Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Office decor emergency.

Before I get to the real topic at hand, I want to note that this is the 100th post on this blog. Normally, I would want to post something meaningful or introspective or something, but instead I'm going to ask for all of your advice, because you are so good at giving it.

I took Swistle's brilliant suggestion for workplace bookshelf decor and checked out's home decor section--only to discover that they have WAY too many cool options for my limited budget. So, I need opinions. For now, let's disregard cost and just think about what we like and what might or might not go together. Also, I would like input on what I could put in vases and bowls, since I can't afford to buy fresh flowers regularly and I'm a little leery of plastic flowers.

All right. First, the frames. I was thinking that the first two would look nice next to each other, since one is yellow and the other has accents in the exact same shade of yellow (called "sunflower," if you were wondering).

Now, the vases (the last one is actually from Amazon).

And lastly, the clocks, both "Big Ben." I'm undecided as to whether they're unique and fun, or just hideous.

And of course, if anyone has any other ideas, either specific or general, I definitely want to hear them. No, scratch that. I'm pretty sure I need to hear them.


  1. The clocks are great! I love them.

    Here is what I like to do with decor: I buy whatever I like, without worrying if it will go together or not. My theme is "What Swistle Likes." I find that things often end up going together in a way I didn't expect them to. And if something stands out glaringly, I put it somewhere else.

  2. I may not be the person to ask. All I have at my desk is a picture of A. fly fishing (so hot), a picture of the dogs, a picture of my best friends, and a fly fishing poster. So nerdy.

    I do love the last clock, the lime green one, though!

  3. You guys are so helpful! There is clear consensus on the clocks. Artemisia, I was leaning toward the green one myself, so I'm going to go ahead and get it. And Swistle, your approach toward decor is a great and practical approach. I'm going to try to adopt your attitude.

  4. Jess- what about fake flowers for vases and bowls? Granted, some fake flowers are pretty obviously fake, but some can look quite nice.

    If you have wide open bows you could try potpouri (sp.?) or small pretty stones. This could also be seasonal - around fall you could add in small pinecones or something.

  5. Another idea - you could start a collection. Of small trinkets from around the globe. Or of small gobes. Or something else that seems cool and creates a reason for people to bring you fun presents :)

  6. Tieneke--thanks for all the suggestions. I will have to look into all of those things. I especially like the idea of starting a collection that creates an excuse for people to buy me things.