Thursday, September 16, 2010

The pregnant cow

Over at Bodies in Motivation: Why I Feel Fat Instead of Pregnant

(Ironically, shortly after I wrote that post, I discovered that I fit into Gap maternity jeans. Who would've thought?)


  1. You look pregnant, no doubt, and that's exactly HOW you're supposed to look, so enjoy. I remember discussing something with my boss, when he suddenly burst out laughing. He said "I'm sorry, but you're HUGE!" Then I thanked him. It's the one time someone can get away with saying that (and I didn't mind at all!), and the one time it's good to hear. :)

  2. Just seeing your comparison shots every few weeks shows SO much baby progress, it's amazing! I can understand what you're going through though; it's one of my worries too. I've always envied women with beautiful, obvious baby-bellies. BUT! You still have a lot more growing to do.. and I'm sure Piglet is going to help you really POP! as the weeks go on.