Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back to blogging about what really matters.

So LaKisha got voted off American Idol last night, which was entirely unsurprising. Actually, the Washington Post's TV section conducts an online poll every week to see who readers believe will be voted off next. So far, the results have been correct every time, and this week 60% of respondents said that LaKisha was going. Although I also could have figured that out for myself. Anyway, obviously the poll now says that Blake will be the next to go. The real question is whether Melinda or Jordin will actually win. I don't like Melinda very much, in part because now that she has lost the surprised look, she is left with only one facial expression to work with. And really I liked LaKisha best. We'll see if she's able to develop a successful career without all the professional makeover work that she would have gotten if she'd won Idol.

In other (obviously less important) news, Sarkozy won the French elections, as expected. It's highly unfortunate, though I'm not convinced that Royal was a great candidate either. But it is interesting that the son of an immigrant winds up taking such a hard stance on immigration. Perhaps he has some self-loathing issues?

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