Friday, November 2, 2012

Mountain fog

We're going to the mountains with friends this weekend. We're leaving this afternoon. I haven't packed a thing, or even really thought about it. I know we need coats, and the Pack N Play, and that we promised to bring Callum's wagon for our friends' near-walker to try out. And I just put up some laundry. So. Maybe I'll end up just throwing the whole laundry basket in the car later, but whatever.

Also, I've been very good about meal planning recently and I planned this whole nice meal tonight. I bought the meat that I needed for it a couple days ago and didn't freeze it because I was going to use it tonight. I kept thinking about the meal and planning how far in advance I was going to marinate the meat, etc. etc., and then last night just before bed Torsten pointed out that we won't be eating dinner here tonight. So. Now the meat is in the freezer.

Also I have schoolwork due on Monday and I haven't done it yet, so. That means I'll have a busy Sunday night.

Apparently sometimes things just don't register, or they don't process correctly. Like, you know you're going out of town for two days but you don't realize that those two days will therefore not be spent doing the usual stuff at home.

Damn. I just now realized that I forgot to cancel Callum's Saturday morning swim class. See what I mean?

Anyway. We are going to the mountains this weekend. It should be great, but I don't really know because I haven't thought about it yet. Presumably once we're there, it'll sink in. In the meantime, I blame the election. It's fogging up my brain and all internal clocks are currently counting down to Tuesday. Maybe a mountain weekend will be a good distraction.


  1. I do this CONSTANTLY. I double book my weekends often, or focus all week on the upcoming down time only to realize I have no free time to relax. Say this weekend - I've been so looking forward to some focused couch time, cooking a few big meals. But I have huge commitments to play in and volunteer for a frisbee tournament. And I need to do a million things before the Blathering. And the house is a wreck. And oh, dear, maybe December will be less insane.

  2. Man, this describes my basic MO these days. And I used to be such a careful planner! Like, in college. Okay, so it's been a while. But my main problem these days is blocking in reasonable transport and transition time. For example, if I need to be at place A by 8:00, and that place is 20 minutes away, rushing into the shower, or starting the search for my phone, or putting in one quick load of laundry at 7:40 is not going to result in a successful arrival at place A by 8:00.

    PSA, right?

  3. Have fun! Which part of the mountains are you heading to?

  4. Hope you are having fun! And I frequently employ the "throw the laundry basket in the car" strategy; packing is for suckers.

  5. I've been doing this exact thing with the Blathering. I'm all the sudden like - wait, I'm getting on a PLANE? And I have to pack? And LEAVE? How will this work?