Monday, August 2, 2010


Soooo. I'm guessing a few of you know what I did yesterday! Even though I haven't told anyone yet. I had a bloggy baby shower! You guys are so awesome.

I was staying with my sister and had been craving sticky rice from my favorite DC dim sum place, so we went yesterday morning. I thought that was all that it was but apparently there had been a plan in the works for awhile to turn it into a baby shower at the same time. Then I threw off all their plans by coming to DC a month earlier than expected. Sorry guys! So apparently this was kind of rushed on the Internet side of things? But you guys totally came through and it was awesome.

We were standing in line outside the restaurant waiting for it to open and then all of a sudden Alice was standing there next to my sister being all like, "Oh hey, what's up?" And you guys, I was SO CONFUSED. It was like my brain wasn't quite working. I was like, wait, why is she here? Did I invite her here and like somehow forget about it? Doesn't she live in Virginia? Did she come all the way up to Maryland just for dim sum? Is this a random coincidence? Why isn't she acting more surprised to see me?

And then she explained! And I could not stop laughing, it was just such a shock! Like there I was waiting for some sticky rice and suddenly there were friends! And presents! All for the baby! And there I had been thinking that I probably wouldn't be having a baby shower at all because my friends are so scattered. And it's true, this was more like a mini-shower since most of my DC friends have since moved on to other places, but it was so amazing and fun.

And the presents! Everyone was so generous! There were registry gifts and gift cards and adorable thoughtful unique gifts from all over the place. There were thoughtful notes and gorgeous cards and adorable gift bags. Maybe the physical shower was on the small side but the piles of thoughtful notes and gifts from so many people was just incredibly overwhelming. I'm surprised I didn't burst into tears!

Anyway, I'm still kind of overwhelmed and also I opened everything all in a row which was kind of a lot to take in all at once, so I still have to go back through everything and send out individual thank-yous to all the people who were sent such nice, thoughtful cards and gifts (and on such short notice! I couldn't believe how quickly my sister and Alice were able to plan this... I seriously just booked this trip like two weeks ago), but in the meantime, to all of you: thank you SO MUCH. I know I generally don't like surprises, but this was DEFINITELY an exception.


  1. Gah! I have a card for you, but it's still sitting on my desk because I have horrific preggo brain.

    Anyhow, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful surprise shower!!!

  2. Glad you had a great time! I hope that my card made it to Alice in time.....

  3. Wince...I was one of the ones who fell through the "couldn't get her shit together in time" crack. Am hoping to send something anyway but that involves the awkward "I promise I'm not a stalker just give me your address" conversation which is...well, awkward.

    Happy bloggy shower!

  4. Yay! Alice did great with the email - I'm pretty sure mine got to you ok, and I hope you had a blast. (And got your sticky rice too, because THAT is most important of all.)

  5. YAY!! Hoping you got my card and didn't mind the confetti!

  6. Hope my card made it in time! I was thoroughly impressed with myself since I never normally remember to stick the stamp on birthday cards OR walk them out to the mailbox in a timely manner.

    Wish I could have been there to see your face! So glad you were surprised! :-)

  7. YAY! so glad we got something together so quickly :) to all you internetters: you folks ROCK, and any straggler cards that show up this week, i'll definitely forward on for you!

  8. Happy shower! Sorry I missed it - I have something for you in person though!!! Must have lunch soon!

  9. Hooray! Love it!! I'm so glad that you were surprised!

    I have a small little package for you that I didn't mail in time... if you're comfy, feel free to send your address so I can move it along to you. Or I could send it to the original address and she could forward it, either way. :)

    So excited that you've got a Piglet coming!!

  10. I was so wrapped up in my east coast travels I couldn't participate but am showering you in spirit!

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