Monday, November 5, 2007

A call for volunteers

Man. NaBloPoMo is killing me, and I'm not even participating in it. You people--you all just keep posting. And I keep reading. Instead of doing other things, like, I don't know, trying to learn some German before I go to Germany. Now what's going to happen is that I will not be able to talk to anyone I meet, but I will be able to recite by memory what every last one of you did for Halloween. Hmph.

I would shudder to think how many posts I would have waiting for me upon my return from Germany, but Torsten points out that although this is a trip to another continent, it's also sort of a ten-day family visit to his parents' house, and will involve some down time. There might be moments when I actually wind up posting in my own blog, or reading some of yours during this so-called down time. Funny to think that can happen on a trip abroad, but there we have it. So I think for the most part I'll probably have my own blog covered. Thanks for all your suggestions on my last post.

However, I'm not totally sure that I'll be able to rock a Tuesday Retrospective from Germany. Therefore, I'm looking for volunteers to write one for me. Does anyone have a fun/tragic/fascinating/deep story from their past that they would be willing to tell on my blog? Bonus points if there are pictures. If so, send me an email (address in the sidebar) and we will arrange it. I'm counting on you people to cover for me, here. I'm expecting tons of offers to come flooding in. Please?

So anyway, how was your weekend? Mine was lovely. Other than the time that I spent reading all of your blogs (which was NOT most of the weekend, I swear), I also went to a delicious pizza place in Chinatown with Torsten and a couple of friends, saw American Gangster, went to Eastern Market with a different friend, interviewed two potential wedding DJs, cooked, bought the last thing I needed in order to complete Torsten's birthday present (his birthday is Wednesday), watched Boston Legal, and got lots of sleep. What did you do?


  1. Bought my wedding dress! YAY!

  2. Le sigh. You know what I did this weekend. But I think I have good news. Will post later. Lucky you!

  3. How did you do all that and get lots of sleep? I think I have time management issues.

  4. ugh. i packed. so not exciting.
    hope the german's coming along! you better prepare ;)

  5. I watched a fantastic football game yesterday.

    Can you tell us what you got Torsten for his birthday?

    Also, not only is NaBloPoMo killing me in terms of writing, but when I got into work this morning, I had over 30 posts to read. I also can probably recite everyone's Halloween activities. Hysterical.

    How was American Gangster?

  6. La--I know I already posted this on your blog, but that is so exciting! Congrats!

    Sarah--I will keep checking for your news!

    Flibberty--Because that is literally all I did, all weekend. Cooked on Friday and Sunday evenings, watched Boston Legal on Friday evening, met with DJs on Saturday afternoon and Sunday late morning, did dinner and a movie on Saturday night, and went to Eastern Market on Sunday afternoon (where I bought Torsten's thing). The rest of the time (i.e. Saturday and Sunday mornings) was devoted to sleeping and reading blogs.

    Michelle--You sound just like Torsten. He's about to resort to bribery to get me to practice my German.

    Stephanie--I will tell you what I got for Torsten after I give it to him. He reads this blog, so I have to be careful. All four of us really liked American Gangster--it was great.

  7. i got to actually spend some time with my family this wknd while I was home versus the non-stop working i usually do. and fyi- i'm not sure I can do this whole NaBloPoMo the whole month. it's alot of writing!

  8. I finally got caught up in my feed-reader last night, and now when I logged in there are another 20 waiting for me again. Gah!

    As for what I did this weekend... I saw The Sound of Music on the big screen for only the third time in my life. (I've seen it lots on TV and video, obviously.) It was awesome. :-)

  9. Hmm, now I want pizza.

    Seeing Saw IV tonight which is sure to be superlame. But we saw Bee Movie on Friday which was great!

  10. I hear you on keeping up with the posts. Every time I open my Reader I am innundated. I've resorted to skimming.

    I want to see American Gangster, and I love Boston Legal too.

  11. NaBloPoMo is killing me too. I think, for everyone's sake, I'm going to start writing really short posts. My next one is entitled "The." And here, on your blog only, is a special sneak peak. Ready?



    Please tell me this counts as a post, because I'm running out of steam and it's only November 5th.

  12. Everytime I log into my Google Reader it says to me "Lady, you better get to reading the 8 million new blogs before you get really super behind!". True story!