Monday, February 6, 2012

Official toddler

This was Callum during last year's Super Bowl:

That's a newborn-sized outfit. It was too big.

During this year's Super Bowl, he took his first steps. He is now walking.

Well, staggering, to put it more accurately. Legs apart (is that for balance? Or because of his bulky cloth diapers? Or both?), hands out, full-on waddling. Not yet to the point of using walking as a primary mode of transportation... but he spent most of last night walking back and forth across his play yard. Something seems to have clicked for him, and he is surprisingly confident given that a week ago he wasn't really even cruising. I suspect that he only need a few more days before he's toddling around the house.

Excuse the poor lighting, but oh, look at him! Like a little Frankenstein. Except cuter.

This means that we are now in possession of one walking, talking CHILD. How did that happen?