Friday, October 5, 2012

Recent reads

Every now and then I start to feel like I've really been reading a lot of great stuff on the Internet recently. Now is one of those times, so, here are a few things that I especially liked reading and thought you might enjoy too.

Rich, from Swistle, on religion + money (this reminded me a little of one of my very favorite Stephen Colbert clips of all time--the absolute best part starts at 3:55 but the whole thing is great).

Polite Conversation, from Liz, one of my very favorite people (and real-life friend), on publicly discussing her miscarriage.

I Believe In Pink, by Hillary Savoie, about her daughter's as-yet-undiagnosed syndrome (the whole blog is amazing; I had a really hard time picking just one post).

Science Friday: Aspartame, by Susie, everyone's favorite toxicologist (this one is a couple months old but I'm still sending the link to people, so it seems like it really belongs here).

On working in a do-good field, by Nomad Soul, a reaction to the New York Times piece about career passions.

Enjoy! And happy Friday!

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