Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall things

It is getting cold at night. It's mid-September. They've been selling Halloween candy at the grocery store for a month. Costco has Christmas decorations already. I keep reading about pumpkin spice lattes all over blogland. I'm pretty sure it's almost fall.

So, here are some things about fall that I've been thinking about recently.
  • For the first time in ages, I'm actually looking forward to Halloween. I'm excited to get trick-or-treaters at our house and meet some of our neighbors. But this raises two questions. First, does it make you the awesome neighbors or the annoying neighbors if you give out full-size candy bars instead of fun size? And second, do we need to have a jack-o-lantern to encourage trick-or-treaters to come to our house, or will turning on the porch light be enough?
  • I don't like pumpkin flavored anything. I do, however, like pumpkin seeds.
  • Fall makes me so glad we have a fireplace. The ridiculous cord of wood that we ordered when we moved into our house in April can finally be put to good use. And I just love the smell of a wood-burning fire.
  • Sweaters are possibly my favorite single type of clothing (tied with dresses). I've purchased two new ones this season. I'm trying not to spend money, especially since I'm at a transitional size this year. I'm still at a size where I can fit into last year's sweaters, though they are of course bigger than they were. Next year I will need new sweaters. So I will try to wait until then to buy more. But I am still kind of keeping my eye out for nice sweaters this year. I can't help it.
  • I did invest in a good fleece. I've already worn it several times and I envision wearing it on a near-daily basis for the next couple months. When the temperature dips a bit more I imagine a dog-walking uniform of jeans, Uggs, and fleece. Working at home might make you a bit less of a fashionista but damn if I'm not comfortable and practical.
  • As it gets colder, we won't be able to grill dinner quite as often. This means that I'm going to have to start doing some cooking again. I'm kind of looking forward to it. We've grilled so much since we moved into this house that I barely know what it's like to use our lovely kitchen.
What fall stuff have you been thinking about?


  1. Fall! FALL FALL FALL! Even READING about it makes me happy!

    I'm excited for:

    Fall tv, even though it looks subpar this year.

    Pumpkin patches and apple picking with the kids.

    Cooking more, especially baking.

    Toddler jeans.

  2. First, I'm not going to be one of those parents that is anal about keeping candy to a minimum at Halloween. The rest of the year, of course. But, Halloween will be one of those times my kids can splurge. So, I say be the cool peeps on the block. Go for the full-sized candy bars. Who cares if the other parents care. In all likelihood, they'll smile and shake their head thinking, "clearly that couple doesn't have kids." hahaha.

    Fall things I've been thinking about ... my 1-year anniversary with Sweets ... extended stay with family at Thanksgiving ... crisp fall air ... changing colors of the leaves. Seriously, I love fall. And couldn't be more tickled that it's here!

  3. I loooove Fall!!
    For trick or treating, a porch light should be sufficient. We don't give out full size candy bars, but I'd think any neighbor that did was awesome! :)

    The colors, the smells, the COOLER WEATHER! Bring it on Fall!

  4. Cardigans! I love wearing cardigans.

    Also full candy bars definitely make you the cool neighbor.

  5. Haha I love your uplifting post but really I'm trying not to think about fall because fall in Chicago is followed by LOTS AND LOTS OF SNOW

  6. I am fully embracing fall at the moment. I adore pumpkin flavored everything. We have huge fall festivals around here -- a pumpkin festival, an oktoberfest, and the county fairs. I love it all. I love snuggling under a blanket while the cool air comes in the windows. I love fall clothing and colors. The leaves changing. I should do my own what I love about fall post. =)

  7. Full candy bars makes you the coolest neighbor on the block! I loved the houses that gave out full size when I was a kid.

    I'm excited for carving a pumpkin and going to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch.

  8. Love fall. And I do love pumpkin flavored everything. Definitely the cool neighbors if you pass out full sized candy bars. My parents started doing it years ago and they're the talk of the street. And I think people will stop by no matter what, but carving pumpkins is so fun!

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  10. All you have to do is turn on the porch light.

    As far as full size candy bars...Kids get so much candy trick or treating. The full size ones are pretty unnecessary. If you really want to give in abundance, give a few snack size ones to each child. Then they can eat them in moderation. :-) If my son gets a full size candy bar (at times of year other than Halloween), he doesn't get to eat it all at once. On Halloween, he eats more than several pieces during the day, but he still wouldn't get to eat a full size candy bar, unless maybe that was the ONLY candy he was planning to eat.

  11. Boots! I can't wait to buy some new boots for the winter!

  12. We're still at the point where we'll probably eat all of Bub's candy ourselves, so I say go with the full size candy bars!

    I'm looking forward to cooler weather, but not holding my breath as we were still experiencing temps in the 90s in November last year. Also, the adorable pumpkin patch pictures we get every year.

  13. Mmmm, full size caaaandy. I say YES. The parents get to eat most of the candy anyway, right? ;) Tip for you with the sweater love. Do you love hoodies, too? If so, check out Gap Body right now. They have some really fun colored ones - purple, orange, pink, plus your basic black, white and gray - on clearance for $15 right now. Um... I have three of them. They are delicious.

  14. Oh, and PS? The hoodies are cheaper in-store than online. So go get them there. :)

  15. I am excited to wear nice clothes again. Fall is the most fashionable time of year everywhere. Also, this is my first Fall in Montreal, so I get to experience my second favourite season in a new city.

    Summer seemed too short, and I'm not looking forward to winter, but at least we get Fall as a transition.

  16. Full size, all the way. Turn on as many lights as have windows in the front of your house so it looks like you are both home and friendly, and YES on the jack-o-lantern.

    As for the rest, I think you can grill anytime of the year. Just wear a fleece. :o)


  17. I love fall too! I'm excited for:

    -Sweater season
    -Fresh pressed apple cider
    -Pumpkin bread
    -Rain! Oh how I love the smell of rain
    -The excuse that it's okay to snuggle under and blanket and watch movies all day because it's raining.

    Like you, we have a new house, and we're SO excited about having our first trick-or-treaters this year. Our neighborhood is filled with kids. We will be giving out fun-sized candy though, because new house=no extra money!

  18. I say go for the big bars...that way the parents can have a treat too because you know parents raid their kid's stash!

    Also, I think most kids go to doors that have their porch light on but it's way more fun to add something Halloween-y to make it cooler. Just watch out for burning candles in a Jack-O-Lantern because for some reason A LOT of the kids costumes are flamable and the little ones aren't careful around fire.

    I'm looking forward wearing warm sweaters and boots and pumpkin lattes and baking cookies and fires and toddler jeans for my boy and well, I guess I really am ready for Fall.

  19. i don't think you NEED a jack-o-lantern (lights on seems to be the universal sign) but they're just so fun to make... :-)

    psh, definitely full size. you'll get more trick-or-treaters because kids will tell other kids to go to the "cool house" that gives away bigger candy.

  20. I love love love the transition from summer to fall. Even though, in Chicago, our summer was a little lackluster.. I'm still ready. I'm excited to feel the weight of a soft sweater and the cushiness of a nice pair of boots.
    As for the jack-o-lantern/ porch light issue, I'd assume the porch light would be enough, but a few Halloween decorations do seem to bring out a larger number of kids!

  21. Oooh! Fall!

    I can't wait to start baking again.

    Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.


    Starting the wood stove in the evenings.

  22. Okay, today? When I was at the store? And keeping in mind that it is SEPTEMBER? They told me that SANTA would be available for photo opportunities this weekend. SANTA.

    Also, I notice that just about everyone our age (and notice how cleverly I'm clumping me with you, even though I am a decade older and wrinklier) has happy memories of the Full-Size Candy Bar Neighbor Myth, and so now everyone wants to be that neighbor, and so now the children are getting jaded and don't even care if they get a full-size bar, which I think is a step down from the days when the Good Neighbors were the ones who gave chocolate instead of pixie sticks and dum-dums. But then, as we've noted, I am old and wrinkly.

  23. I love all things fall, but I'll go for the first time you wear a sweatshirt and jeans. It feels like being hugged.

  24. Well it is spring here in Australia so I've been thinking about gardening. However I hate weeding so I've just planted a vegie garden in tubs (peas, cucumber, lettuce, english spinach,tomatoes, asparagus, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and a heap of herbs).

    What about pumpkin scones? I too, hate everything pumpkin except pumpkin seeds but my MIL makes pumpkin scones and you cannot taste it at all! The worst part is boiling the pumpkin first coz it stinks!

  25. Fall? What is this phenonomen you speak of? I don't think we have the here in hell?

    Go for the BIG candy bars, you'll be the coolest house int he neighbor hood!

  26. Ooh, pumpkin seeds! Love'em. Thanks for bringing them to mind.

    I love to crunch through fallen leaves, to see them in all the pretty colors on the trees, and going to Apple Festival. It's my birthday!

  27. I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday. Also, is it bad that jeans/Uggs/fleece is my idea of high fashion? (I do not kid).

  28. Oh, I just wrote a whole post about fall things I love! The fairs are my favorite, but Halloween is a close second. I relish any chance of costuming it up!