Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby clothes!

So... I don't have gestational diabetes! All four of my blood draw results were nicely within the normal range. My three-hour level was actually lower than my initial fasting level, which is great. I am hopeful that this means I am cleared for the whole pregnancy, but I haven't discussed the results with my midwife yet so I still don't know if they're going to want to retest me at 28 weeks or not. We'll see! But in the meantime I'll enjoy my freedom to eat when I want without testing my glucose regularly.

Also, the baby clothes I ordered from Old Navy arrived yesterday, and you guys, they are SO cute. The purple-striped waffle knit shirt is seriously possibly the cutest article of clothing ever to exist in the entire world. And the bathing suit? Well, I ordered it in size 6-12 months, thinking that would be perfect for next summer, and when I unpacked it, it looked startlingly huge. Seriously, giant enough that I had my first "OMG my baby is growing up SO FAST" crisis, imagining that he would already fit into that next SUMMER only a few months after he's born.

But then I noticed that the bathing suit is almost exactly the same size as the 12-18 month pants that I ordered, and at first I thought it was just sizing inconsistency, but then it occurred to me that maybe it's done intentionally to accommodate a giant swim diaper? Does anyone else have experience with this? It suddenly seemed like maybe it would be a really clever idea to make your baby bathing suits for this purpose, but I can't tell if it really was just a sizing inconsistency issue or if Old Navy is that thoughtful in their bathing suit production. What do you guys think?


  1. I celebrated passing my GD 3-hour test with a big bowl of ice cream. hahaha. Glad to see you're in the clear ... and those clothes are adorable!

  2. hate to say it, but i don't hink old navy has that much fore thought. i think it's just incinsistancy. but handy when you do think about the swimming diaper. and that draw string is perfect since you can cinch it up.

    good news on the test results!

  3. considering that it's Old Navy, I'm going to go with sizing inconsistency. Also, swim diapers are really about the same size as regular diapers, generally.

  4. Inconsistency - swim diapers are pretty thin, actually.

    But sometimes there really isn't that much difference between sizes. It depends on the brand. Baby's clothing sizes are almost as weird as women's closing sizes.

    I wouldn't return it though. You never know what size your baby will be at 6 months!

  5. From the few times I shopped at Old Navy while we were in the states, their sizes were ALL over the place, at least in ladies wear. Maybe it's just them?

  6. Congrats on the no GD! What a relief for you. :)

    RE: The bathing suit vs pants; sizing inconsistency. We've noticed that with a few old navy things as well.

  7. Yeah for no GD for you or Nilsa!

    Not the slightest clue on the sizing of kid's stuff. I have spent more $$$ on toys for my nephew, rather than clothes. Although, my sister dresses him so adorably, it would be fun to go look for cute liitle boy clothes! We should go shopping soon!

  8. Yeah, swim diapers are pretty small. BUT I have a lot of experience with little boys and their swimming suits and the ON ones ALWAYS seem huge, and do run pretty big. I have found the same is not true of their little girl suits.

  9. Oh, just wait. There is an amazing amount of size discrepancy in infant clothing. Newborn sized the same as 6-9, same sized pants wildly different from each other, etc. I gave up on the sorting by posted size and just compared the actual size of the garments. Worked much better.

    About swim diapers, they aren't very big, as the previous posters say. We use this one, and love it (disposable diapers are trash): (

  10. Could be for the swim diaper, but I don't think they get too huge, at least not in Maddie's case. Although I did find Old Navy's sizes to run a wee bit small (for my girl, anyway) so the bigger the better! More use!

    I remember buying one 18-24 month sweater at Gymboree (because it was SO CUTE!) and she's been wearing it since February 2009. It was a bit expensive at the outset, but hey - she still wears it and LOVES it, even though the sleeves are getting a bit short.

    And the knit shirt is SO CUTE. Love the stripes! You are going to have the cutest little guy!

  11. you are going to have a BABY TO PUT IN THESE CLOTHES! OH MY GOODNESS! (apparently i'm still working on the initial concept here. hah.)

  12. PISH. Not only is baby clothes sizing so inconsistent, you will eventually be LAFFING at it all, but Old Navy ITSELF is inconsistent with ITSELF. IT IS RIDICULOUS. I have several pairs of pants for Sam, all bought in the same size, all bought on the same day.

    They are all different sizes. Is maddening.

    Also, the swim diapers are wee! Even littler than a regular disposable diaper, as they don't absorb, they just contain.

  13. Here's the thing about swim diapers - they don't absorb ANYTHING. They can't differentiate between pool water and pee and their only advantage is that they don't swell up and explode tiny diaper gel balls all over the pool. Truthfully, I think the only benefit of a swim diaper is keeping poop out of the pool. That said, I've found swimsuit sizes to be wildly inconsistent. I had to return on pair of Bub's trunks twice before I ended up with the right size. Plus, Old Navy - while cute and affordable - also not terribly consistent. But cute to be sure!

  14. My son and most of the boys at his daycare wore just the swim diaper on water days (no bathing suit, as swim diapers are made with cute designs to look like bathing suits). Swim diapers aren't as bulky as regular diapers, by the way.

  15. You're probably right about the swim diaper. And I'm sure you're already noticing that there are some pretty incredible size discrepancies between brands. Our youngest has a t-shirt that barely fits her anymore and it's a size 4T (she'll be 15 months on Thurs.)!
    Incidentally, she's growing so differently from her sister that they wear the same size swimsuit - swim diaper and all. :)
    Isn't picking out baby clothes the best though?! (Folding baby laundry is right up there too.) I love when our friends have boys - it's the only time I get to shop for little boy things and I LOVE IT!

  16. How are you getting these tests done so fast? I don't have my three hour round until Thursday. Ugh..not looking forward to it! But very glad you don't have it!

  17. Baby clothes are baffling.

    Trying to sort them makes you realize how very screwed up the sizing is! I've given up paying attention to labels, and just going with what LOOKS like it will fit.

    Good luck! And yay for not having GD!

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