Thursday, December 3, 2009


So, the last time (or one of the last times) I did a post like this, I got reamed (anonymously, of course) for complaining too much. But you know what? I'm grumpy. So, I'm going to complain. After all, what better way to break a streak of cheery holiday posts than with a list of complaints? That's what I thought.
  • We ordered something from Amazon that showed up broken, so the other day I went online to arrange a pickup with UPS. All was good and well until they called yesterday at 6:45 in the morning to play me a recording saying they would show up between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. I know, their call center is probably on East Coast time, but OMG, UPS is worldwide. Learn your time zones!
  • Today is FINALLY the day when we get to pick Montana up (this really cancels out my grumpiness, but indulge me with this list anyway, please). Of course, the temperature last night was in the single digits--it is currently 1 degree out--and the high today is supposed to be 17. And you're not allowed to wear a coat to the prison. (I don't know either. Too easy to sneak in contraband?) Of course this is the coldest day we've had since moving here and of course it's the one day I have to go somewhere without a coat. Isn't that hilarious? Ha ha ha haaaaaa if I get pneumonia, I'm suing.
  • People on Facebook keep posting these cryptic status updates about how their lives are falling apart and not providing details. I know they want to vent, and I'm sorry things aren't going well, but if you're going to air your grievances in such a public forum, at least be clear about what's going on so I don't have to panic that you're getting divorced, etc. and really all you mean is that you had a bad day at work.
  • My most recent band fill was great for over a month, but now it's started to relax. On the advice of the nurse, I didn't make an appointment for my next fill plus six-month checkup last time I was there, and instead just called to make an appointment once I felt the fill relaxing. I was hoping to get in there within the next day or so. (For the record, a fill literally takes under five minutes. It's a quick injection into your port. I could practically do it myself.) Instead, I was told that the next open fill appointment wasn't for two and a half weeks, and the next open six-month check-in appointment isn't until January (at which point it will really be an eight-month check-in, but whatever). So now, not only do I have to go two weeks feeling hungrier than I should, but I also have to pay two co-pays for what was supposed to be one appointment, due to THEIR scheduling problems and bad advice.
  • I want a baby NOW. And I don't have one. Not even close.
What about you? Any grumps to share, or is the holiday cheer just overwhelming your life these days?


  1. Dude, that is ALL complaint-worthy stuff. Especially the no coat thing. I respect the fact that it's a prison and all, but that totally sucks. And getting a call at 6:45 that they are going to deliver your package at 8? Also sucky.

    I would call my Facebook friends to make sure they are okay. Unless I know that that particular person is just a drama queen and tends to blow things out of proportion, then I would call.

  2. That 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. is NOT a time slot, it's practically the whole day!

    Grumpies: why does my scale show a gain of 0.8 lbs when I had a calorie deficit yesterday? this isn't starvation territory so my body shouldn't be hoarding food and I am getting my protein in. Yeah, I am also weighing everyday which I myself advise against but after a 3 lb gain over Thanksgiving, I am allowed to freak.

    2nd grumpy: why does a hospital call me everyday when I need to pay them even 10 cents but when they had $2500 they needed to return to me, it took them 2 months?!!?!!? Yes, that's TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED dollars that they kept for 2 months.

  3. why was montana gone for so long?

    and your last bullet point -- man, i was there for SO LONG. i hear you. i do.

  4. My grumpy --I'm tired of hearing about tiger woods...yes
    what he did was horrible--but I am sorry there
    are more NEWSWORTHY things happening
    in the world. CNN has become a gossip news
    Also I'm tired of mean people...let's show compassion
    and kindness during the holidays...

  5. 1. i'm with you on the facebook thing, that drives me nuts
    2. i'm grumpy that i have a final on monday and grumpier still that i can't stay awake past 8pm to study for it.
    3. i'm grumpy that i would like to be putting up my tree this weekend instead of knowing that i really should be studying.
    4. pissed that tiger woods proved me wrong.

    that's it for now

  6. Oh I HATE that Facebook thing! I get all worried that someone is dying but really, they just have a hangnail. UGH!

  7. Everyone needs to vent sometimes and those are all vent worthy topics. I really don't like when people post cryptic messages as Facebook statuses either. If you want to make it public- then do so, if not then don't say anything.

  8. Oh I definitely hate the overly dramatic Facebook status. I try to steer clear, and avoid doing the same thing myself. My complaints:
    1. I HATE this job. I know I should be happy to have a job but I am so unhappy in THIS job. Haaate.
    2. I want to get married. I don't think everyone in this relationship does. All of my friends? Getting engaged like its going out of style. I don't know how many more "OMG I'm so happy for you!" smiles I can fake before I cry.
    But its almost Friday (yay!) and Montana is coming back home (double yay!)

  9. Oh! OH! I totally agree about cryptic Facebook/Twitter status updates!! I HATE that. I think it's an overdramatic attention-seeking device, and also a mean tease, and I automatically think less of people who do it. SO THERE!

    I totally empathize with your baby-wanting---not because I want one so much myself right now, but because I remember that feeling SO WELL from pre-first-baby.

    I'd like to complain that when I volunteer for school stuff I feel like I get jerked around. I say I'll bake for the bake sale and I get naggy emails, then silence when I reply to one, and then last-minute requests for more stuff, and then no thanks at all for doing it even though it's a pretty significant investment of time and money. And then people who DON'T volunteer get criticized for "not being involved with their children's education."

    I'd also like to complain that people don't even read VERY SIMPLE, VERY CLEAR instructions that are right in front of their faces. Like, on, if you can't register a postcard because it doesn't have an ID on it, you can click the little link that says something obvious like "Can't register a postcard because it doesn't have an ID?" and then the nice people at Postcrossing will find the ID for you so you can register the card. But instead people leave comments in their own profiles (just in case the postcard-sender happens to look there) or just don't register the postcard at all. DIMHEADS.

    I feel better now.

  10. Oh! I have one more grump: it drives me crazy when a Certain Online Retailer That Sounds Like a Warrior Woman says the retail price of something is, like, four times the highest price anyone else is selling it for, just to make their reduced price look super! low!

  11. Brrr, it is supercold out there. My hair froze on my way in to work! I can't imagine not wearing a coat. Sympathy!

    My grumps:

    1. Sick kitty
    2. Maybe not getting to go to CA for xmas despite desperate homesickness (see #1)
    3. I want a baby too. It's taking much longer than we thought to get that whole process rolling. Am not writing about it on my blog, but we've been TTC since August and no dice.

  12. 1. Don't every feel bad for venting. This is YOUR blog, and you can write whatever you damn well please. Sometime I like reading that other people get frustrated just like I do. Good for you for having the grumps!

    B. I was pretty grumpy last night because I forgot to take my BC pill and thus didn't feel comfortable having sexy time with Achoo.

    *. But YAY for Montana coming home!

  13. The cryptic FB updates SUCK. Not to mention, FB status updates are not the place to discuss such things. At least as far as I'm concerned.

    I think you can complain all you want. Anonymous Reamer can go back to Mary Poppinland and leave you the hell alone. Everyone deserves to be grumpy sometimes.

    SO happy you get to see your girl again today!

  14. That no-jacket rule is weird. Brrr! But yay for seeing Montana again; I can almost picture your happy reunion. :)

    My grumps:
    - Five big work deadlines in the next week and I still have a major head cold.

    - I spent THREE HOURS on the phone with our mortgage company trying to figure out why they canceled Jason's credit card and got an insufficient answer (after being transferred back and forth 5 times).

    - I spent ONE HOUR on the phone with Jason's credit card company trying to figure out why they would cancel a card at the request of our mortgage company (which we are current on, same with the credit card, and no, the two are NOT the same company) and got back, "It's not usually our policy to cancel cards without cardholder authorization." WTF?!?

    - My commute last night took an hour and 20 minutes. Today it's snowing. I will probably arrive home at midnight.

    Ahhh, much better.

  15. That Facebook thing really bugs me too - it's like, if you want to tell us something is wrong, tell us. If not, don't post cryptic vague statements.
    You must be overjoyed to be getting Montana back, enjoy!

  16. I am so with you on the baby thing! I wonder if my brother would notice if I took my 5 week old niece home after Christmas...
    Another grump...a job that my husband interviewed for Monday said there would be 6 weeks of UNPAID training. Who do they think they are?

  17. The coat things is IRRITATING! It's not like you live in a tropical environment!
    My Grumps:
    1. My boyfriend's job is being moved to Denver (which, obvs is not awful. Denver seems great.) but we like where we live and are not sure we are ready to move just yet. Also he hates the job, but there are not a lot of good looking opportunities out there. I'M SO OVER THE ECONOMY.
    2. I'm tired of passive-aggressive girl drama from "friends". We are all adults. This isn't high school. GROW UP. Argh.

    Ok, that's a little better.

  18. Rants are GOOD FOR THE SOUL. No apologies necessary.

    My rant? My twenty-year-old brother who lives with us is awesome. Except that he eats COOKIES for breakfast. The cookies I bake for everyone. And he eats so many that I am baking batches almost every day.


  19. The facebook stuff gets me too but I also get really irked at people who spew bigoted ignorant political BS on their facebook status updates too... you'd think between those two things I'd just stay away from facebook altogether but I can't seem to tear myself away.

    That sucks that the thing from Amazon was broken. Did you try to contact them first? I had something get stolen once (UPS said it was delivered but I never ever got it) and when I contacted them, they sent me another one for free and said that when shipping problems occurred they liked to err on the side of keeping the customer happy but that was a few years ago so...

    I can't believe you have to go coatless in winter. Perhaps five sweaters are in order. After all, they aren't COATS! :)

  20. If you want to come to RI today, it's 60 degrees. I'm sure that didn't help the grumpiness.

  21. People who post vague status updates on Facebook are looking for attention. If they're vague, people will ask them what's wrong. I'm with you - out with the truth.

    I've got a whole list of things I could complain about, but I'm just too darn tired to do so. I bet you can guess what #1 would be...

  22. things are actually pretty great for me at the moment (love my job, cat, apartment, family) but here's a BIG grump:

    I recently got involved with someone. She's in a line of work that involves intense training for the next few months, followed by assignment somewhere in the county for the next few years. While it's too early to tell if we'll get serious, and if we do I'm willing to do long-distance for a while and be flexible about where I live long-term, it's still a pain. Aren't relationships complex enough already?

  23. My sole grump right now is I want to tell work "Peace OUT" and can't.

    re: Facebook Status Updates...
    OMG YES. My teenage niece kept posting "FML" (eff my life, I had to look it up ) until two of us emailed her and said STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

    My adult niece also purges on FB. What is that about? It's public, it's FOREVER.

    Hooray on Montana's return!!!!! *happy dance!*

  24. Yay Montana is coming home! Sorry about your list of grievances, all completely legitimate. Everyone's entitled to a spicy day (or several) now and then.

    My current grumpiness - this 13 degree weather!!! What the? I have been told by a weather friend that it's the coldest period expected this winter for CO, so both of us can get over that grumpiness as soon as the sun warms us up a bit.

  25. Jess -

    I would love to read a post about why you're so excited to have a baby & at what point you realized that. I'm newly married and feel reeeeeeally far away from wanting a baby - but I'm wondering if one day you were just hit with the urge & haven't turned back. I know you've posted about wanting a baby before - but I'd love to hear more about it!

    -Jackie (sorry to do the "anonymous" pot!)

  26. I would be grumpy too! Also, I'm so with you on scheduling issues with doctor's offices. Why is it so hard to get a timely appointment?

  27. get yer grump on! send any anonymouses my way, i'm totally feeling up to reaming out some anonymous internetters! :-)

    ugh, the overly dramatic cryptic things BUGS ME. and not even because i'm all "omg, i hope they're ok!" nope, instead it makes me roll my eyes and be all "attention whore much?" because it seems like SUCH an obvious bait for someone to be all "omg are you OK???" so that the original poster can lament at length - still on their wall or in their public twitter feed - about whatever the issue it is that they clearly wanted to share in the first place.

  28. Considering that you're usually one of most uplifting and positive people I read, you're allowed to have complaints. Oh, and you're also human. Tell anonymous to suck it.

    YAY for getting Montana back! Other than the freezing your ass off part, you must be thrilled.

    And all those other things? SUPER annoying and totally complaint-worthy.

  29. OMG. All worthy complains yes.
    UPS: Time zones? They don't need them when they want you to be there FOR ELEVEN HOURS.
    Doctor's office: Tell them you aren't paying two copays. Sometimes they'll work it out if it's their issue.
    FB thing: YES. I have a lot of people that do that too. I thought I had a lot of angst. Jesus.
    I have a major cold. It's annoying me to death.
    I miss my friend that's living overseas. It makes me grumpy that she's not here.

  30. Awww dude, I'm sorry about that shit. I don't have grumps right now but tomorrow is a big day for me- getting results of a professional exam that I failed last year, and rewrote in September since you can only write once a f*cking year. Would love to hear some baby discussion. It's something that is always on my mind.

  31. Anyone who things you don't have the right to grump on your own blog just does not get it, the whole blog thing. Plus, if they think you're very grumpy, they clearly aren't reading my blog, because I grump way more. Not saying you don't have every right to grump, of course you do! Just that, well, I complain a lot more than you do! Don't you think?

    I bet you'll feel a lot better once the puppy is home with you again -- and you've warmed up! That no coat rule is ridiculous.

  32. I like grump posts!I hope your day got better though.

  33. I really like a good grump post every once in a while! Makes me feel more normal.

    Welcome back, Montana!

  34. So many grumps this time of year. But I'm trying to get over it!

  35. I love ranty posts!

    My latest: I got let go on Monday. We're already out of money for the week. I am freaking out about this whole "unemployment" thing. It's looks to be a "Grinchy" X-mas since we can't afford a tree NOR presents. Economy = SUCK. Am freaked I will be out of a job until the next millenium.

  36. I want a boyfriend NOW and I don't have one. Oh screw it, I want a husband.

    Whew, that felt good. One of the many things I don't feel I can say on my own blog.