Thursday, May 21, 2009


This morning when I came downstairs after waking up I took my 64-ounce purple water bottle to our fridge filtered water dispenser to fill up. I do this every morning and make sure that the bottle is empty every night--a post-surgery requirement. But the fridge dispenser wasn't working. It made the same noise it always does, but no water came out. This is the first thing that has broken in our new house. However, the fridge is less than a year old so it may still be under warranty? We'll see.

The funny thing is that when Torsten opened up the dispenser from the inside to see if he could fix it, he discovered that there was no filter in there, and thus we've been unknowingly drinking unfiltered water for the last month. I don't really have a problem with that, especially since Denver has some of the best drinking water in the country (thank you Rocky Mountains), but it is kind of funny, and Torsten is so religious about filtered water that he was very annoyed.

Anyway, I am definitely not drinking filtered water today, because I filled the bottle directly from the sink. So, you know, if I'm dead tomorrow you'll know why. Or at least Torsten will think he knows.

Are we allowed to talk about American Idol on blogs today? Can we safely assume that everyone who wanted to watch has already done so, or at least knows better than to be on the internet today? OK then. From what I can tell, most people are making fun of last night's show, but I actually really enjoyed it. Maybe I'm secretly ten years old inside? But I thought it was just so fun. There were only a couple acts that I fast-forwarded through (including Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah). I liked everything up until the last five minutes when Kris was pronounced the winner. Not that I don't like Kris--I think he's a nice guy and a pretty good singer--but I just think Adam is really special.

Of course, I actually think that it's for the best that Adam didn't win. Now he doesn't have to release a treacly single of possibly the worst Idol winner's song ever written--and here I thought Kara DioGuardi's songwriting skills were the reason she was picked as a judge--and he'll have a lot more creative freedom, which he needs. I hope he becomes a worldwide star. And I wish people would stop talking about his sexuality. I can only assume that if he does become a worldwide star, he will sleep with many people of many places on the gender spectrum, because isn't that the whole point?

Lastly, yesterday I went to the grocery store and stocked up on yogurt, cottage cheese, and protein shakes. This is all I intend to eat for the next week. I'm halfway through the puree diet. The end is in sight. I almost think I can do it. I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't suddenly take against one of those three things, because if so I'm totally screwed.


  1. I laughed so hard at your comment that if you end up VERY UNFORTUNATELY dead, Torsten will "know" it was from unfiltered water. Too funny!

    You sound much more chipper, today. I hope you are feeling good. Give Montana a good scratch behind the ears for me.

  2. I kind of laugh about the filtered versus bottled versus tap water debate. All those things *should* be safe enough for you to drink. And it's only in hindsight we know otherwise. For me, I drink bottled water for the taste. Sweets wants to reduce our bottled water intake, so I'm trying to get used to the Britta, though I'm not loving the taste of our local water.

  3. It sounds like you are feeling better, which is awesome.
    Do you guys have home warranty? I had never heard of it, but our real estate agent required the seller to buy us one for a year (we renewed it on our own). Anyway, when stuff like the fridge breaks, or pipes, or the ac, or whatever, we just call it in and out they come to fix it. I highly recommend it if you don't have one.

  4. I have never drunk filtered water in my life. In fact, growing up we would drink out of the irrigation ditch when we were thirsty and playing outside. Thank you, fresh mountain spring water. :o)

    I'm so glad you're feeling better!! Yay!


  5. Are people making fun of AI more so than usual? Because that show was off the hook! Those people just need to turn the channel and get over themselves. I love Queen Latifah but did not love her outfit. I thought Black Eyed Peas were fun. I enjoyed the entire show from start to finish and that's saying something. It even had comedy!

    Adam will go far. He's got a certain niche and AI would have pigeon-holed him.

  6. I actually enjoyed the AI show too. I thought the part when Kara sang behind "bikini girl" was hilarious.

    I think Adam will be fine even without winning, where Kris might actually get a better shot this way.

    I'm glad you're halfway through this hard part (not that the rest will be easy, but I think you know what I mean) - you CAN do it!!!

  7. That's funny about the filter...we had to buy a fridge over the summer after the newish fridge in the house we'd just bought died (talk about PISSED OFF). The new fridge has a filter which we're supposed to change out every six months; it even has a little warning light system, where the light goes to orange after five months, so you can run out and order one and have it ready for when the light changes to RED. Except that when we figured out the filters cost $49 apiece (49!$!) we decided our water didn't need to be THAT filtered, and just reset the damn light so it's green.

    In other words, if tap water turns out to kill you, we're basically dead family walking.

    Also, you do sound more chipper. Good luck. It's been such a treat to hear about your experience: you make us feel like we're there.

  8. I never really thought of it that way but you made some great points. Yes it means he can have more creativity on his own and not dictated as much if he's the winner.

    I think he'll make it big and screw anyone who objects about his sexuality.

  9. I've been eating a shit ton of cottage cheese lately. In solidarity.

    Not really. I just love me some cottage cheese!

  10. You sound like you're doing great, congrats. My friend is having the same surgery this summer, I should have her read your blog!

    And I too, enjoyed Idol. Especially Mr. Mraz (I squealed when he came on).

    Cheesy adults UNITE!

  11. Yay, you're almost through the puree phase!

    I agree with your thoughts on Adam. I wish he would have won, but maybe this is a better deal for him.

  12. Don't worry about the water and if its filtered. In the US you really don't have to worry about that. The only reason to filter is because it makes it taste better.


    Danny Flosster

  13. I love your reasoning that the whole point of becoming a giant star is to sleep with as many people as possible.

    I do not love the scroll-with-me popup ad that just showed up on your site, however. :-( What the heck?

    I do not envy your pureed diet right now, but I'm glad you have good perspective on it and you know it's only temporary. Still, good luck!

  14. Torsten might DIE if he saw me drink from the outdoor water hose I'd bet. ;-)