Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family photos wheeeee

Earlier this month, for the fourth year in a row, we had our beloved photographer, Kristy, of moodeous photography, take some family photos. This year we arranged a two-shoot setup, so we could get some outdoor family photos while I'm still pregnant, and then after Penguin is born she will come to our house to take some baby photos. So! I'm looking forward to that second session for myriad reasons (BABY BABY BABY), but in the meantime, she did her usual AWESOME job with the first set. Callum was a total ham for the camera, a habit that normally drives me nuts but led to some great photos on this particular day. Here are some of my favorites, and the full set is here.



  1. Great pictures! I love the one of Callum in the leaves with his tongue out- he looks like he could be trouble! :-)

    Hope you are feeling well as you haven't been blogging too much. You are looking good!

  2. I love them! You guys look great. Callum is so big!

  3. 5th picture down is AMAZING. They are all great but that one is really special. You look beautiful too!!