Friday, May 22, 2009

Four crazy months

I seriously cannot believe that it's Memorial Day weekend already. I can't believe it's already practically June. I know everyone says this all the time, but how did time possibly go by so fast? I can't figure it out.

June will be the first month of 2009 without some sort of major life event. Let's briefly recap:

January: Decide to move to Denver
February: Actually move to Denver
March: Adopt a dog
April: Buy a house
May: Have surgery

So, June is going to seem downright BORING in comparison. But can I tell you something? I'm totally OK with that. It's been a whirlwind few months, and I have no regrets about how fast everything has happened, and I'm really happy where we are, but wow, I could really do with some time to stop and smell the roses, you know?

In other news, I'm starting to be able to tell that I've lost weight. My pants are a bit looser, and I can see in the mirror that my face is a tad thinner. Torsten says he can tell as well, and while I'm sure we're the only ones, it's still a nice feeling. Especially because this is only the very beginning of the weight loss. I am excited for the part where everyone will be able to tell. That was fun last time and I'm sure it'll be fun again.

Although yesterday I ate approximately 600 calories and today I had GAINED half a pound. Who knew that was even possible? I mean, COME ON. Although, on the other hand, it was a good reminder that even though the news is usually good, I probably shouldn't be weighing myself every single day. Not healthy.

Anyway, since I'm still recovering from surgery we have no real plans for the long weekend. But I do like to hear about everyone else's plans so I can live vicariously through all of you. So, what are you up to? Anything spectacular? Or even a little mundane? Whatever it is, I hope it's awesome.


  1. This weekend is graduation! Which means I finally get to wear my master's hood.

    Plus, my parents, my in-laws, and my grandparents are here for it. HOORAY!

  2. Working in the garden and going backpacking in the South St. Vrain canyon outside of Lyons! :)

  3. That is wonderful that you feel your clothes are loss!

    A. and I are taking the row boat up the his parents in the northern part of the state and meeting friends at a great little lake to go fishing. We are even taking his nephew! It should be a hoot.

    We will also be celebrating his niece's third birthday over the weekend. Should be a blast.

  4. I'm going to Seattle to see a friend and her baby!

  5. My MIL & FIL are coming. Wanna trade?

  6. Mundane, as always. My mother is coming for a visit. I haven't a clue what to do with her as she's already seen all the sites this city has to offer. And I'm broke, anyway. Ah well, at least we have a little league game to look forward to tomorrow! And perhaps I'll get the grill out. And at least the weather is going to be nice!

    Baggy clothes are always wonderful! Very happy for you!

  7. Oooh, I think I would be on some serious drugs if I'd had a few months like that.

    We shall be exalting in the never-before-heard-of sunny-all-weekend-long weather. OH YES. I see many refills of the toy water table in my near future.

  8. Last weekend was our long weekend here in Canada.

    This weekend we are celebrating our anniversary with an entire day kid-free.

    I'm excited to watch your progression Jess, and YES - don't weigh yourself every day :)

  9. That's great that you can already see the weight loss on you, and not just on the scale.

    For the long weekend, we are taking our children to see some of our favorite places around our state, since we are moving away in two weeks.

  10. Yea for the loose clothes!

    I think three days of doing absolutely nothing but sitting on my arse is exactly what I need - can't wait!

  11. Glad you are recovering nicely!

    Another Tweetup in Denver on tap for the last one @rosalicous & I said we'd love to have you join us for the next Tweetup?

    Hoping one day soon :-)

  12. hooray for a calm (hopefully!) month...!!

    i have a good weekend planned: korean bbq and karoake tonight for a friend's birthday; regular bbq and a dc united game tomorrow; a date with the Confusing One either sunday or monday; and hanging out w/my girlfriend and her kids whichever day is not the date. i love full weekends!

  13. Goodness, when you put it all down it seems so overwhelming. You definitely need a down month to recover both physically and mentally!

    Glad things are going well with recovery. Ups and downs are normal but you seem to be handling it all well!

  14. A month with no plans sounds divine. . . especially since you've been doing A LOT lately. :-)

    I blogged about my weekend plans which is something I don't normally do.

  15. No huge plans. My son needs a haircut, we are going to order his birthday cake, buy plants for garden, go to parade on Monday and whatever else comes up...possibly having some friends over for a cookout.

    Oh - and I got my Avon startup materials today, and will hopefully be setting up my website - Very excited about that!

  16. Yay for some weight loss! That's always exciting.

    I have no plans for the weekend other than what I usually do. I'm so not very much fun.

  17. If I had the option of weighing myself everyday to see I lost 1 pound or weigh myself once every two weeks to see I lost 14 pounds, well, I think I'd get more excited over my progress if I weighed myself less often. Maybe that's just me ... and maybe that's why we don't have a scale in our house.

    We're going camping this weekend and back in time for a doggie playdate and a cookout. Be good to you and give Torsten & Montana extra kisses during your relaxing weekend!

  18. I will be doing yard work, continuing my latest landscaping project, and helping a friend paint. Sounds like loads of fun, right? Well, I do get to go to a barbecue on Monday, so there is that at least.

  19. I eat 600 calories even more every meal time, how come you gain a pound if you just eat it for a day once? Maybe your body is still adjusting from the surgery and losing weight is great. I'm happy for you.

    ps. What's in June? SUMMER!! Enjoy it! :)

  20. We started work on a second bathroom! And I went to the post office! Errrr....that's it.

  21. Yup, sounds like you need an event-free month alright! This weekend I met up with old friends and caught too much sun. Thank goodness for Bank Holiday Monday so I can rest up before going back to work.

  22. Well I hope things are a little quieter over the next few months :) Glad to hear you're feeling better. Relax this weekend!

  23. you have done so much in such a short period of time.
    Can't believe you moved so fast, bought a house, et all.
    At the pace you are going, you will have kids by Dec.... lmao,

    But seriously, it is amazing that one can make large moves like that so quickly. I have been contemplating leaving my job and moving to CA for several years, but am scared to do it.

    Your courage on the operation is something else. My hat is off to you.

    Steve Driscoll
    Alexandria, VA

  24. Wow... You decided to move to Denver, and then a month later hello, you're all shifted?! That must have been the craziest month ever!

  25. Posting AFTER the weekend, but that shows how busy the weekend was :) Thursday my parents and uncle and aunt landed in town from India, via Paris. Friday was sort of calm. Saturday was DC. Sunday was Star Treka nd Costco (yes, Costco is a major event in my family). Monday was baseball game and getting rained on. It was all very nice :)