Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to school.

This past weekend was my second Labor Day since I graduated from college and officially entered the Real World. Last year, Labor Day felt momentous for me, since it was the first time since infancy that it did not signal Back to School for me. I watched all the commercials for the sales on kids' clothing and whatever they're calling Trapper Keepers these days, and I was gleeful because it did not apply to me.

This year, I barely noticed that it was back to school again. I haven't been watching much TV, so I missed the commercials, and all of my friends who were a year behind me in college have also graduated by now, so they are not headed back to school either. I don't miss school (the thought of grad school makes me wince), but the Back to School season was always fun, because you never had real work at the beginning and you got to see everyone again and you were still excited about the fresh prospect of the year. Of course, by October you had tons of homework and had noticed that everyone else had had life-changing experiences over the summer and you hadn't, and they were all in the same stupid cliques they were in before, and that whole fresh and exciting appeal had definitely worn off (I'm referring to middle and high school here, not college, which I loved).

So, since school was a silly thing to look forward to anyway, I have generated a small list of other, better things to look forward to now that Labor Day is over:
  • The new season of House (even if it is on Fox)
  • My new workplace has a volleyball team that starts playing after Labor Day. I signed up to join. It should be fun and a good way to add variety to my exercise routine.
  • The World Series (go Red Sox!)
  • Open windows at night
  • Sweaters
What am I missing? What are you all looking forward to now that it's almost fall?


  1. Oh, so many things. TV of course, but that's a whole separate entry.

    I think mostly football, making chili, and the State Fair!

    Back to school mostly beats me down at this point in life, because my commute is LITTERED with school zones. In summer it seriously shaves off like 10 minutes.

  2. I love back to school because it signals fall and fall means fewer tank tops and more jackets and sweaters and cloths that don't make me "nervous." Also, Halloween is the greatest of all holidays. It involves candy corn, and candy corn is the most delicious. Oh, and apples and picking those apples and pretending I will make a pie and then eventually feeling guilty and making apples crisp, but it's still good! Also, I miss school, but Brett is starting school again so I live vicariously through him

  3. Taking my son to apple orchards/pumpkin patches. Fall is wonderful!

  4. My wedding!

    And the sight of trees with orange and red leaves.

    And candy corn. Lots and lots of candy corn.

    And sweaters!

    And the World Series. (I cheer for the Twins, but they won't make the playoffs, so now I cheer for whoever plays the Yankees, so therefore, I cheer for the Red Sox)



    Did I mention candy corn?

  5. Our 10-year wedding anniversary! And the brief time between paying for A/C and paying for heat.

  6. am SOO WITH YOU on the grad school thing. i just had a convo with one of my college friends about how five whole years after being out of school, we're STILL grateful to come home and not have to do homework. SO do not need to get back into that any time soon :-)

    i'm also a fan of the sweaters! and my bday in october, and later on, thanksgiving, which is MY favorite holiday :-)

  7. Ditto on the candy corn. And House. And also? Maybe add plaid and tweed and knee-high boots and pants. Ooh! And apple picking! And pumpkin carving and soup!

    Oh, who am I kidding, I can go on for hours about fall... :)

  8. Oh, I love volleyball! That is my favorite sport to participate in. Have fun!

    So - is House not on - oh hell, what cable channel was that on? USA? I am not a loyal watcher of any show, just stuff I happen across. But I really like House and we can't get regular channels in at our house out of town. I'll be really sad if it is only on Fox...

    Orange. I love fall fruits and veggies... Oh, squash! Acorn squash!!

    The change in the smell in the air. SO GOOD.

    Vikings football! Wyoming Cowboys Football!!

  9. Oh, dear God - how did I forget the World Series!!!???


  10. Tessie--I am impressed with the whole football thing. It is the one sport that hasn't really caught on with me, though I will watch it on occasion. And why is chili fall-specific? I thought it was more of a year-round food.

    Flibberty--candy corn, while delicious, does not fit in with the healthy living plan. So you'll have to enjoy it for both of us.

    3carnations--I remember picking out a pumpkin at a patch when I was a kid. I loved it. I've never done the apple orchard thing, though.

    Pickles & Dimes--Yay for your wedding!! I am so excited for you.

    Swistle--Happy early anniversary! Does this mean you got married when you were 23? That makes me happy, because I'm getting married and I'm 23.

    Alice--I am now counting on you to remind me of how much homework sucks, should I ever start posting about potentially wanting to go back to school. Because, nooooo.

    The Fanny--You are so right, fall clothing is about so much more than sweaters. I just purchased my first-ever pair of knee-high boots, and I am excited to finally get to wear them. Also, another fashion thing I forgot--scarves!

    Artemisia--I didn't know that House was on USA, but I just looked it up on their website, and it still is. The episodes from the new season are on Fridays and "classic" episodes are on Saturdays. So since the new episodes run on Fox on Tuesdays, it looks like you just have to wait an extra three days. But you'll still get to see it.

  11. In no particular order- Football, Pumpkin spice lattes, my birthday, and lovely weather.