Friday, June 18, 2010


It's a summer Friday, and I have the day off. I have big plans for the day, including errands, housecleaning, and a cookout at the dog park (yes, really!), but first how about a quick brain dump?
  • I don't particularly care for the Celtics, but I really dislike the Lakers, and I'm quite disappointed that they won. I really like seeing them lose. Like, I actively enjoy it.
  • Have you seen that HGTV show, Selling New York? I love it because the properties showcased are just so sumptuous and unrealistic for any normal person. Escapism at its finest! I mean, some of the open houses they plan are more elaborate than weddings.
  • By far my least favorite chore is vacuuming. I just can't stand it. Thank god Torsten doesn't mind it. I would rather put away 10 loads of laundry than vacuum the house. I don't know why I hate it so much, because really it's not that big of a deal... plus I love our Dyson because it works so well (and it's purple!)... but ugh. So glad I don't have to deal with that chore.
  • One of my favorite things about summer is farmers' markets. We go every couple of weeks, and we don't buy much, but I love to wander, people watch, and check out all the options. The jam and honey and cheese and meat and vegetables and bread! It just all looks so fresh and tasty and REAL. Yum. Plus some farmers' markets have prepared foods available. It's so fun to look at the gyros and sausages and Belgian waffles and chowder stands. It just makes me feel very connected somehow. And no, I don't know why either.
  • Montana just never ceases to be adorable. I just can't get over it. I can only imagine how parents feel about their kids.


  1. I know why you hate vacuuming... because you are subconsciously upset that for all these years I pretended to be scared of the vacuum cleaner and therefore obligated you to do all the vacuuming... so now that we're all grown up, you don't want to vacuum ever again! hehe.

  2. Lakers suck.

    Do you guys head up to the Boulder Farmers' Market or a different one? We used to love to go to the Boulder one- we would pick up our CSA bags every week and then check out the cheese, honey, jams, crafts, etc. that people had set up. Not to mention the FOOD that you could get there. DELICIOUS!

  3. 1. I so agree about the Lakers. I was really pissed when they won. Look I'll just say it: I think Kobe Bryant is an asshole, even if he DIDN'T actually rape that girl. He just annoys me, period. So yeah, I love to see him lose.

    2. Our farmer's market has really sucked so far this summer, so I am super jealous of yours. I guess I just need to drive further and get myself to a town that actually has a decent one with more than four booths (no joke there.)

  4. We should switch--vacuuming is pretty much my favorite chore. My only pain with it is the cleanup beforehand, and making sure I'm not vacuuming up someone's precious microscopic Playmobil part.

    I like Farmer's Markets in theory but in fact they make me anxious (like most retail establishments, in fact). Last year I finally got in the habit of taking the kids to one near(ish) our house, and I hope to continue that this summer. If I make it a regular grocery stop, and not a special retail outing, it's less anxiety-inducing.

  5. I am not a basketball fan, but I would have to move out of my house if I actively disliked the Lakers as my husband is a FAN. However, I dislike very, very much the Lakers fans. The ones who riot and jump all over cars and create mayhem all over downtown Los Angeles when their team WINS. Classy.

  6. I'd rather vacuum than do laundry any ol' day. Luckily Mr. Darcy isn't anti-laundry so we can work this out easily. ;-)

  7. ha, i'd rather vaccuum than almost ANY other chore! especially laundry! :-)

    i'm neither a celtics NOR a lakers fan (go knicks!) but i was hoping the celtics won because my friend marie was so! excited! for them. alas.

    also, from your last post: i am so jealous you found a good dermatologist! i STILL haven't found a good one out here. blah.

  8. Oh, I love Montana. She is so soft. I must come see her soon. And, um you! Hee.

    I hate vacuuming because of the noise. For whatever reason, I have a strong aversion to loud noises, and the vacuum just nearly sends me over the edge. I also hate using the blender or food processor. Weird, hun?

  9. I love our local farmers markets. Even if I buy nothing, I always feel satisfied when we leave. My cats were totally my babies before I had actual babies. I still have pictures of them on my desk and I always reassure them (as if they care) that they were my very first babies.

  10. There is no carpet in my house so I only have to sweep! Dishes are my most hated chore, washing clothes is my favourite!

    And that photo is especialy gorgeous!

  11. I hate vacuuming, too. I don't know why, either. The cord makes me crazy. The way the vacuum will inexplicably sometimes spit dust back OUT makes me want to SHRIEK. I've bought several different ones because I keep thinking the problem is with the VACUUM, but no, it's that I HATE VACUUMING.

  12. 1) I am so terribly jealous of your Friday off. We used to have Summer Fridays at my old job, which meant that by working an extra half hour M-Th, we ended our day at noon on Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It was fantastic and I miss it.

    2) I'm reading a book about the "Experience Economy" that talks about selling experiences instead of goods or services. The open houses on Selling New York are selling the experience of the home, I'm sure, much as Say Yes to the Dress sells the experience of wedding dress shopping. Merely an interesting observation, though likely not terribly insightful.

  13. I love Selling New York for all the same reasons you do. Also love Tough as Nails, which looks at the construction side of big, fancy homes!

    You dislike vacuuming? I don't mind it and would do it 10x a week so long as I don't have to clean a bathroom. *shudder*

  14. Farmer's markets in big cities make me feel the same way. I also feel so connected to people in the past who did all of their shopping that way- by local vendors, in open-air markets... buying only what they needed for that day or the next. So honest, somehow.

    Tiny Town's farmer's market is much different that what you described- probably about 10 vendors, selling garden produce, apples, jam, baked goods. Still simple, whole foods, but MUCH LESS and much less choice.