Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, since it's Friday, otherwise known as the beginning of a lazy weekend, and I have a new phone that I am feeling pretty blissful about, I figured I'd give in to my materialistic impulses, and make a list of things that I am coveting right about now:

1. A dog. Most likely once we live somewhere that allows pets, we'll adopt an older mutt from a rescue organization, but since this post is about harmless pipe dreams, I'll go ahead and declare that I want a chocolate lab like this one:

2. Mario Kart Wii. Why is this so hard to find? I mean, I understand the marketing strategy perfectly, and I think it's brilliant, but still. I WANT IT. And I don't want to pay more than list price for it. We're talking about a tiny disc here, one that takes well under one second to produce. I really don't think that this demand is that unreasonable.

3. These wedding favors. Aren't they perfect? Seriously, they match our color scheme perfectly (in that everything about the wedding that isn't purple is turning out to be ivory), plus they are sweet, just like us! Okay, that last part might be a bit of a stretch, but they are great, and useful too, AND they're 30% off until the end of the month. This is the one item on the list that I might actually get sometime soon.

4. This camera. I have a fantastic camera, but it's not a DSLR and I am seriously coveting one. We added this camera to our wedding registry even though it is way beyond the price range of one person. The hope is that a few people will go in together and buy it. And if they do, then I will switch from coveting the camera to coveting a fancy macro lens to go with it.

5. One of Victoria Beckham's Hermes Birkin bags. In purple, naturally.

So tell me, what are you wanting right now?


  1. I want to plan a wedding. My own would be great, but it doesn't have to be. All of a sudden three of my close friends are getting married and I recently fell in love so I'm a little wedding crazy right now.

  2. oh, I am a petty, petty person.

    New digital camera
    A healed ankle
    Weekly manicure/pedicure
    Sourdough toast with butter ( I think I might get this one now)

  3. I want to upgrade our DVR plan to the one where I can record on one and watch on any of them. Right now I have to watch what I record on the one that records.

    I'd like a pool. A real pool - concrete and tile, inground pool with a slide and a diving board.

    I'd like our A/C to keep every level of the house the same fricking temperature! Actually, scratch that. I'd just like a new house. :)

  4. I want:

    1. This dog-

    2. This purse-


    3. A Wii :)

  5. That's a great list. Perfect post for a mindless Friday, by the way! I've been hemming and hawing over party favors for the wedding. Because, to be honest, I hate them. I hate getting a bag of candy or a dinner mint. Because, as a guest, I know it's redunkulously expensive to buy really nice & expensive gifts for everyone. And so, I kind of wish the bride and groom would save their pennies. Sweets and I are thinking about planting a tree in celebration of our wedding ... and putting a card at everyone's seat stating that's what we've done. Give back to the environment and everyone wins.

  6. I'd like (in no particular order):

    - a new bathroom
    - Wii + Wii Fit
    - an extra day on every weekend

    I love those wedding favours - so unique! You should definitely jump on those while they're on sale.

  7. Want. Puppeh. Yes, I know I already have three, blah blah blah.



  8. Our next dog will likely be a chocolate or black lab mix. But we're going to wait until we get a bigger house with a bigger yard. I already have one massive dog.

    If we're making lists here (and I love lists) I'll take:
    DSLR camera
    Cute haircut
    Miracle weight loss (with ability to wear bikini in public)
    HD channels (to go with our new TV)
    BlueRay (also to go with new TV)
    And an interior decorator.

    Some of these are doable, some, not so much.

  9. I want a raise
    To win the lottery
    To fix up my wonky bathrooms
    For it to be 5:30 already so I can go home!

    Happy weekend!

  10. Man, this was a tough question! Apparently, I'm not coveting anything at the moment. ODD.

    Um, I wouldn't mind refinancing our house so I can stop worrying about it.

    Also, some time off to work around the house.

    And a $100 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.

    There. :)

    P.S. I hate Blogger for not recognizing the ampersand in my username anymore, and for forcing me to change it to "and." Stupid.

  11. aerosmith guitar hero for the wii
    closing in our carport and turning it into a family room
    a pool
    my backyard to be cleared out and useable

  12. Dude! I have been looking for Mario Kart for weeks! Target told me to call in the morning when they first open and they'll know then if any came in on the truck that day. If they did I would have about .03 seconds to get to the store and purchase one.
    I'm also wanting a new digital camera and $ to take pottery classes.

  13. oooh wants:

    -a new roommate, STAT
    -a free day of shopping. i need a lot of stuff but can't afford to buy anything right now
    -an acne product that ACTUALLY WORKS @*#&@%@#
    -starbuck's chai lattes to be cheaper so i didn't feel guilty about buying one every day

  14. i am coveting non-maternity clothes!! :)

  15. A working, built-in, dishwasher instead of the broken portable one.
    A second bathroom.
    An updated kitchen.
    A second bathroom.
    A nice deck in the backyard.
    A second bathroom.
    A hybrid car.
    A second bathroom.
    A clean, organized home.
    A second bathroom...

    Did I mention the bathroom?

  16. Those are great favors.

    What I want:
    One of those puppies.

  17. i vote yes on the sugar.

    things i want:
    a puppy (like yours but black)

    yeah thats pretty much it.

  18. Let see:
    I want s shih tuz (rescue)
    A pedi
    To afford a vacation in Paris and Italy oh and the time off I want for said vacation
    Oh and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

  19. I am such a simpleton: About 20 new bras. The ones I currently have are just yucky.

  20. I also want a new phone and I'd take that puppy off someone's hands if they offered. Cutie!

    I also want to find a new place to live very soon.

  21. I want that puppy. Ok, yeah I'm not allowed pets in my building. I just want Matt to move up here so I can hang out with him more than once a month.

  22. I love the wedding treats! AND the puppy!

    Hmmmm...what do I want.

    1. for the house renovations to be done, actually if I'm really dreaming. Just tear the place down and start again, but I'd settle for the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom reno's we have planned to be OVER!

    2. I'd love a pool!

    3. shhhh....I want to adopt a baby. I know. I'm crazy!

    4. One of those bags cuz...hey, no one's perfect .

    5.Oh and I'd take the camera too. I'm wanted one for ages...

    how long can the list be? lol

  23. Um, not much I guess. I would love to have a kitty!

  24. Cute things...I want a dog, new furniture, and to spend the evening just being lazy.

  25. I would feel uncomfortable posting my answer to that. Go on gchat.

    Also, ice cream. But that's a constant want. Even when I'm eating ice cream I want more ice cream. Alas.

  26. I love those favors!

    I really want a manicure and pedicure. Okay, so those are do-able. I also want a puppy, but that's nothing new. Aside from those, an engagement ring would also work nicely :)

    Happy Friday!

  27. Am currently coveting: a wii, a leather recliner, bookshelves, patio furniture.

    Those wedding favors are cool. Get them!

  28. What I really want is either a new bra (no money though) or a baby that sleeps through the night. That one should, in theory, be priceless, but my sanity is on the line here.

  29. My brother did custom M&M favors at his wedding. You can get them in purple and ivory (they did orange and light blue) and you can get words printed on them. I think it's up to 8 letters? My memory is fuzzy now. But you could do Jessica on some and Torsten on some, and mix them together. Or also do some with the wedding date.

    I want to own a big Victorian mansion and not have to pay for upkeep or for converting it to a Blogger Haven.

  30. That camera, a million dollars, and perfect teeth. Hey, you asked. :)

  31. Another glass of wine would about do me. And I want a dog, too, after seeing that picture.

  32. Cute puppy!

    Right now I want someone to make my mortgage payment for me. And maybe some extra H&M spending money.

  33. i want to go shopping this morning and find something cute to wear out tonight! : )

  34. Definitely get the vanilla sugar- it's perfect!

    I want a week off to relax and sleep.

  35. A pretty dress for the summer weddings I am attending.
    Someone to go to the gym on my behalf.

  36. My hubby says there is a shop on ebay (based in Hong Kong) that has that camera cheaper than internally in USA...but Canon only has international warranty on their lenses but not cameras. We have an EOS and a 40D (with macro).

    Here is a link to what we got for our wedding gift boxes...I think the minimum order was 10kg and we only used 7kg of them but you can pretty much have what you want and whatever flavour/colours you want too! We had Ryan (heart) Heather...

  37. World Peace. Well, that and a new Coach handbag.

  38. I'm having the same problem with the Mario Kart for Wii right now. Driving me nuts.

    If you want to save money on your favors...vanilla sugar is ridiculously easy to make.

    I just got a Canon Digital Rebel XT. It's fabulous.

  39. I think the deal with Mario Kart isn't a marketing strategy but a production issue -- not of the game itself, but the Wii wheel that comes with it. Because they never have game shortages except on games that come with equipment (Mario Kart, Wii Fit, Guitar Hero).

    In related news, I want a Wii Fit.

    Also in related news, you could try calling Targets -- the ones near us had tons of Wiis and Mario Karts in stock Sunday evening (but no Wii Fits, dammit).

  40. YOu know, there are excellent corgi rescues! Then you can have an Edie of your own haha :)