Monday, November 23, 2009

Kid desk

So, we flew in to North Carolina last night and this morning I am all set up to work at my desk in my childhood room, which is where I'm typing this right now. And really, I should say, this working from home thing is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is awesome because we were able to come for the whole week without having to use precious vacation time.

On the other hand, it means that today through Wednesday, even though I'm visiting my parents, I'm going to be slammed with work all day. Because the craziness I referred to last week has not yet lightened up. So, you know, working from home means flexibility, but flexibility means that it's very hard to leave work behind. And that's too bad.

However, sitting at this desk is pretty awesome. I mean, I have my work laptop set up right here, and that's one thing. But, behind and all around the lap top are some pretty cool memories and souvenirs. From my vantage point right here, I see:
  • Two piggy banks
  • A purple and yellow candle shaped like a face that I made in middle school
  • Bookends made out of agate
  • A vintage-style radio
  • A flower pot I painted when I was a kid, filled with my old rock collection
  • A clock with Eloise on it
  • A small stuffed giraffe
  • A small model VW Beetle
  • My first camera
  • A model Eiffel tower that I bought when visiting France for the first time at the age of nine
  • A small copy of Eeyore Has a Birthday
  • A lamp shaped like the Cape Hatteras lighthouse
  • A framed photo of myself doing karate (wearing an orange belt)
  • My book of squashed pennies (I still collect these, actually)
  • A huge collection of Beanie Babies
  • My Millennium Princess Barbie, still in its box
  • A bunch of animal-shaped candles
  • A PinPoint
What souvenirs do you still have in your childhood room?


  1. I have pretty much every book I've ever acquired in my childhood bedroom. Including all of my college text books. It's a little frightening, really.

  2. Oooh I want to see a picture! All I have on my childhood desk is a bunch of old pictures and other junk from high school. That stuff should probably be thrown out but I can't quite make myself do it yet.

  3. Aw, how neat! I don't have much stuff from my childhood except pictures and baby books.

  4. Enjoy - I totally want a picture of your childhood bedroom! My mom made us clear out our stuff a couple years ago, but there are a few mementos. Mostly just the old antique furniture that warms my heart!

  5. hmm, beanie babies... are there any Christmas ones, especially a Christmas bear, that you wouldn't mind parting with on behalf of the Santa the fills Emily's stocking? She has a TY obsession right now and we have a Christmas Dora beanie for Caitlyn's stocking, so I want to find a Christmas one for Emily's too, but the ones I've seen this year are not cute.

  6. My current bedroom (I'm still living with my parents) has gone through transformations. This *was* my childhood room; but then I moved down to the basement and my middle brother had it for awhile (so the unicorn wall paper came down for a more masculine look, haha). Then we swapped when he was a teenager and I was away for University, so this room was completely made over again and is now a fairly adult-looking room.

    Things I still have visible in this room from my childhood though include one of my piggy banks and a couple of "Cherished Teddies" and similar little things like that up on a shelf. Everything else is pretty much put away or gone.

  7. I haven't had a childhood room, since...well, pretty much since I moved out in college. My parents did keep some of my stuff boxed up for me in their storage shed for years. I've taken most of it back now, to store in my own garage. that when you know you're a grown-up? When your parents no longer have your old stuff? Hee.

  8. i had to look up a pinpoint, but omg!i was soooo jealous of my friends who had those.. :-)

    unfortunately, my parents moved houses when i went to college, so they packed up all my old stuff, got rid of my old desk, and "my" room at their house is now the "guest room," so it doesn't really have much of mine in it.

    however, i'm also headed home tonight to work "from home" on tues and weds! i love that option :-)

  9. My parents, too, moved not long after I left for Colorado (which was in the middle of my college years but was end of my Living At Home). They kept a weird assortment of bald dolls, old concert programs, and Activity T-shirts (that REEK of silkscreen chemicals). These are mostly stuff in a drawer in the room that serves as the guest room. I LOVE going back to Ohio, though. I love showing the kids all my old picture books, going to the parks and playgrounds that I used to go to, and teaching them about things that don't occur in Colorado, like fireflies and humidity.

  10. Squashed pennies? Like those ones you roll flat in the machines?

    In my old room my mom still has my candle collection, and a bunch of my old stuffed animals. Oh and these mini Disney snowglobes I used to collect.

  11. My little brother claimed my old room when I moved out (it was a fair bit bigger than his) so all my old stuff is packed up in boxes in my dad's loft. Now we own our own house I'd love to go rifling through those boxes and pick out stuff to take home but we should probably unpack what we already have here first.

  12. My old bedroom was repurposed within a week of my moving out. My mom uses it to teach piano lessons, no bed, no desk, nothing that remotely hints that once upon a time a teenager girl lived there.


  13. My old room is no more. My parents sold the house :(

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  16. My mom just turned my childhood room into a guest room; all of my stuff is in the closet or in boxes. But I moved some of it with me, and I have a piggy bank currently wearing an old dance headpiece. It's pretty cute. To find more fun things I'd need to dig in boxes, unfortunately.

  17. My room isn't much of my room anymore, my mother turned most of it into her office :(

    There are still some things floating around, mostly in the closet. There are some Barbies, and some books that I don't have room for here in DC and a few other things....

  18. Well, first, I moved rooms about 5 times in my childhood/teenagedom. Then mom and dad moved to a new house about 6years ago.
    Most recently my childhood rooms (all three of them) were 1) my aunts bedroom, 2) Askurs room, 3) our livingroom. :) Thats what happens when the house you grew up in is family owned.
    What stuff of mine is left is most likely in boxes in the attic, waiting to be rediscovered some day :)

  19. My childhood room was gone as soon as I left home. There's still some glitter on the closet door, though, that I got there accidentally while glittering my hair with glitterspray for a long-ago spirit week.

  20. This post made me pretty sad (not your fault or intention, I'm sure!) because my parents moved out of my childhood home in 2005. I don't have my childhood room anymore, just a room (slash guest room slash computer room) in my parents' house. They love it there and I know their reasoning and I fully accept it, but they moved before I had a chance to see my room (or the house or yard or pool) one last time.

    The only childhood memory in my room at my parents' house is a photo collage I made in high school. I think they couldn't bring themselves to throw it away.