Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Frivolous question

I have an appointment on Saturday to get my hair cut at my favourite downtown salon. My hair is starting to get shaggy and desperately needs to be cut and shaped. The question is, do I just get a trim and some layers, or do I chop off several inches?

I am used to having short hair and have only had long hair one time in recent memory, about two years ago when I grew it out to donate to Locks of Love. It was a pain to take care of and I wound up pulling it back a lot, but part of that was because I was living in Senegal and there was no hot water to wash my hair with. But when it was clean and styled, it was pretty and I liked it. Though this time around I would give it more of a style with lots of layers and shorter pieces around the face so that it wouldn't look too crazy.

When my hair is short, it's a bit curlier and easier to deal with, and also slightly less hot in summer (although summer is almost over, which is part of why I thought now would be a good time to start growing it out). I can't do much with it, though, so I pretty much just leave it loose all the time. I think Torsten likes the short hair slightly less than the long hair although he vigourously claims to like them equally.

But really, the best way to decide this is through the careful analysis of visual evidence. First, the long hair:

And the short:

Help... what do I do? I have until Saturday at 2:15 to decide.


  1. I vote for a combo between the two. Maybe leave the longest layer down to your shoulders, but keep the really short pieces like you have in the last picture you posted.

  2. I am so jealous of your hair, I am not sure we can be friends.

    I would vote for long, because I think when people have UNFAIRLY GLORIOUS hair, the more of it the better. But I have to admit, it's VERY CUTE shorter.

    Do you have a style in mind for your wedding? That might influence how much chopping/growing you want to do at this point.

  3. Tieneke--that's a good compromise. I'll have to discuss that option with my stylist on Saturday.

    Swistle--Oh god, I didn't even think of that! No, I don't have a hairstyle in mind for the wedding yet. Though now that I think about it, Torsten likes my hair loose, so I imagine I won't put it into an updo or anything. Maybe I should grow it out now so that I have more options when it gets closer to the wedding. What a conundrum.

  4. you could do a sort of half pinned back and wispy, half down. ala this picture i found by googling curly hair styles

  5. What did you decide to do with your hair? I am terrible at making a decision - so I have had the same mid-length, layered haircut forever. Very nondescript. Bleh.

    Hope you like you new do!

  6. I ended up doing something similar to what Tieneke suggested, in preparation for growing it out, at least for awhile. It's about shoulder length at its longest point but it has lots of short layers and short pieces around the face.

    The stylist flat ironed it when he cut it, so I haven't actually seen it curly yet. But I'm pretty sure I like it.