Thursday, September 6, 2007

Shameless materialism

You know, when I posted yesterday about Back to School, I was already excited about fall, and then all of your comments made me even more excited. There are so many things I had forgotten about that are so great about fall. And apparently, I'm really in a list-making mood. Something about fall and the change of seasons and being engaged and having a new job... well, it all smacks of transitions, and what does one need when things are changing? Why, new things, of course! So, a list of things that I have bought recently or am craving:

  • Two picture frames and two vases from Target, where they finally--finally!--became available again, after I complained about how they disappeared overnight in this post.
  • A gorgeous and expensive pair of knee-high leather boots, my first-ever pair because most knee-high boots don't fit over my calves.
  • All sorts of fun stationery, embossing tools, etc., from The Paper Cafe.
  • This incredibly charming polka-dot dress from Donna Ricco, which I will not be buying because it would be $109 for a dress that I hope would not even fit for very long.
  • This adorable purple polka-dot bedding, which I will not be buying because we already have multiple sets of queen sheets and we plan to upgrade to a king size bed soon. And the bedding I want only comes up to a queen size. This is because, apparently, I have childish taste, and children don't sleep in king size beds. See, The Company Store even files it under "kids bedding," but all I want to know is, can I get that rug in the picture in purple?
  • This painfully expensive set of non-stick cookware. The set is so big that the only way to fit it into our tiny kitchen would be to get rid of all of our old, burned, decidedly NOT non-stick Ikea pots and pans. That would be such a shame.

What about you? What have you gotten recently that you're excited about? Or what are you just dying to get?


  1. I have a set of the calphalon cookware (not as big as the one you want, but its got the necessities) that I got on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond for $100 because it's missing the smallest saute pot and one lid. But I LOVE it. It's the best cookware ever. Definitely worth the money.

  2. Yay, first commenter! I'm craving two new wool coats for fall/winter - something definitely in plaid, and this gorgeous winter white peacoat that I saw for $300 that I loved so much it made me want to cry. And since our engagement party is next week, I'm also craving all the stuff on our registry that we're getting. What can I say, I really like stuff. :)

  3. Cute boots, and dress!
    I want a Wii!

  4. I'm currently craving one of these:

    They're cheap but I can't justify it, somehow. :)

    I'm also wanting a new jacket and some new fall-y skirts and some new boots. I love love love fall clothes.

  5. I have the same "trying to stuff my calves into knee-high boots" problem. I love the ones you linked to!

  6. I can't wait to get my Kitchen Aid stand mixer BACK from the repair shop. I miss it sooooo much! Mixing bread and cookie dough by hand is HARD WORK.

    Lest you think there is a defect with Kitchen Aid, it is being repaired because something got knocked loose when UPS THREW IT OFF A BUILDING. Or whatever the hell they did ti it. This little mixer has kicked ass, just so you know!

  7. I just got a tray with a picture of a squirrel on it. I love it SO MUCH.

  8. God, I have been thinking on this all day, why can I not come up with ANYTHING? How sad. I bought a new package of ponytail holders before we went to MN. SIGH.

  9. OMG I LOVE THAT DRESS A MILLION. i want. that. dress. like, rabidly. i am a total sucker for polkadots done right.

    i am currently craving an expensive "real" camera, nikon d70 i believe is the model i've been looking at. it's.. um... $550. but! that's pretty reasonable for a real camera, right? it's a DSLR! which i don't know what that stands for, exactly, but it means not point and shoot but still digital! *drool*

  10. ok, so i just perused, oh, the entire donna ricco website. am now shamelessly in love with her dresses. and i got a $200 award at work that i think needs to be donated to donna. :-)

  11. Becky--Clearance! What a smart idea! I'll have to check Bed Bath & Beyond.

    The Fanny--I forgot about coats! I always want patterned coats and herringbone coats and whatnot.

    S--Thanks! We just got rid of our XBox, so maybe next up will be the Wii. Someday.

    Black Sheeped--I really think that the fact that you like it and it's cheap is justification enough.

    Pickles & Dimes--I know, aren't those boots AMAZING? I almost died of excitement when I found out about that site.

    Artemisia--I have the Kitchen Aid stand mixer in purple. My mom gave it to me. I hardly ever use it, but I love to look at it, and when I do use it, it's fantastic. Especially for making chocolate mousse (now sadly off-limits).

    Swistle--I want to see this tray. Do you have a picture?

    Tessie--How unmaterialistic of you. And against the spirit of this post. Is there really NOTHING that you want? Also, I get unreasonably excited about new ponytail holders. For real.

    Alice--I am also a total sucker for polka dots, as you may have noticed. Our wedding china is even polka dotted. Actually, it's French ceramic, not china, and we intend to use it every day, not just on special occasions. But the point is--dots! Even on adorable little espresso cups and saucers! And we even got egg cups because polka dotted egg cups are only the cutest things ever. Even though we will use them precisely never. Also the Nikon DSLRs (which stands for digital single lens reflex and means that what you see when you're taking the picture is exactly what you will see in the actual photo) are great, and if you can get it for $550, that is a great price. And also I LOVE Donna Ricco everything and I agree that your $200 award is best used to keeping her in business.