Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Seven fascinating tidbits

Well, the fabulous novelist Katie Morton tagged me for that seven things meme, which, amazingly, I haven't done yet even though I've seen it everywhere. So, seven random things about me:

1. I can't whistle or wink or raise one eyebrow at a time. My facial muscles are deficient, apparently.

2. I hardly ever cry. But when I do, it's usually about really small, apparently inconsequential things. Probably I'm really crying about all the big stuff that I didn't cry about at the time that all adds up. Something about the last straw breaking the camel's back, or something.

3. I love to look at apartment listings and houses for sale all over the world and imagine living in those places. I am dying to own a house and completely furnish it and decorate it, possibly with professional help. I only wish that sort of project were in our budget.

4. I really like my job, but after this, I don't want to work in public health again. I like it in theory but in practice it just doesn't engage me that much. I love the writing and the editing, and those are the aspects I want to stick with.

5. You know how some people are addicted to shoes? Well, I'm addicted to sweaters. It might be because my feet are size 11 and it's difficult to find cute shoes in that size (although it's gotten much easier over the past few years), but I absolutely love sweaters. I can never own enough.

6. I have a scar under my right nostril from where I fell off my bike when I was six and a piece of gravel went up my nose. It required stitches inside my nose, which was so difficult and slow for the doctor to do in such a tiny, child-size nostril that the Novocaine wore off partway through and the next time he poked the needle in, it was incredibly painful. Originally they told me I was going to need plastic surgery to remove the scar, but it pretty much faded on its own. It's almost unnoticeable now, although for a few years in elementary school, it was more prominent and people were constantly telling me that I needed to wipe my nose.

7. One of my pet peeves is when people pronounce the word "idea" as though it has an R on the end. I realize that my readers are from all over the country (and world, to some extent) and that therefore some of you probably pronounce that word that way. If so, my apologies--I don't mean to offend. I don't mind hearing it once or twice, but somehow Torsten picked up that pronunciation (probably when he was living in England), and it drives me absolutely crazy when he says it. Whenever he says "idear," I always shout, "IDEA!"


  1. 1. i LURVE sweaters. addicted. to shoes too, though. so maybe its jsut fashion.

    2. I HATE IT when people put an "r" at the end, such as "idear" also, when people say pi-ana instead of piano. cooshun instead of cushion, and pillah, instead of pillow. that might just be an old timer thing though.

    and as for the whole mispronunciations, yes, i live in boston now which just makes me lose my shit sometimes. or everyday. you know, whatev.


  2. Although I like sweaters, too, I think we all know how I feel about shoes. BUT? The entire first half of my freshman year in college was spent trying to teach me how to whistle. To this day, I can really only manage a half-assed sort of wheezing sound. It's pathetic.

  3. I also look at real estate listings all over the country, wishing that I could afford a house, or even a condo! And I also watch all of the real estate shows on HGTV which doesn't help my burning desire to own real estate!

    And I HATE mispronunciations. It really bothers me when people say "libary" instead of "liBrary", or "jew-la-ry" instead of "jewelry".

  4. I can't whistle or raise one eyebrow either. I almost managed to whistle once about a year ago, when they were trying to teach Max to whistle on Dragon Tales. They did such a great job explaining how, that a whistle actually came through my lips. Sadly, it didn't stick.

    I also love looking at real estate listings.

  5. But can you wiggle your ears?

    There is an older gentleman where i work who was born and raised in Brooklyn. When he says things like that, i think it's funny and charming; when my 30 year old, Brooklyn-born friend talks that way, it's like nails on a chalk board.
    My older coworker says things like, "idear", "terlet" for toilet, "berler" for boiler, "tree" for three, and "sangwich" for sandwich. It's all very common Brooklyn stuff - if a 30 yr old was saying those words, i'd probably have to walk away because it's much more common in the older generation than the younger and for some reason doesn't bother me when a 65 (70?) yr old says it.
    Besides he reminds me of my grandpa, so i find it charming. Eh.

  6. Number 2: totally me. I rarely cry, but when I do...whoa, watch out!

  7. I collect sweaters too. Also jeans. Fat lot of good they do me here in TX.

  8. ooo certain word pronunciations are a pet peeve of mine too. one of my friend's parents says "warsher" (like a dishwasher). bugs me.

  9. I look at house listings almost everyday. I love my house and have no intention of moving anytime soon, but I just love peeking into someone else's living room and kitchen.

    I don't cry either. Death makes me tear up, but I can't remember the last time I had a full-out sob-fest.

  10. I have a name that occasionally gets the r at the end of it that shouldn't be there. Also, my dad says surgar. Who puts an r in the middle of sugar?

  11. #7: ME TOO!

    And don't get me started on supposedly pronounced as supposably. Makes my skin crawl.

  12. #7 drives me crazy too, but it's even worse when someone says my name (which ends in an a) with an r on the end of it.


  13. I love sweaters too!!! (and shoes)

    I've been so afraid to post about my mispronunciation pet peeves. There are so many.

    A big one? Nevermind pronounced as neTHermind. I can not handle it.

    Hubby subcontracts work from some people in MA and the girl named Lisa says her name Liser.

  14. i can't raise just one eyebrow either. i get insanely jealous when i see other people do it. so don't feel too bad. altho i can wink and whistle. :P

  15. Oh gods I hate it when people do the R thing... and my name ends with an A... so they do this to my name! Drives me nuts!
    I like accents of all kinds... but the adding of an R where there is none. Just wrongr :p

  16. Nothing's worse than "nucular".

    I know it's a Texas thing, and I'm sorry, but UGH!

  17. Idear is bad. My former boss is named Ada, and one of our doormen at work called her "Ader." GAH!