Monday, September 27, 2010

The Grump returns

Oof. The grumpiness? It went away. But then? It came back. Last night I had a whiny traumatized meltdown because: a) we don't have a name picked out for Piglet yet; b) the players on Sunday Night Football were pissing me off; c) my back itched; d) Piglet was kicking hard enough to feel from the outside, I think, but the second Torsten put his hand on my belly the kicking stopped; and e) I'm pregnant, need I really say more?

Poor Torsten handled it like a champ, really he did, being soothing and not at all annoyed while I thrashed irritably around the couch trying to SCRATCH THAT DAMN ITCH ALREADY and WHY IS THIS COUCH SO UNCOMFORTABLE? and WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS DUMBASS EVEN I COULD HAVE CAUGHT THAT PASS and WHY DO NO GOOD NAMES EXIST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD ANYWHERE?

Finally the mood passed, more or less (but not before I HEADBUTTED Torsten in retaliation for him inadvertently tickling me), and then I lay on the couch stewing quietly about NOTHING and also EVERYTHING while Torsten rubbed my back and then we talked about names a little more and settled on one that might be a real actual contender, and we are both going to think about it for a few days and decide if it really is a contender or what, and that made me feel better. (NO IT IS NOT ALFRED.) (And we won't be sharing it until Piglet is born. But then I will indeed post the real name on the blog. So you should get to find out in approximately 16 weeks.)

Now it is morning and I am feeling decidedly less grumpy, so that's nice. Also I had a dream about Piglet the other day: he was born sort of unexpectedly and we didn't have anything ready for him, including a car seat, so while Torsten went out to buy a car seat last minute (and I was annoyed because he wasn't able to get the pattern I wanted), I tried to make the baby stop crying, and the only way to do that was to carry him hanging upside down over my shoulder so his legs were dangling down my front and his head was dangling down my back. Also he was born with a full set of teeth. He was pretty cute though, so that was nice. It was the first time I've dreamed about Piglet since we found out the sex, and in the dream he felt much more like a real baby that we will get to meet soon, so that was nice too.

Oh and Torsten and I are going to the mountains for a couple days this week, for work of all things, but I am still looking forward to it, except Montana isn't coming with us and it will be the first time we've left her home alone overnight. Our next door neighbor will be taking care of her and it's only a couple nights and I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm having traumatized thoughts of her having anxiety attacks (as a rescue dog, she is very people-oriented and can be sensitive to anything that smacks of negativity or abandonment) and/or pooping all over the house. Oh well. I suppose this will be a good dry run for when I go into labor and we have to leave her home alone at the last minute. The same neighbor has already promised to take care of her then, too, so hopefully she won't poop everywhere and scare him into changing his mind.

Tomorrow I'll be 24 weeks! Don't worry, there will be a photo. Hopefully I won't be making a nasty, grumpy face in it, but I can't promise anything.


  1. Boooo to the grumpiness! Hopefully it goes away soon. I am grumpy myself- probably due to the rain outside and not sleeping well last night.

  2. I say grump away. You deserve it and it won't last forever.

  3. Being born with a full set of teeth could be good because you skip the teething part but it could be bad because, hello, breast feeding. :-)

  4. I feel for you on the grump. I do.

    I remember at the beginning of my 3rd trimester with Bud I had a very vivid dream where I saw his face so clearly, and when I woke up it was so real. And finally I felt like there was an actual baby in there, as opposed to…well I don’t know what else I thought was in there.

    It must be because I was pregnant with Bud through the same timeframe as you (just 7 years ago, WOW), but reading your posts make me so reminiscent of that wonderful time. I love reading everything you have to share.

  5. I believe The Grump should be a weekly feature.

    I'm grumpy too, due to 105 degree temps, but I don't have my hormones to blame for it.

  6. I still can't help but giggle at your grumpiness because that's exactly how I am when I'm in a mood: right down to the capitals. ;)

    Have a great time away.. and enjoy the time together. x

  7. I think you should make a grumpy face in the picture, if that's how you're feeling!

  8. ha! that dream sounds equal parts awesome (piglet is here!) and suuuper weird (but dangling down your back with lots of chompers!) :)

    one of my cousins actually was born with her 2 front teeth - they had to extract them right away (or she would have bashed up her own lower gum, not to mention her mama). but it meant she had no front teeth until her grownup ones came in..!

  9. hee! Pregnancy dreams are the weirdest, huh?

  10. Pregnancy is trying man. Feel free to be grumpy. We don't mind!

  11. Oh, how I know the pregnancy grumpiness well. I got a bout of it (or three) this weekend. Thank goodness we have tolerant husbands...

    And congrats on getting closer to picking a name. Now, let's just hope it's not the same boy name that Sweets and I have chosen ... and/or that Sweets and I don't have a boy in December. =)

  12. We didn't have a carseat until the day we brought the LG home from the hospital too. And then we overstayed our 'check out' time by two hours because the carseat tech at the fire department was on lunch.

  13. Sorry you're feeling grumpy! It's just par for the course, I guess!!! Hope it passes soon.

    I'm glad you'll share Piglet's real name... I always love hearing names people have chosen, and I'd be sad only knowing a pseudonym... since I'm so intrigued to know your naming style! haha.

    16 more weeks!!! That's practically nothing at all! Woo!

  14. Hey Honey -

    You really don't need a name until he is born and even if you don't have one when he's born, that's ok!

    When my parents had my younger sister, they decided to name her MaryAnne. As soon as she came out, the Dr asked what they intended to name her. When they said "MaryAnne", the Dr said, "Oh no, don't do that - she looks like a Kelly.

    So my sister's name is MaryAnne but we've called her Kelly all her life.

    So really, please don't stress on the name :-)