Monday, August 13, 2007

Self-promotion on Flickr

I created a Flickr account over the weekend. You can check it out here. So far I've only created one set, my photos from my semester in Senegal in 2005. But I intend to create many more, with my more recent photos. And I still really love those Senegal photos. So you should look at them, and add me as a contact or however it works on Flickr. Because I would love to see all of your photos, too.

Update: I was just looking at my Senegal set on Flickr, and that thing is amazing. It knows what camera all the pictures were taken with, and it knew the exact date of almost all of them. For some reason, about a quarter of them were labeled with the date they were uploaded to Flickr instead of the date they were taken, but using the information I gathered from the dates on the other photos as well as my general memory of my time in Senegal, I was able to pinpoint all of them down to the exact month and many of them down to the exact day.

But wow. This is obviously just me being clueless about photo properties, but I didn't know my old camera even recorded the date, much less kept that information with the photo. And how cool is it that Flickr managed to find and display that information? It's amazing to think that on February 26, 2005, I spent the day on a pirogue on the Senegal River near St. Louis. I never would have been able to tell you what day that was, and now I know it. It makes the whole thing feel much more precise.

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