Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Closet space

One of my favorite little features about our house is the double closet in the master bedroom. Seriously, it's amazing. Actually, one of my favorite features about the house is the massive amounts of closet space in general--a hall closet upstairs and another one downstairs, plus a linen closet and built-in shelves in the laundry room, and a walk-in closet in every bedroom except one, and the one that doesn't have a walk-in closet has two regular closets.

Anyway, yesterday I FINALLY finished unpacking and organizing both of our closets, so of course I had to take photos, both for posterity, because our closets will never be this neat and organized again, and to share with all of you. Because the rest of our house, while unpacked and clean, is not yet decorated, so I'm not ready to share pictures of those rooms with you. So, for now, the closets will have to suffice. And if I do say so myself, they ARE pretty amazing.

In our first apartment, which was a one-bedroom, we actually had ample closet space--a walk-in closet with a built-in shoe rack, a large hall closet, a small linen closet, an extra tiny closet in the bedroom, and built-in shelves in the bedroom. It was more space than I needed, but when Torsten moved in we filled it up. So it was a relief to move to the three-bedroom apartment we first lived in when we arrived in Denver, because we could use the closets in the two extra bedrooms (which we were using as offices) for storage. But still, we pretty much filled them up.

Now, for the first time ever, we have EXTRA SPACE in our closets. There is room for MORE STUFF. This is a thrill to the part of me that loves shopping, I have to say.

ANYWAY. On to the photos! First, Torsten's closet. Which has a WINDOW. This closet is prettier and more spacious, and initially I wanted it for myself, but the reason it's more spacious is because it doesn't have as much storage space, and I have way more clothes (and shoes) than he does, so in the end, practicality won out and he got the prettier space. See?

But you know what? His closet might be more attractive, but mine is so FUNCTIONAL. Just look:

THREE hanging bars. With shelves above, and empty space for shoes below. Seriously. This is heaven.

And yes, that is an entire shelf full of stuffed animals, thanks for asking. Nearly all of them were gifts from Torsten to me. And I can waste space with that stuff, because see the shelf above it? It is EMPTY.

Also, one other area I need to point out: the stack of baby clothes (plus a blanket). I know. There's no baby on the horizon. What can I say? I like polka dots.

Oh, and also? Let's take a look at the shoes. I actually lay on the floor to take this photo, and that's why you can see the shadow of the top of my head in the foreground. Now, I'm no Carrie Bradshaw, but I LOVE being able to arrange my shoes like this. No door-hanging shoe bag required!

So, there you have it. Our closets, revealed. I have nothing left to hide from you guys.

So, now it's your turn. What's your favorite little feature about the place where you live?


  1. There are many things about our house that I love [storage space in the kitchen!!!] but I love having two bathrooms most of all. One in the master bedroom and one in the hallway. It is heaven. We used to live in a townhouse with one bathroom and it was such a pain even though there were only two of us.

    Your closets look great! I just reorganized ours last weekend and finally put sweaters and winter jackets in storage.

  2. I would say my closets but since I've lived in my house for 18 years, you ain't getting a picture!

  3. I. AM. SO. JEALOUS.

    My favorite part of my apartment? Maybe it's the carpet in the kitchen. Or the veeeery dim flourescent light above my bathroom sink. Or my inability to control my own air/heat.

    Nah... it's that it's all MINE and I can walk around naked all day if I wanted to! Lol

  4. I love your closets! I especially like the window in Torsten's but I would have picked your closet as well.
    P.S. I have a stash of baby clothes too. Am I pregnant? Definitely not! Glad to see I'm not the only one who picks up cute things to hold onto.

  5. I'm a renter so I'm going to go with the fact that there was brand new carpet when we moved in and that it's cheap!

  6. i love so much about my apartment..! the storage space IS definitely high on the list, though. my closet is similar to yours, except there's also built in shelving throughout a lot of it and the hanging bars are at several different heights. and then there is ANOTHER full closet in my bedroom (which initially was for The Ex, but i have since converted into an office nook). i also have an entire 10x10 storage room down the hall, which has been INVALUABLE - it's where my futon, my drums, the doors to my closet-cum-office-nook, christmas supplies, etc etc etc etc live :-)

  7. Hm, my absolutely FAVORITE feature about where I live? That would be my darling, Killer.

    The next favorite? It's paid for. No mortgage. Yeah, it's good.

  8. I am loving that closet with a window.

    Our new place has shelves above the laundry--after two houses in a row with the washer drier crammed in any old place, this seems like the peak of organizational wonderfulness. We can store cleaning stuff there! Umbrellas! Wrapping paper! The art project box with the permanent acrylic paint! I feel very protective of these shelves--I'm afraid that in one of my husband's renovating tears he will take them out. I will chain myself to them if necessary.

    Other things: the front courtyard. I heart it. The wall of built-in bookshelves in our bedroom (which is the length of the house). The mud room.

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  10. Nice closets! My favorite feature of my house is the open floor plan and huge kitchen. :)

  11. Those are lovely...I love the window in Torsten's closet! My favourite little thing about our house is the straight staircase. It was one of my must-have features, after wiping out more than once on the curved stairs at our old place. Plus, I am NEVER EVER moving, and the straight stairs will allow us to get one of those motorized elevation-chairs for old people, someday when we need it.

    I was thinking really, really far ahead when we bought this place :).

  12. ::drool::
    I wish we had that closet space. It's getting old packing away all my winter/summer clothes when the seasons change. It never fails that something goes missing during the change over.

    My favorite thing about our place it probably our screened in porch.

  13. A closet with a window? Awesome.

    My favorite thing about where we live...Our yard. It's private and fun. :-)

  14. Did Torsten organize his own closet? Can he teach my boyfriend?

    I'm also very jealous. I love big closets.

  15. Crap- I gotta clean out my closet.

    I LOVE the fact that I have a linen closet, and a sunken living room...


  16. I am TOTALLY with you on the closet.

    One of my favorites about my house is our back yard. It just makes me instantly happy.

  17. Ah, well-organized closets make me happy.

    My favorite feature is our basement. It has these weird built-ins (like a safe, desk, storm room under the stairs, etc.) that are fun.

    Also, our garage has an overhang supported by three brick columns where we can grill and hang out.

  18. You each have your own closet?? Your life is so amazing I want to die!

  19. That I'm renting it.

    No seriously, that's not a snark on homeownership, I'm just SO NOT READY.

  20. You have every right to your (adorable!) stuffed animals. I've kept every goofy-looking $10 bunny my exes have given me, and I didn't marry any of them. :) Sentimental stuff deserves to be kept, period.

  21. I love a lot of "ambiance" things about my place, like the moldings and the hardwood floors, but in terms of usefulness, it's the linen closet (really more like a hall closet, but it reminds me of the linen closet in the house where I grew up). It has a bar for clothes I don't wear much, a high shelf for empty boxes, corner shelves for toiletries, room for suitcases ... it's big, and I love it!

  22. Having extra storage place is such a bonus! I like to think that having less storage at our home means we will buy less, but we could stand to have just a bit more. I love your closets!

    What I love about our house is the colors we painted it, bold earth tones. I can't wait until we have more money to properly decorate!

  23. I'm seriously beyond jealous of that closet. I have a good one but honestly, it's the biggest drawback of all the apartments I've seen lately. I would kill to have a walk-in closet.

  24. Man, I am jealous. Seeing as you have closets to spare, perhaps you could just give one to me?

  25. Love the huge closet. I love huge closets, I always want a big rack just for my shoes, although they're not as many as Mariah Carey's shoes. LOL. That's crazy!

  26. Having a guest room. I love having friends and family to stay.

    Oh and having enough storage that we can dedicate a whole cupboard to games. That's an awesome part of our house.

  27. Like the closets! I would never have closets that organised, even just after moving in.

    I live in a rental that I'm not all that keen on. It was supposed to be a temporary stopgap but now we've been here a year and there's still almost no houses up for sale. This place was a student rental before we came along so it has the cheapest possible carpets, doors, blinds, etc. Urgh.

    But it does have a few good points. There's the view, for one thing. We live on the side of a hill and can see most of the city from the back of our house. It's pretty impressive.

  28. Torsten's closet is my IDEAL closet - minus all the men's clothes, of course. Such organization!

    Since this was written on the 16th and the day I gave birth (again), I'll pretend that's the day I'm reading it, because at that moment, my favourite feature about our house was the fact that it was NOT a hospital. :)

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