Friday, October 26, 2012

Not dwelling

It has been a WEEK. Our insurance company made two more obvious errors, which I had to call to get fixed, and then they accidentally sent a letter saying that my doctor wasn't in the network anymore, leading to several more phone calls, and now they have refused to pay for a test that my PCP ran as part of my routine bloodwork at my annual physical last week, and my PCP is saying that it's a standard test that no insurance company has ever given her a problem about before, and so you can imagine how long I've spent on the phone dealing with THAT, and there is, as yet, no resolution, and the cost is $210, and ARGH.

Meanwhile our nanny is out sick today and I have a whole bunch of work to do and we got three inches of snow rather unexpectedly after the weather report just called for "snow showers" which would normally be fine except that a shingle in our roof was damaged when we re-sided our house and we haven't had it fixed yet so snow sitting on that gap is not a good thing and and AND.

The snow is pretty, at least:


Also, I did a ton of research and I voted and I actually feel pretty good about my votes, if still torn on one or two of the issues. And we're going to spend a weekend in November in a mountain cabin with friends and I'm looking forward to that.

Also, this is totally unrelated, but I just cleaned the photos off my phone and I came across this gem from when we took Callum to a splash pad back in August and he was really angry when the fountains turned on and off unexpectedly:


Yes, that photo is definitely an extremely effective mood improvement device.


  1. I'm feeling your insurance pain. Regularly, our dentist sends us bills in the hundreds of dollars, only to find out our insurance company never received the claim. It's a he-said-she-said situation and we're stuck in the middle (and also responsible for paying if insurance doesn't cover). It also doesn't help my dentist's office phone always goes into voicemail AND they never call back. Go figure on that one. Makes me want to scream!!!!

  2. UGH, stupid insurance company! Seriously. Report them.

    That photo makes me laugh so much. It reminds me of one my friend put on FB of her 3-year-old water tubing. He is SCREAMING his head off, obviously terrified, and yet is it the funniest picture ever because I am a terrible person.

  3. Since your first post, I've been wondering if our insurance companies have ever done that. We don't go to the doctor enough that it would've happened more than once or twice but I'm sure it has!

    Also. I can't believe the snow. Wowza!

  4. I'm sorry about your insurance issues, but that photo of Callum is priceless!