Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bitty and Giant finally meet

Look who's here for a visit!

I'd met Morgan before, but Torsten hadn't, and my sister hadn't met Callum, and the babies hadn't met each other. It was a very sad state of affairs given that they are already many months old (Morgan is one month younger than Callum). But now that's all been remedied, and the cousins are together at last.


(Also, these two are still at opposite ends of the growth chart. Morgan is just over 11 pounds at 5 months, and Callum is almost 24 pounds at six months. We are all waiting curiously to find out if they veer toward each other, size-wise, as they get older. And in the meantime we are all vastly enjoying holding them side by side and marveling at the difference.)


  1. I love it! Can't believe how different they are in size!! So cute.

  2. Wow that last picture is pretty dang funny.

  3. It is striking to me that Callum weighs 5 lbs more than my 1 year old. Some people have newborns that are 5 lbs! (My cousin, just this week, in fact.)

    Callum is so adorable, especially in his giantness. The pictures are just great!

  4. Oh my heavens! Ella just had her one year appt and she is at 17.5 lbs.

  5. i just love that kid of yours. so enormous, but in a totally normal-looking way. and your sister's baby is also SO! CUTE! (although miniature-looking compared to callum!) :)

  6. Funny, I don't think I realized how big Callum was until placed next to your twee niece. And Seriously, I can't get over how adorable both of them are! CUTE!