Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Callum's New Room

Callum's bedroom has been a serious work in progress for a long time. I had planned to wait until further along in my pregnancy with Annika before moving him out of the nursery, but in March, when I was maybe eight weeks pregnant, he climbed out of his crib. So we got the room painted in a rush, bought a mattress, and moved him in. At the time it was just the bare gray walls, the mattress on the floor, a rug, and the dresser we already had.

Slowly over the summer we've added to it--furniture (I waited for those orange and blue bookcases to come back into stock from Ikea for literally six months, and they FINALLY did truly the day before we were going to attempt to DIY the same thing with white bookcases and spray paint), artwork, and curtains. The curtains took the longest--I special ordered them on Etsy with the airplane fabric that I'd found elsewhere, and there were some snafus with the fabric ordering, but the seller got it done and they finally arrived just this week, which is why I've finally taken photos.

The goal for the room was something that suits Callum now, but that he can grow with. So I tried to keep the staple pieces of the room fairly neutral to his current age and interests (with the exception of the curtains, but even though they have airplanes on them, I think/hope they're a pattern that he will like for years), and use decor, bedding, and accents to add things that he's into now. I started by finding a couple photos on design blogs that served as the inspiration for the color scheme (this one and another that appears to now be offline), and then just searched for things that fit over time.

All the furniture is from Ikea except the dresser, which is from Land of Nod, as is the rug. The orange and blue pouf in the corner is from Target. Pretty much all the art is from Etsy, as is the mobile. The orange globe lamp is from Ikea and the orange and white lamp is from Home Goods. The lamb on the dresser belong to my uncle Michael, from whom Callum gets his middle name. The photo over the dresser is from when I was pregnant with Callum (my belly is there behind the dog, though it's hard to see in the photo). And of course the piglet print over the dresser moved from the nursery. The bedding changes--we have the same duvet cover with orange stripes too, so sometimes the room looks more orange than it does in these photos.

Anyway! Enough with the background, here's the room. I'm THRILLED with how it turned out, and luckily Callum seems very happy with it too.





  1. That room is GREAT! I'm terrible at bedrooms. No sort of theme or coordination or anything. In fact, I realized yesterday that we don't even have dressers for the big kids when we move out. Whoops.

  2. I love it! The blue and the orange bookcases look like they were worth the wait.