Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SOS: Beauty products

With our wedding less than seven months away, and the decision made that I'll be doing my own makeup, and my dress due to arrive in 2-3 months, I've been thinking a lot more about my beauty routine, as it were. For the makeup itself, I feel pretty comfortable, and I think I'll visit Sephora and maybe Bobbi Brown and get some new makeup tips and buy a couple of products. But what I've been thinking about more has been things like skin and under-eye circles and all the areas that I usually neglect.

So, even though we're still quite a few months out from the wedding, I guess those wedding magazines I love have gotten under my skin a little bit, because I am all about starting early and building up a routine over time. So, I've been pampering my skin with warm (not scalding hot) baths in essential oils, washing my face much more regularly at night, and trying out new products right and left, most recently a wonderful exfoliating scrub that I am, so far, completely in love with.

But there are still some things that I'm uncertain about. And I am hoping you know some of the answers?

1. Eyeliner. I love love love eyeliner, and like to do the inner rims of my lower lids. I have read that I should do the inner rims of my upper lids too, but I have trouble applying it and also it doesn't seem to stick when I do apply it. And the eyeliner that I use, while easy to apply, comes off after a couple of hours. Plus after a few hours of wearing eyeliner, my eyes start to get a little red. Obviously this is not the ideal situation. I'm not quite sure how to correct it. Is it the eyeliner itself? Should I switch products? Or is it me?

2. Foundation and even skin tone. I'm not even quite sure what to call my skin tone. I'm pretty fair but not totally white, and I have permanently ruddy cheeks. What is that? Peaches and cream? Usually I buy tinted face stuff in one shade away from the most pale. My general skin routine consists of just tinted moisturizer. I did make a foray into the cult of Bare Escentuals, and while it was good, it wasn't great and didn't really even out my overall skin tone (read: you could still see the red patches on my cheeks). I have been blessed with good skin in that I pretty much never break out, but I don't like the blotchiness and I don't know how to fix it.

3. Under-eye circles. I am the type of person who always has dark circles under my eyes, no matter how much sleep I get. I have some decent under-eye concealer that I use in tandem with my tinted moisturizer, but I want something a bit better than that, and I would also like to do something to lighten the circles themselves so that they are easier to conceal. I have heard that cucumber slices work well; is this true? Glamour magazine recommends eye pads and activator that are apparently Renee Zellweger uses, but you need them both and together they cost about $100, which seems like a lot, especially since I have no way of knowing if they will actually work.

4. Bumpy arms. A lot of women hate their upper arms because they are too big or flabby, and I have that complaint too, but my biggest issue is that my upper arms have little red bumps all over them, which is apparently a pretty common thing in young women. When I was in high school my doctor told me I would grow out of it, but so far I haven't. She also prescribed me an expensive cream to put on it, which didn't work at all. I'm hoping my new exfoliating scrub will help with this, but my hopes are dim given that this is something I've grappled with for about 10 years.

5. Pores. I think mine are too big, especially on my nose. I hardly notice them and I doubt anyone else does either, but if I'm looking closely they do look big to me, and sometimes dirty too. I tried those little nose strips, which worked okay but not great. How do I get them to shrink? Or am I being obsessive here and is this something I shouldn't even be worrying about?

6. Perfume. This isn't exactly a beauty issue, but it's something I've been thinking about in relation to the wedding. I read a tip in one of my myriad wedding magazines that suggested wearing a perfume on your wedding day that you've never worn before; that way, whenever you smell the perfume after that, you'll be reminded of your wedding day. I think that's a great idea because my memory is very closely linked to smell; when I smell something that I associate with a particular place or moment, it brings me right back to the memories of that thing in a way that nothing else can. But I have no idea what perfume I want. I don't like anything floral or musky or tangy or woodsy or spicy. The only thing I can think of to describe the kind of perfume I like is clean. And also subtle. But my dislike of most perfumes makes it very difficult for me to shop for it, because I smell two or three different scents and then I can't take it anymore.

So, there are the wedding beauty dilemmas that I am currently facing: eyeliner, skin tone, eye bags, bumpy arms, big pores, and perfume. Can anyone help me with any of these? Or are you all as lost as I am?


  1. OMG!
    I have the arm bumps too!!!! Conrad and I talked about it last night. This is why I am going to get a spray tan (trying it out first this week) and also wearing a long veil that goes to my elbows. Otherwise, everyone would see my red bumpy arms. I never grew out of it either and I am 32!

    Wow we DO have a lot in common!!!

  2. I have the bumpy arms too. I think it's a really common thing among women. I've never found anything that helps, although it's usually in the winter that it's the worst for me. Good luck on that one and let us know if you find anything!

  3. I am skincare crazy, and I went through the same thing prior to my wedding- I had regular (costly) facials with extractions. That definitely helped on the pore size, but not exactly to the degree I would have wanted considering the cost.

    I am a big fan of Dr. Perricone products. They are pricey, but the original set I bought in August is still kicking, so they last FOREVER. The Advanced Face Firming activator has made a huge difference in my pores, especially around the nose.

    I also use YSL Touche Eclat for my undereye circles. It is excellent.

    You've read about my wedding scent- I encourage you to try that. It's available at Sephora, which is a great place to sample perfumes without having to take to annoying department store counter people.

  4. De-lurking to let you know how I have handled the "bumpy arms". I have had this condition since college and have hated wearing sleeveless tops because of it. I tried a bunch of stuff but what has really worked the best for me is a 2 step routine.

    Step 1: Exfoliate that area in the shower, I actually like the St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, the medicated one with a little bit of salicylic acid in it.

    Step 2: After drying off from your shower, apply this to the area: Eucerin plus Intensive Repair Body Creme.


    It took about 2 weeks of being very consistent with this routine to see a difference, but it has really helped!! I hope it works for you!

  5. wish i could help you out here but .... the only thing i use on a regular basis is mascara, blush and eyeliner. My eyeliner never makes my eyes read though ...

  6. I have so recommendations, being a product whore and all.

    I swear by Clinique's All About Eyes cream. It's inexpensive and I think it erases the "tired" look completely.

    You must hit up Bobbi Brown - that is the key to your makeup dillema. Her products last all day long. The gel eyeliner is a must and her concealer (the stick) is wonderful.

  7. hey you should wear eyeliner on the outer (not the inner) lid of your eye, that's how you wear it to make your eyes look bigger, which is usually the main intention of eyeliner anyway. also this way it won't irriate your eye.
    -Nicole H

  8. I had those bumps on my arms when I was in my 20s but for some reason they are completely gone now in my 30s. Maybe your doctor is right about aging out of it?

  9. right, so i'm a lurker too, but i do know the solution to your bumpy arms. If you have dry skin already, exfoliating probably won't help this. What does work is "AMLACTIN". You can get it at CVS, or any pharmacy like store. If they don't have it in the lotion section, ask the pharmacist as it may be behind the counter. It's a little pricier - about $12-15 for a normal sized bottle, but if you use this regularly it will take care of your dry skin (which is what those bumps are). Works like a charm, within two weeks. I swear by this stuff.

    as for makeup - bobbi brown has the best eyeliner and best under eye concealer.

  10. i like the idea of wearing a different perfume than you usually do on your wedding day. i have memories directly linked to smell too. it's funny how our brain works.

  11. I don't have any recommendations, but just wanted to commiserate with you on the undereye circles. I could sleep for 40 years and still wake up with those puppies!

    Wait, I do have a recommendation: I wanted to use eyeliner for my wedding day as well, but my eyes get really sensitive to makeup. Instead of using liquid eyeliner, I used a white eye pencil in the inner corner of my eyes (the lids obviously, not directly on my eye). It really, really brightened them up and made them look bigger. Then I used some brown eye pencil on my upper lids only. It looked natural but still dressy. (I don't know what color eyes you have; mine are dark brown, so it might look completely different on you.)

  12. I have the bumpy arms too! (And legs, but those can be covered.) Anyhoo... I started using Mario Badescu's AHA body wash and followed Amalah's suggestion of the original Curel lotion and have been pleased with the results. I also recently tried Fresh's Look Better Naked 3 step kit and I liked it http://www.dillards.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=301&langId=-1&storeId=301&productId=501420540&storeId=301&catalogId=301&N=1616959&searchUrl=%2Fendeca%2FEndecaStartServlet%3FstoreId%3D301%26catalogId%3D301%26N%3D1616959&R=02647374.

    For the under eye circles, try Boi-ing and Lemon-Aid from Benefit (both at Sephora). I look forward to reading the other responses.

  13. The eyeliner I use is the kind that comes two pencils to a pack (I think it might be Maybelline? That's my favorite cheapie brand). The pencils themselves are red, and it is SO easy to apply, lasts all day, is not harsh like liquid liner, and they last FOREVER.

    I, too, have the dark undereye circle issue. Although, I still do not have a remedy for it. Sigh.

  14. SO unqualified to give beauty advice, but I think the wedding scent is a lovely idea.

    I'm not into perfume, but I DID use a body spray/lotion combo for my wedding and honeymoon and it DOES remind me of it to this day (um, only FOUR years ago, but you get the idea).

  15. Alrighty! So. For the upper arm thing, I used this and it totally worked:


    Regarding perfume, I am a perfume ENCYCLOPEDIA and a perfume writer by trade, which means I have tried almost everything, and I'm kind of not kidding.

    What I recommend is this: do not try perfumes in the store. It doesn't work, and you become overwhelmed after one or two scents. And further, you MUST try something on your skin for at least several hours. Nothing smells the same as it does in the bottle -- the closest thing to your skin is a piece of paper, as it's porous.

    I know you say you don't like musk, but if you like "clean" smelling scents, do not shy from it. There are so many different types of musks and almost every scent contains some form of musk to keep it grounded and close to the skin. The right musk smells like just-washed skin and is extremely subtle and non-musky.

    I mean, you don't want SJP's Lovely or Narciso Rodriguez (which is like being beaten over the head with Egyptian musk).

    I'm going to dig through my sample bag to see what I have that you might like, but what I would recommend is perusing descriptions and ordering samples from the following sites:


    We can discuss further! We can! I can help!

  16. Also! A fragrance component that almost always smells clean, fresh and subtle is linden. Voluspa's Linden Blond Tabac is a good example of this, and it's VERY inexpensive.

    In many blends, linden smells like a combination of fresh laundry and clean skin.

  17. Right, so yeah. I don't have anything to offer, simply because I'm reading your blog to see if I can get tips for myself! :) I don't wear makeup, so I'm trying to find something to wear on my wedding day that won't completely break my face out. If you find something that works, totally let a gal know.

    And blogger and wordpress are hating each other right now, so

  18. I'm just going to email you stuff b/c this is going to be the longest answer ever. LOL

  19. My husband has those red bumps on his upper arms too! Is it as common in men?

  20. For the fragrance, I recommend:

    Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Light Breeze.

    It smells so clean and perfect. I want to buy some. Soon. Let us know what you end up smelling like! :)

  21. I'm not sure if I'm offering anything revolutionary but I have bad circles under my eyes and just switched to a yellow (as opposed to pink) based concealer and it works so much better!

  22. jonna beat me! i was going to give you the link to sundrybuzz's stuff, too. i seeeriously considered getting that, because a) i have the same stuff, and b) like you, my doc told my mom it would go away by the time i was like 12, and c) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, if anything it's gotten worse, and d) every single thing i've ever tried due to sundry has worked.

    i use that Purity facewash, and amalah once mentioned it made her hubs' pores look smaller. after i read that, i went back and examined my face, and i really think it's reduced the size of mine, too. i use to have some BIG OL' HONKING PORES on my nose, especially.

  23. try a powdered eyeliner that you apply with a brush. And you only want to do your upper lids if your eyes aren't pronounced, which they are.

    And CoverGirl or Maybeline makes a product that looks like yellow concealer. It's used to neutralize the blue/black underneath your eyes.

  24. One of my favorite perfumes is Ralph Lauren Romance. It's light, playful and romantic. Good luck with all your decisions. Unlike you, I'm just sticking with my normal routine. Because, at the end of the day, most people won't notice the little things and make-up can cover a lot. Plus, my money is finite and beauty is entirely too expensive! :-)

  25. I have the red bumpy arms, too. I haven't been able to find one thing that helps it- exfoliating scrubs seem to make it worse, as do lotions. WTF?

  26. OOOO girl,

    I too have the undereye thing, I use this great product by Benefit, eye concealer and boy does it work, only problem is sometimes when i take pictures the flash lights up right there because its so thick so make so to really blend and use foundation (you are going to want to anyway for even look in pictures)

    ON what not to wear, that blond chick is always applying an aresole foundation with a sponge, this seems like a good idea, but i dont know.

    eyes, eyeliner usually runsdown my face so instead i do a thin line on the outer edges of my upper lids and use a really tiny angled brush and some brown eyeshadow and work it into my lash line, so no acutal creamy liner to smear or run down.

    i hate perfume, it creeps me out and i cant even walk through the department store section.
    the only kinds i have ever been able to wear (cause they are clean smelling to me) are clinique happy, burberry brit for women, and very sexy for her by victoria's secret.
    (i find that last one to be the heaviest but warm once on the skin)

    anything you do, try it out early and often and definitely take pictures of your self so you know what your skin, hair, eyes, etc will look like on the photographers final lens.

  27. I give you credit for starting early. I procrastinated. I was nervous or something. Or maybe just didn't know what I wanted to do. ;)

  28. I have really pale and thin (i.e. sensitive) skin and have always had problems with under-eye circles. I've worn a very slightly yellowish tinted concealer under them for years and it works pretty well to eliminate the blueness. I use a lip-stick looking stick from Physician's Formula.

    Also, I heard that those red bumps on the back of your arms can be eliminated with a topical acne medication. I've never tried it, but it stands to reason that if it works on your face it would probably work on your arms.

    You're beautiful!

  29. Re: the eyes.
    1. The "Benefit" cosmetics line has a few products for the undereye problem.
    2. I also recommend a powder eyeliner that you apply with one of those slanty brushes.
    3. Mary Kay (and I'm sure other lines) have something called an "eye primer" which you put on pre-liner and mascara and it keeps it on longer.

  30. The only thing I can offer is that on my wedding day, the woman who did my make-up put foundation everywhere (including eyelids and lips), put on all the colours, then brushed loose powder over everything (to set it, she said). The makeup seemed to last all day.

  31. I've got nothing. But I'm reading the answers. Already made a note to try Amlactin on my kids' seriously dry skin.

  32. Oh girl, I totally feel you on the under-eye bags. I have grappled with them and I’ll tell you what I do:

    A good eye moisturizer – this is key. I use Aveeno because it’s sensitive.
    Then apply a light shade concealer over entire under eye and eye lid.
    THEN apply a warmer more yellow based concealer on top of that to just the under eye area.
    After that apply foundation. I have blotchy skin too and a light (as in airy) foundation really makes a difference.

    But remember to conceal first! I never knew that until like….three months ago. It helps.

    Also, my favorite perfume is Pleasures. Simple, clean. I have a sample bottle I could send you if you want? Just email me and I’ll send it to you.

  33. Bare Escentuals works great for me in concealing ruddiness, so I don't have personal experience with anything else, but I have friends who SWEAR by Philosophy Supernatural foundation. So maybe give that a shot?

  34. Hi! Occasional reader here... I just wanted to let you in on something my dermatologist told me about a few months ago for the bumpy arms (keratosis pilaris). She recommended LUSH's King of Skin Body Butter. (She said a bunch of her patients had excellent results, too!) I bought it and used it for a week straight and even my boyfriend commented on the great improvement. My arms were actually smooth and not red! It was incredible. The derm also said that it will never go away (common condition, not curable) but it can be contained if you continue to use the right products. She said to NOT exfoliate as that just irritates the skin more (which actually made sense, as it really just needs tons of moisture, which exfoliating does not provide). Also, she prescribed me some topical cream also, but I haven't purchased the prescription yet. But the Body Butter is a great start! Buy it! (Sorry for the long comment!)

  35. i'd switch eyeliners. preferrably a liquid one because it lasts all day and won't melt like wax pencils do.

    pores- i suffer from large pores on my cheekbones. it sucks. and there's no way to shrink them. *that i have found* i just add more make up. ha. probably a bad idea, but it makes them less noticeable.

    and that's all i got for ya! :) good luck!

  36. I started to write a novel as a comment, but instead I'll email you the details.

    To summarize what I would suggest...

    1) Bobbi Brown's Gel Pot liner, or Lancome's Artliner, and not lining the inside of your eye to prevent irritation (that redness you feel is the chemicals of the make up affecting your sensitive eye tissues).
    2) You know my picks for foundation from my Friday post - Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation, or YSL's Perfect Touch Foundation. Both are good, light coverage, perfect for the girl who wears tinted moisturizer most days, but wants a little extra coverage on specific days (at least, that's how I use them).
    3) Dark undereye circles are mostly hereditary (let's all pause and thank our moms here!). There are a few good products that will help brighten a little bit, but most of them will only decrease puffiness in all honesty. My top pick for best de-puff and most real brightening - Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment.
    4) Bumpy arms I don't know too much about...looks like other folks gave you good tips, though!
    5) Pores are, again, mostly genetic (thanks again, mom). If you can keep them clear of dead skin and oil and such (which happens naturually), you might notice them less, and they certainly can become less visible, but there isn't a whole lot you can do about changing the actual size. I suggest good exfoliators (looks like you have one), and also using something with hydroxy acids to keep the pores clear. My favorite, I swear by this, is MD Skincare's Alpha Beta Daily Facial peel. It's two steps to great looking skin, and that's for real.
    6) I tend to go the exact opposite way from what you're mentioning these days, as I love woodsy, oriental, musky scents. One of the most interesting out of that group, that you actually might like, is Bvlgari's Omnia. It's not heavy. And before I dived into the heavy end of the spectrum, I really liked Clinique Happy Heart. That's the only perfum I've ever owned that would qualify as "light." I second the comments up suggesting you wear any perfume around at home for a few hours before deciding weather you actually like the way it smells. I have really weird body chemistry that makes some things that stink in a bottle smell delicious on, and the opposite has been true, as well!

    Good luck. Seriously, it's pathetic and superficial, but I could talk about these things for hours...look for my email coming your way shortly!

  37. I haven't read all the comments so this may have been discussed already. Bumpy arms: Exfoliate them and then moisturize.

    Foundation: I used to be big in the tinted moisturizers until I realized that the color was way off. I stumbeled into Sephora and picked up the first makeup line near the door. Stila oil free foundation. Love it! It gives a nice even coverage, that isn't heavy but...well I'm just really happy with it. I went in there a few times and tried it on my cheek and then looked at it the rest of the day, before buying it. For me, the trick is to look at it for a while in different light before buying. Not what Sephora wants to hear but...

  38. I'm not good at lining the insides of my lids. It always comes off, especially since I have eye allergies.

    I wear Ralph by Ralph Lauren (it's in the light bluish bottle) and it's light and summery. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

    I use St. Ives apricot scrub (regular or medicated) on my face to help with the large pores/blackheads. Plus it keeps my face really smooth.

  39. Good luck! I'm sure you'll get lots of really good tips. This is SO not my area. I've never even bought eyeliner...

  40. i'm all about the eyes.

    eyeliner: black shadow and a thin, squarish brush - apply to the outer corners of your eyes (top) and if the lines are out too far, take your pinky and smudge it

    try a bright color on the inside of your upper lid - i like electric turquoise - and then something like stila sheer cloud all the way up to the brow

    does this make any sense? i do it to my sisters all the time, they love it. i love it. good stuff.

  41. I see others are telling you not to exfoliate regarding the red bumps. If you truely have Keratosis pilaris, it is due to the skin cells that normally flake off as a fine dust from the skin forming plugs in the hair follicles. Exfoliating will help with un-plugging those follicles.

  42. i get the arm bumps too!

    My dermatologist recommended this from Sephora:


    It has made a HUGE difference. You have to give it a week or two to really start working, but once it does it is great. I just put it on after the shower.

  43. What a fun post!! Umm let's see. Bumpy arms, my doctor said to exfoliate and mosturize. As I skim I see that there are many who argue against this. I say it's worth a shot. I'm with you on the undereye problem. I use maybelline coverstick with mac foundation and mac studio fix (mac for the whole face, not just the eyes). And I've found this coverage to be pretty complete. The mac people will tell you it's too much, but whatever. It evens out skin discoloration and blotchiness for me. As for the eyeliner I actually use eyeshadow with a special brush. It's subtle and doesn't irritate my highly irritable eyes. As for the perfume, well I'm going to be reading what everyone else says because it sounds like our tastes are very similar. (as a sidenote I'm a total futz for not getting back to you on the music question. my life has been chaos for the past 9 months but I'm totally going to email you info today if you're still interested!) Good luck!!

  44. I have no skin/make-up advice, but I want to talk about perfume. I used to think I hated all perfumes, because I'd go into department stores and every single perfume smelled Like Perfume: harsh, chemical, nose-burning. Then I got a sample of a L'Artisan perfume. It's EXPENSIVE, but it smells GOOD. I like many, many L'Artisan scents. And you should totally email Jonniker because she's a huge help.

  45. You know what?? You should spend a wee while scrolling through this website: http://www.alphamom.com/smackdown/

    It pretty much answers all your questions I think. And there was one post that mentioned perfume buying, and it had a ton of really good ideas.

  46. Another member of the bumpy upper arm. I will try the exfoliating/moisturizing thing.

    Benefit's Lemonaid is great not only for under the eye, but also works well for the entire eyelid, if the skin tends to be darker than the rest of the face (like mine).

    I would like to suggest a fragrance choice: Amazing Grace by Philosophy. It took me years to find this one, and it is light and clean smelling. You can layer it with the body wash and lotion for a longer lasting all over fragrance.

    Let us know what you come up with!

  47. Okay, so I followed a link to get here so I'm a complete stranger who always has product advice. (so take it with a grain of salt, I guess).

    For arm bumps - you are technically supposed to grow out of it - I'm 31 and still haven't but my mom outgrew hers in her 40s. That's a long damn time to wait.

    For uneven complexion - try a sheer liquid foundation set with powder. I use Estee Lauder Equalizer - it works with oily and dry areas and has a really sheer/dewy finish.

    Good luck! and congrats on getting married. :)

  48. Okay! I have answers for you, my friend.
    (1) Try Lancome's liquid eyeliner. I know Lancome is sort of an old lady brand, but I love the eyeliner (I use a color called Sable or something - it's a nice light brown) and I find it easier to apply than pencil because you can rub your finger lightly across it afterwards and it smooths it out.
    (2) Foundation: I am a new fan of Laura Mercier's product. I've been using her tinted moisturizer for regular days, and it probably won't offer quite enough coverage - so I'd recommend looking into the regular foundation. It feels very nice on the skin, too!
    (2) Eyes: BeneFit has two great products - EyeCon, an under-eye moisturizer, and Ooh La Lift, which eliminates dark circles. I actually get compliments when I use them.
    (3) Bumpy arms: wash with Cetaphil. I use it on my face and on my chest, where I get little bumps. I bet it would work on the arms.
    (4) Perfume: I love Philosophy Grace. They have a couple variants on it (I also really love the Baby Grace), and all are lovely.
    (5) Ooh! For the pores! I thought I couldn't help here but I can: BeneFit's Dr. Feelgood.

    And there you go!

  49. I have little to add, as I buy most of my products at Target. BUT, I do love perfume and Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue is clean and subtle. I love it (and so does Mark - BONUS!).

  50. I need to wade through all your comments for the pores and scents suggestions, but meanwhile, my suggestion about the eyeliner is don't put it on your inner lids! You mean the shiny-ish area between your eye lashes and eyeball? No makeup there! That's just asking for it to migrate into your eye and cause irritation. Stick it in and near your lash line instead and hopefully that should solve the problem.

    (By the way, my optometrist yelled at me about this back in high school. He knew what he was talking about, I think.) :-)

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  52. I'm so bad with make up and skin care. I never wear makeup, EVER! And my skincare regime consists of Noxema and Clinique pretty simple. I would be so overwhelmed with doing my makeup for a wedding. I wish you all the luck. I'm sure you'll look beautiful.

  53. For your arms the thing that cured me was Dove soap, the pure white one. No pink, no green, just the white.

    That is all it took for me apparently it was just TOO dry!

  54. Haha. Let's just skip right down to perfume because I'm at a complete loss re: all the makeup questions. Mr. J. bought me perfume for our wedding...it was Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. I hardly wear it anymore but I do still love it. Now I wear Satsuma from the Body Shop. They have lots of perfume oils in a variety of smells and I like that the bottles are relatively small. That way it doesn't take a whole decade to go through on bottle.

    Mr. J. has the bumpy arms too. I think they're so common I really wouldn't bother about them. Nobody will notice...particularly on your wedding day!

  55. So... I've learned so much reading your comments! I've tried the cucumbers (put them in the freezer for a little while first!) and they seem to make my eyes look more well-rested. I'm not sure if it actually works, or I just like the idea of food as a beauty product so much I will it to work, but either way, it's cheaper than many other options!

    As for perfume, I'm a light, clean person. I like a lot of Clinque. "Happy" seems like an appropriate named perfume for the big day!

  56. 1) Estee lauder eyeliner. stays on longer than i actually want it to sometimes.

    And as to the bumps, I have them too. Evidently this is a skin condition known as keratosis pilaris (or some damn thing). Basically, clogged hair folicles. I'm told that exfoliating doesn't really help - better to just moisturize excessively, although that never seems to help ME.

    One thing that softens them (and maybe makes them less noticable?) is Korres (greek) lotion. You can find it at Sephora.com. I LOVE the gauva. Very nice. Softest my skin has ever been.

    God, I can't wait to see your wedding photos.

  57. I see anonymous said you ARE supposed to ex foliate with keratosis pilaris. I was told not to, but now I'm trying it.

  58. I, too, had the arm bumps for a long time, though they seem to have improved a lot over the course of my 20s. I know you aren't supposed to use hydrocortisone for days and days in a row, but I do find it is a quick way to improve them in a hurry.

  59. I have the bumps. They ae gross and horrible and I've never found anything that fixes it. If you find a cure, pass it on! :P

    As for makeup, well, I simply don't wear it, so I'd be clueless unfortunately. Wish I could help you!

    I am all for the new perfume for the wedding. Maybe start collecting some wee sample sticks. I find the best perfumes are the ones you keep coming back to sniff a few hours later, and let's face it - those are definitely better than the ones that you sniff once and your eyes don't stop watering.

    That being said, I have no suggestions - because I am such a fussy, fussy perfume freak. I own 3 scents - one is DKNY Be Delicious (light, fruity, yum!) and the other two are Fragonard french perfumes that you can't really buy in stores. YUM! (Can you stop by Nice on your European travels next week?)


  60. I so can't help you- I'm hopeless makeup wise. Do invest in some serious foundation for the day- the difference decent makeup made to the pics of me bridesmaiding was phenomenal.

    And thank you so much for this post. The comments will save me! I don't get red bumps all that much, but I get terrible skin-coloured pimply bumps. Will have to get far more serious about my exfoliating regime, I think... Hmm.. Time to spend money. Yay!

  61. Wow, you get a lot of comments. I get happy when you & one other person come visit me... I think I'd die if I ever got 60 comments. ;)

    Anyhooo...I attempted to read thru these so that I was just reiterating what someone else already said but, again, so many comments so....

    Eyeliner: you're right about the inner on the bottom, but its the outer on top - in other words - above your eyelashes.

    Perfume: Prada Tendre. It's gorgeous.

    If you find something that works for dark circles under your eyes, please share.

  62. I've been a big Tresor fragrance fan since it came out- to me it's very "spring"- fruity and clean. Some people think it's a little "sweet", but I guess these things smell different on everyone.

    Eyeliner is a complete mystery to me. I try to be a girly girl, but with my contacts, it just turns into a weird yucky smear and I look like I have pink eye. I think I do it wrong. :)

  63. Hi, I am new to your blog.

    I just wanted to say that I really love the colours and layout you chose for it.



  64. I don't have any suggestions for any of these...I myself want to even out my complexion and get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. IF you get any good advice that works in these areas, let me know.

  65. Gotta throw my 2 cents in here, as I have several of the same problems.

    I still recommend Bare Escentuals, you just need to combine! I have ruddy cheeks as well, especially first thing in the morning, so I apply a layer of the "Summer Bisque" concealer to my cheeks with the concealer brush, I then use "Well Rested" under the eyes, which also helps hide the circles. Cover the whole thing with your foundation powder of choice, et voila!

    While Benefit's under-eye concealer's are definitely heavy-duty, I would NOT use them unless you also wear foundation. They are very thick, and pretty "obvious" looking without foundation to blend them in.

    Whoever said you can't actually shrink your pores is correct, but I have found that The Body Shop's "Moisture White" line does a great job of keeping them clear and therefore less noticeable. Bonus: it's all natural and very gentle! Good for people like me with sensitive skin.

    As to actually getting rid of under-eye circles, if you find any miracle products be sure to let me know! I've been trying for years.

  66. I am glad you are in love with my Crush On You. Thanks for the compliment! :)

  67. ED has those bumps pretty bad on his arms and legs. An equal mix of hydrocortizone and eucerine always clears them up.

    and if anyting works for you on the under-eye circles, please do share. I'm afraid it is hopeless.

  68. I feel like I'm just repeating a lot of what has been said and yet I still feel the need to comment. Procrastination at a whole new level. Anyhoo...

    1. Don't put it on the inside rims. BUT, a Laura Mercier makeup artist once showed me how to push it into my upper lash line from below using a straight brush. It's like this miracle eyelash thickener without the look of eyeliner. Of course for the wedding you likely want the eyeliner look. I used to use the Maybelline Ultra Liner for ballet/performances. If you can do liquid, it's great. My mom swears by the Stila smudge pots. They last without giving you that precise liquid liner look.

    2. I have the ruddiness issue too and second the Laura Mercier recommendation. I have pink undertones making Trish and Bobbi Brown too yellow for me (though the Bobbi Brown stick foundation is very nice in terms of feel and coverage). I used the LM foundation when I wore true foundation and now use the tinted moisturizer. I put one layer over my whole face, then another thin layer over my cheeks (and my left is redder than my right for some reason). It's like someone airbrushed my face. Love it. Also hear really great things about the Armani foundations, but again, too yellow for me.

    3. I'm cheap (though not about shoes...huh...) and haven't found that the expensive stuff does anything more than the cheap stuff. I'm currently testing the Neutrogena Radiance Boost and it's ok. Oddly, my puffiness and circles show up when I actually GET sleep, so I'll need to wait until that happens to really see how the product works. It may be a few months.

    4. I got nothin' here.

    5. I'm horrified by the pores on my outer cheekbones, so if you find something, please report back. Twice weekly exfoliation (love the Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub) seems to help.

    6. I like Philosophy Amazing Grace and D&G Light Blue (both already recommended), but perfume is so personal. I hate Pleasures and Happy on me, but love them on other people. I wear Hermes Kelly Caleche (work), Gucci Envy (party), and an assortment of Jo Malones (summer/weekend). The Kelly Caleche I only like on my skin, not on the paper samples. Maybe you can find something in an oil or lotion so it lasts through the whole wedding. Also, Nordstrom is usually pretty amazing about giving samples of perfume. When I was last searching, they made me several samples so I could go wear them for a day and see how I really felt about them. Love that store.

    End novel. Sorry.

  69. hey again

    I have three suggestions.
    1) Give up on the eye-liner on the rims. Its the most irritating thing for the eye.
    2)For the pores, try the Vichy anti-pore medicated formulation. It really does give results.
    3)Perfume - if you're finicky, can be difficult. I love fleur de fleurs for the just the reason you mentioned - it smells clean and fresh. But it's been discontinued. That is a problem you'll have to look out for. Dont want to pick a scent for your wedding day that gets discontinued a year later.
    My second best perfume suggestions are - Storia (smelt it on a colleague, plan to try), anything from the elizabeth arden green tea range (green tea, iced green tea, spiced green tea etc), oui, nina by nina ricci (all the other ricci perfumes are cloying), or just any generic flower/fruit fragrance from calgon or similar manufactuer - you can pick lemon, or green apple or orange. More than you I think it's your husband to be who should associate that fragrance with you. And things like orange, lemon etc work well on men. good luck

  70. Try Laura Geller! Its the only makeup I really wear. My mom has some redness too and she loves the Balance and Brighten compact and uses it as her everyday foundation. Another must is the Spackle, its a primer and some days I just use that and a color wash. http://laurageller.com/home.cfm

  71. I didn't read all of the other posts, so not sure if I'm repeating anything but...as for the bumpy arms, I used to have it quite bad and it's completely gone now...I do a very light exfoliation in the shower and then moisturize. But, for some reason, eating carrots helps too! (It was recommended to me by a doctor)

  72. Bumpy arms are Keritosis Pilaris.
    Amlactin works well for me, but in combination with a BHA as well.



  73. You have 72 comments. Holy smokes! Also: I have no answers. I get all my makeup at the Body Shop though, because other stuff often makes me itch or makes my eyes red. Maybe that will help the eyeliner issue?