Monday, September 24, 2012

This fall

I bought these boots in dark brown and I'm in love with them. They're by far the nicest boots I've ever owned. Also, they fit over my calves. Even with jeans. You guys, it's a miracle.

Speaking of jeans, after I bought the boots I went on the hunt for skinny jeans. Almost every pair I found fit perfectly through the hips and thighs but then bagged at the knee, creating an unsightly bunched look when paired with boots. Maybe because I'm pear-shaped? My knees must be disproportionate to the rest of me. I finally found an acceptable pair at Forever 21, of all places, though I'm still looking for a pair that's just a little more snug in the knee, in case anyone has any recommendations.

After I bought the boots and jeans, there was one fall-like day where I could wear them, with a sweater. Then the temperature climbed back into the 80s and stayed there. I'm not complaining (well, OK, I am a little bit, but I shouldn't be because I know the snow will be here soon enough), but isn't that always the way? Buying new fall clothes is pretty much the best way to guarantee yourself some hot summery weather. The timing was good at least, since we went to a Rockies game on Friday night and the evening was mild and pleasant, which is certainly not a given for a night game in late September.

Also, I'm still a little nervous about the skinny jeans. I feel like they emphasize my pear shape. Luckily, that one fall-like day where I was able to actually wear them was a day when I was having dinner with Liz and she swears otherwise, so I'm choosing to believe her, because those boots are so lovely that they need to be shown off, even if it requires highlighting my extra wide hips to do so.

Anyway, while my boots languish in the closet and we wait for the fall weather (which, please let us have actual fall weather this year instead of skipping straight from summer to winter the way we sometimes do), I'm thinking about fall stuff. This happens every year. There's something about this season that makes everyone start raving about boots and pumpkin spice lattes. I don't like pumpkin, so I'm one for two on that front, but I definitely have fall on my mind.

So! While the weather stubbornly remains hot, I'm planning the rest of my season. I definitely want to go back to the pumpkin patch. We are planning on making that one an annual tradition. Also last year I felt kind of hokey taking this photo (and felt that it wasn't accurate because it made him look a couple inches shorter than he actually was because I couldn't get him fully upright) but now I'm really glad we have it, and will make it an annual tradition as well. According to his baby book, he's grown about 5 inches since last year's photo, so it will be interesting to contrast.

I also want to go apple picking, probably at this orchard, now that Twitter has reassured me that I will not be required to leave the farm with 50 pounds of apples in tow. Maybe we'll just buy a few apples and eat them, or maybe I'll get ambitious about making things like pies, sauce, and jam. Probably the former, if I'm being honest, but we'll see.

I don't think we're going to take Callum trick or treating this year. He's too young to get it, and he doesn't eat candy anyway, so I don't really see the point. But, we will put him in a costume to answer the door. I bought this one when it was on a big sale and I had a discount code, so we'll try that on when it arrives and see if it's a winner. I thought about dressing him up as a ghost since his current favorite thing to say is "boo!" but somehow I'm guessing he wouldn't respond well to wearing something over his head and face all evening.

Oh and I want to sign Callum up for a little toddler gymnastics class. That's hardly seasonal, but I think he'd love it and he's at an age now where there should be an appropriate class available for him. Now to find a decent one...

Also I need to figure out if he needs some kind of... snow outfit? Last winter and the one before he wasn't really doing anything in the snow (though I did buy a super clearance Gap snowsuit for $6 and he wore that when sledding last year), but this year he's big and mobile enough that I imagine he'd like to run around and play in it. But snow clothes are expensive and it's not like he'll spend MUCH time in the snow, and he can't ride in his car seat in such thick clothes, so I don't know. Maybe I'll be able to stuff him into last season's snowsuit again until this year's stuff goes on clearance, and this time I'll be smart enough to buy ahead for next year while the sales are still on.

Snow! Usually we get our first snowfall in October. Which means it could be ANY TIME NOW. But I'll be grasping at fall for as long as I can in the meantime.


  1. Three posts in a week? I don't even know you anymore! ;)

    Those boots are indeed awesome, and I completely think Callum would enjoy gymnastics. I'd recommend seeing if any gyms around you have open play hours so you can get a feel for them first.

  2. So for the snow play thing? I've found that the bulky snow clothes are cumbersome and toddlers don't like feleing weighted down. We buy T a winter coat (fleece but warm) and layer it over warmer shirts for snow play - but then the jacket is his jacket for all fall/winter/spring because those are needed even without snow, and I put him in track pants (you know, those nylon-y sports pants usually with stripes down the side?) over sweats. I find them at the children's place frequently, but got this year's pair at TJMaxx by Carters. For as long as they're actually out in the snow, the double layer keeps him warm and the track pants keep him dry. I did find some columbia snow pants (similar to the track pants but allegedly made for snow) at TJMaxx about a month ago and bought them big so we could layer them and hopefully use them next season, too. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I adore those boots. I too, am pear shaped and have shied away from the skinny pant craze but I can see how those boots would change my mind.

    As for snow stuff, I get the Land's End snow pants in black every spring when they go on clearance. I did that with Matilda knowing that black could be handed down to either a brother or sister. I find that I can usually get 2 seasons worth of wear size-wise out of them. They're still $30 but if each pair lasts 2 seasons per kid that's more than worth it. They're really warm and waterproof. Last spring I also started buying their silk long underwear for kids in neutral colors for the same reason. I found that with the silk unders that snow pants and parka are all that's needed. Less layers makes it easier to play in the snow. Oh, and I have an assortment of sizes of LE snow boots in black, as well. :) I may have a LE winter gear addiction.

    Also, start watching for ski swaps...we got Madman a really nice used North Face winter jacket for $20 last year!

  4. I would like to see evidence of these skinny jeans and boots.

    You could try getting a used snow suit, or coat and snow pants just for snow play, and then a lighter weight coat for being out/in the car.

  5. I will have to check out those boots- I have wide calves and can never fit anything over them!!