Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday is DRAGGING and it's barely started.

Why is it that four-day weeks often feel LONGER than full workweeks? What is the deal? Why am I so exhausted when it's only Thursday?

ANYWAY, thanks to the exhaustion, here are some bullets for your enjoyment:
  • The Love Harder video that we posted yesterday? So far, it's raised $2275 for the multiple myeloma foundation. How awesome is that? (Donate here if you want to add to that total.)
  • If you have pets, do you get the same comments on them from strangers consistently? The top three things we hear about Montana are "She's so soft," "She runs so fast," and "Where did she get that scar?" Somehow these comments never get old. I can only assume this bodes well for parenthood someday.
  • In the last couple weeks I have cooked: chicken parmesan, beef stroganoff, spinach enchiladas, fancy Asian salad, seared beef with mozzarella salad, Thai coconut curry, and spaghetti with ground meat sauce. All from scratch, all relatively healthy, all pretty easy to make. I'm feeling quite proud of myself about this one. (Nearly all the recipes can be found here.)
  • However, those are all recipes I've made before. I think it's time to branch out. I have some Weight Watchers recipes that I printed out before I quit but have never tried. Now may be the moment. I'd also love any links to favorite recipes of yours.
  • Yesterday I went to the gym AND the dog park. Usually it's one or the other. Maybe that's why I'm so exhausted now.


  1. Four-day work weeks are really tough. Guess I should be thankful I didn't have Monday off from work? hahaha.

  2. I hear ya on this one--this four day work week is taking FOREVER!

  3. Yes, this week is the longest one I've ever had. Ick.

    I love when people comment on Shorty. They always say, "His tail is so curly!" "He's SO short!" "He looks so sad!" (the furrowed brow), and my favorite: "He's so soft!"

  4. Dude, if you talk about food, especially when followed by relatively healthy, you need to put the recipe down. It's a rule.

    (By the way, we make our beef stroganoff "healthy" by using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I'm partial to 2%. Oh and try with a teensy bit of nutmeg. It's a necessary for me.)

  5. Wow! ALL those dishes sound delish. I might have to borrow.

    I get asked two things about my dog:

    1. What kind of dog is that? (or, if they know, "Is that a Blue Heeler/ Australian Cattledog?")

    2. Can I pet her?

    Of course, she's usually only in the company of strangers when I'm running, which doesn't lend itself to conversation.

  6. Christine--great point! Nearly all the recipes are on my now-dormant recipe blog: I will update the post to mention that.

  7. This has been a long week. What's the deal? I can't believe it is only now, finally, 9:31 in the morning. Goodness.

    I believe I remarked on how soft Montana is!

    We always hear:

    "Belle has such pretty eyes!"

    "They are so healthy!"

    And my favorite: "Your dogs are so happy!"

    This one makes me beam. There is nothing more I want in this world than for those creatures we adopted to live a happy life.

  8. I'll join you in the exhausted department - what's the deal with that? Maybe the change in weather?

    No great recipe suggestions for you, I've exhausted all of my go-tos and am uninspired.

  9. This WW recipe for Hearty Turkey Chili is an absolute staple in our house:

    The only addition that I make is to add two chopped zuchini and two chopped yellow squash. It sounds weird but the vegetables make it even heartier and more complex and it's a great way to up the veggie count.

    I took it to a chili cook-off once and won -- no one ever would have guessed it was 4pts per cup! :)

  10. My favorite site for healthy recipes is Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes at They are simple but delicious.

    My week keeps flying by because work has been canceled twice because of the rain. In California rain is a reason not to go into work. Lovely!

  11. In fact, in our last neighborhood, there was a woman down the street who would fall all over herself telling us how much she loved Sam, how beautiful Sam was, how when her dog died (she was perfectly healthy and also right there) she was going to get a dog just like Sam. Finally, after about 5 times of this I said something about Baxter, our other dog who was right next to Sam. She looked at Baxter and said "Oh, he's nice, but SAM...!" It was a little creepy after awhile so I stopped walking them that way.

    I usually get "they're so big!' "You are so brave!" (to walk my own dogs??) and "Is he old?" (re: Baxter's blond highlights)

  12. You're so active, good for you.

    And great work on the donation. I tried to get the words out there too :)

  13. I agree with you 100%. This week has been soo long for me. I just want it to be the weekend already!!

  14. This week has been dragging by forever - and I didn't get off on Monday.

    I really like these 2 Rachel Ray recipes - they are delish and different.

  15. Ok I thought it was Wednesday. For real. Holy shit. I'm having trouble reconciling myself to today being Thursday.

    I think that means I should get some more coffee.

  16. Sorry your week feels slow! I'm really impressed by how much money has been raised for that important cause! Makes my heart warm. Also, what time is supper? I might need to make my way over to Denver for some delicious eatin'!

  17. We always get "what kind of dog IS he?" He's a lhasa apso, so he looks kind of like a shih tzu, but not. People also always notice his underbite. It's severe, but cute!

  18. "Is he a bear?" about Kodiak.

    Yes, we have a bear. Sheesh.