen of the world, so I therefore was a princess. It was only logical.

    Claire--I'm glad you liked it. I would tell him that you found him cute but it would make his head explode from the size of his ego. And I mean that in a friendly way.

    P&D--Yes, I was nothing if not humble.

    Alice--You are very astute. When I saw your comment I went back and did some searching and it took me a bit of time before I figured out where I had even referenced the friends school. And yes, Quaker friends from kindergarten all the way through. And yeah, that "hippie school" bond can definitely run deep.

  12. i went back to my myspace page and read all my old blogs. they made me laugh.

  13. OMIGOD. I love that page. And also? That you were so ahead of your time, lady.

  14. awe too funny. i love the ben page especially.

    and i never knew eggs were cool. lol.