Thursday, November 1, 2012

Four years in

Four years ago today, this happened:


Four years seems to be the point where it starts to feel like we are really solidly in this, well beyond the newlywed phase and into real life. And we are. We have a toddler, two jobs, grad school, a house to deal with and a mortgage to pay. Adult things. There's no major upheaval going on right now, just the regular stuff and the routine. But it doesn't feel routine. It's interesting and pleasant and enjoyable and I love it. I love the life we've built together. I love our marriage. I love our family. I love our routine.

This is our family now, four years in. I am so happy with where we are now. I can't wait to see where we go.

(Year One, Year Two, Year Three)


  1. And what a beautiful family you make. Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope the next year (or 4, or 40) bring all the happiness in the world!


  3. Happy anniversary! Are you guys doing anything special?

  4. Happy Anniversary! We've been married 5 years and it might be just the sleep deprivation memory loss, but I can hardly remember not being married!

  5. Lovely. Happy anniversary!