Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Best surprise ever

I'm in DC for work right now, rather last-minute, in fact so much so that I had to leave two days before my parents' visit ended, which was rather unfortunate.

However, before I left, my sister and I managed to pull off what we personally consider the best surprise of all time... my sister and her daughter flew out to Denver for Callum's birthday and to surprise my parents during their visit. And we managed not to blow the secret beforehand, so it was a real surprise, and we got the whole thing on video.

So while I'm buried in work meetings, enjoy...


  1. How fun! Your voice sounds nothing like I had imagined :)

  2. Haha, your mom is so cute - we need an OMG count :)

  3. Just catching up, but that was adorable.

  4. I'm impressed you were able to hold onto the secret so long! That's difficult to do.