Monday, June 1, 2009

One is the loneliest number

Yesterday morning Torsten took an early flight to DC for a week-long business trip, the first either of us has had to take since we moved to Denver in February. I got up at six a.m. as well to drive him to the airport. When I got home the house seemed exceptionally empty. I guess since we both work from home it hardly happens that one of us is home without the other--or if only one of us is home, it's him.

As an aside, I'm a little jealous that Torsten is in DC right now, and only because that's where my hairstylist is, and I REALLY need a haircut. My hair is down past my shoulders right now, and while I like to imagine that it's like Keri Russell or Sarah Jessica Parker on one of their good long-hair days, in reality it's just too much. It's not as curly when it's long, and it's hot, and it gets in the way, and it's starting to lose its shape--it really needs some layers. But I have had so many people butcher my hair in the past that I am trying desperately to hold out for my own stylist and hope that there's a business trip to DC in my near-ish future as well.

Anyway, now it's just me and Montana for the week. It feels so cavernous in here. It's one thing to live alone in a two-room apartment--which I loved--but quite another to be on your own in a family-size house. It almost makes me wish I had kids right now so that I would be distracted. Except not really, because then I'd be dealing with kids on my own, and I wouldn't have had the luxury of crawling into bed and going back to sleep for three hours when I got back from the airport.

Yesterday I took the dog to the dog park, organized the dining room, cleaned the kitchen (and I mean REALLY cleaned it), cooked a soft-food-appropriate dish to last for a few meals, sat on the patio reading for awhile, and watched several episodes of Sex and the City. It was peaceful but not anything I couldn't have done when Torsten was here, so it's not like I'm luxuriating in shaking up the routine or anything.

So, OK, I'm trying to make plans for this week so that I'm occupied. I'm doing a pretty good job, I think. So far on the list:
  • Lunch with Jeni
  • Phone date with my BFF
  • Follow-up appointment with my surgeon (does that count?)
  • Pedicure (my first since the wedding, I think)
  • Doing some unpacking, and maybe some cleaning
  • Going to a movie (I'd like to see Up but Torsten wants to see that too so I should wait on that and pick something girly that he would hate... any suggestions?)
Plus, you know, working and walking the dog and all that normal stuff. And sleeping in our giant bed all by myself. (Because SOMEONE doesn't want the dog on the furniture, and even in his absence, I will respect his wishes.)

So, I think it's shaping up to be a decent week. Any suggestions on other stuff I should add to the list?


  1. I always recommend Twilight. Nothing like Vampires, mixed with a love story and teen angst.

    Changeling is disturbing, but good.

    Marley & Me is good, but very sad.

    Nights in Rodanthe looks mushy/chick flickish.

  2. I cried like a baby at Marley and Me...

    Watch lots of Sex and the City says I, Bridget Jones Diary of course, maybe some old school Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies a la You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle?

    Hopefully the week flies by.

  3. I'm giving another vote for Twilight as well. All these pictures and other releases from New Moon are making me itchy to see it again (even if it was, in reality, a little bit bad).

    When Jimmy's away (which is not often, but still) I like to do something surprise-y for him to come home to. Some little project, baked goodie, or... something.

  4. Enjoy your alone time. Homer did a 2-month gig out of town just after we were married. At first I hated it, then I realized I could work on little projects, spreading out all my crap, without having to clean it up, justify my time or explain why what I was doing was interesting to me. So awesome.

  5. I'm flying solo this week too. I find that at first there is that sadness/emptiness, but as the week goes on you tend to revel in it and enjoy those moments. I always treat myself to little luxuries, it helps to pass the time as well!

  6. i don't like it when joe goes out of town on business trips either. the first day or so of alone time is nice, but then it just gets lonely. i hope the week flies by for you!

  7. I suppose you don't have much "secret single behavior" anymore since you've been living with a boy for quite some time already. Still, surely Sex & the City has some suggestions for you...

  8. Danielle has been in Ontario for a month. I've drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of pizza. I don't know if those suggestions will be helpful for you.

  9. I have curly hair too and totally understand - you can't go to just anyone's hairdresser - even if someone with straight or wavy hair says they LOVE their hairdresser, it's not necessarily okay. I finally found one who has the same hair type as me. She's cutting hair to put herself through school. I am dreading the day she graduates.

  10. I enjoy it when Hub goes to work after the kids have gone to bed. He's there for the important stuff, and then I get an hour or so to myself before I go to sleep. When he was away in CA for a week, right after Liv was born, I thought I might die.

    You'll be good though. what about a cheesy movie like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past? Is that out yet? I tried to think of something I'd enjoy but that Hub doesn't want to see.

    Also-- I've been reading but not commenting-- YAY for solid food!!

  11. Wish I had the time right now to stop by and say hello. As for the hair: Blondie's in cherry creek. Ask for Jen - she's a colorist but I have her just cut my hair.

  12. The Aveda training salon is on 16th and Market- I used to go there all of the time! The hairdressers have already been to beauty school (some of them have worked in other salons), but want to get into the Aveda system. So, they are "training" but still fantastic.

    Bonus- it is right next to the BEST waxing place ever- Wax in the City.

  13. i'm no help with movies... i always want to see the "boy" flicks and have a hard time finding people to see those with ME :-)

    i've heard about this "no animals on the furniture" concept. turns out oliver doesn't believe in it, which is unfortunate for me.

  14. I also have somewhat challenging curly hair. I found and it not too strong of a statement to say that it changed my life.

    I did a quick search of Denver Curly Friendly salons and came up with this - hope it helps!!!

  15. No, the appt. with the surgeon does not count! Hee hee :P

    I always cherish time to myself when Steven travels, but by the end, I am so happy to see him again. A big house does seem quiet! At least you have Montana to talk to :)

  16. Eh, I'm kind of jealous. I really miss living alone sometimes.

  17. Aww well at least you and Montana can keep each other company. And I totally hear you about needing a haircut. Mine is getting long too.

  18. its a great time to start watching weeds (my favorite show)

    oh, and up...definitely wait for torsten...such a cute hand holding date movie...


  19. I know what you mean! A house is a totally different kind of alone than an apartment!

    It DOES totally help to have kids.