Friday, November 2, 2007

Shoes, wedding vendors, and guest posts

Today, for the first time ever, I am wearing sneakers at work. It's casual Friday, and in the past I have worn cute flats with my jeans, but today I wanted something a little warmer on my feet, so I picked out my nicest pair of sneakers. They are narrow white and purple Pumas with a Velcro criss-cross strap instead of laces. And I have to say that while I love these shoes? And they go with my outfit? I feel a little awkward walking around the office in sneakers. I'm so used to skirts and flats or heels or boots. Even though other people are also wearing sneakers, and also my boss isn't here today (not that he would care) and neither is his boss (who might actually care).

Anyway. Now that we've all had a fascinating update on my footwear, let's talk about the wedding (I know, I've been doing a lot of that recently). Today I signed three contracts, and wrote three checks, and put them in three envelopes to mail at lunch. We now have an official caterer, photographer, and ceremony/reception site. And I am so, so excited about all three. So let me tell you about them!

We'll start with the caterer, which, in a backward-and-forward sort of way is how we found our reception site. We initially thought about going with a different site, and this caterer was the exclusive caterer for that site, so we did a tasting with them. And we ended up doing the tasting at another site that was exclusive to that caterer, and we loved the new site so much more, and it was the same price as the other one, so we changed our minds and haven't looked back since.

Anyway, the caterer is absolutely delicious. I was afraid of an exclusive caterer because I had in my mind the idea that all caterers made gross food like they serve at office luncheons, but this food was incredibly yummy, and really inexpensive. Plus they gave us a discount and I negotiated them into giving us an unlimited open bar for the cost of the standard beer and wine service. This is the beauty of getting married in November. And they offer a free Day of Coordinator, so that's another expense we don't have to worry about.

The site is here in DC, not too far from where we live. It's a big ballroom with 40-foot ceilings, two fireplaces with comfy furniture in front of them, pillars, and a dance floor in the middle. It is just gorgeous and I'm in love with the black and white marble foyer, where the cocktail hour will be held. I borrowed a couple of their (not very good) photos so you can see for yourselves. Just look at these pictures and imagine it looking like that, but a million times nicer in person.

The photographer is the same guy who photographed my sister's wedding. He gave us a $600 discount in part because he knows my sister and in part because our wedding is in the off-season. He has a photojournalistic style that is just gorgeous, and he offered to take us pretty much anywhere in the city before the wedding to take fun pictures of just the two of us. He's also just generally a really nice guy and someone I feel totally comfortable working with.

Lastly, as I've mentioned several times, Torsten and I are leaving next week to spend ten days in Germany. I'm still up in the air about what to do with my blog during that time. The two options I'm considering are pre-writing posts to be published throughout the week or asking some of my favourite bloggers to write guest posts for me (and whoever did Tuesday would have to do a Retrospective, obviously). What do you guys think? Which would you prefer?


  1. That place is GORGEOUS! I'm adding it to my "That's the way I'd do my wedding" list!

  2. The place looks great!

    Either option for what to do with your blog sounds good. Or you could do a little of each. Pre-write some and guest post others. Is there a way to post from where you'll be in Germany, maybe post a quick picture or two each day? The other option is a ten-day hiatus and just don't worry about it. We'll all still be here when you get back. :)

  3. The venue is gorgeous! Congrats on getting so much done!!!

  4. I love the black and white tiles - you will get some great photos!

    Apparently, guest posting is the "in" thing to do, so why not try it out! And if you could post a couple pictures while you're there, that would be great too.

  5. I love the venue. Absolutely gorgeous! And I'm absolutely jealous about how much you've gotten done. UGH. Though I do get to prance around in my dress again tomorrow, so YAY!

  6. So pretty! I bet your pictures will be magnificent!

    I say you just take a well-deserved holiday while you're in Germany. You won't regret it, trust me!

  7. Gorgeous place!

    I'm leaving my blog to guest posters for the very first time next week - I think it'll be fun to see what they wrote!

  8. That places looks great. You'll definitely have to get some black and white photos on that black and white floor. I'm sure it'll look awesome.

    Also, I wear jeans to work almost every day. I love a casual dress code.

  9. That location is so beautiful! I love it. Also, a day of coordinator for free? awesome.
    I would enjoy either blog option while you're away. There is also the third option Shauna mentioned - take a nice relaxing break. Either way, have a fabulous time! oh god, I just said fabulous.

  10. That place looks absolutely wonderful! Your wedding will be so purty! I can't wait to see what else you've got planned, and hear more about food and cake and booze (my three favorite things about weddings!)

    Guest posting is all the rage these days, but maybe you could do something new and creative, like pre-posting (how does that work?) some pictures or something and making us (your loyal commenters) guess what the pictures are? I don't know, I'm a dork, I love guessing games!

  11. First of all, I'm pretty sure I have those Pumas but in dark gray and bright blue.

    Secondly, I love that place! So pretty. And seriously, with all the wedding-ness going around in blog world, have I mentioned I would very much like to have a sparkly ring so that I might join in? Kthanxbai.

  12. It would be fun to see what some of your faves have to say.

    The reception site is gorgeous!!

    You make me all nostalgic for my wedding.

  13. Very pretty place! :)

    I'm with the vacation gals, it's a vacation, don't worry about your blog, we'll be here when you get back. :)

  14. I want your Puma shoes. They sound just like a pair of Sketchers my baby has!

    The reception place looks really grand with the marble and the columns. It's great that you have a good caterer as well. Everything is coming together.

    Don't worry about your blog. Just have fun in Germany!

  15. I think you should do both- set up some predated posts, and also choose some guest bloggers. I love it when people have guest bloggers because it gives me a different perspective on the blogger and also introduces me to a blogger I might not know!

  16. Oh wedding planning is lovely. And that site is GOREGOUS. Shoes sound cute, too. I think we need a picture of them.

  17. That place is gorgeous! I am dying to know where it is.

    I think either option with the blog sounds good. Maybe a few "wordless" days were you post pictures of your trip that make the rest of us jealous?

  18. Place looks marvelous.

    Guest posts would be fun, I like this idea, but I also need my doses of Du Wax Loolu goodness too. Can you halfsies it?


  19. Guest bloggers!!!!!!!

    and I love love love the site! it looks really cute. :)

  20. wow you sure have checked quite a few things off of your list yay!

    i would say either guest posts or pre-posting would be ok. i've never done pre-posting though so i don't know how it works. i wonder if blogger has that feature?

    either way have fun in germany!!!

  21. Great place! I love weddings.

    I want to know what outfit coordinates with the purple and white puma sneakers. Please enlighten me.

  22. How DOES pre-posting work?

    Have a great time in Germany!

  23. i used to feel awkward wearing sneakers in the work place... until i had foot surgery and "nice" sneakers were all i could wear after i got the cast off. for like 3 months. now i wear them whenever i think i can get away with it. like today! dress pants and merrell slip on sneakers. i am teh professional.

    LOVE the venue. i'm trying to see if i can recognize it ;-)