Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ah, spring. Or not?

Everyone loves spring. Birds chirping, grass growing, blue skies and sunny warm days, lightweight skirts... right?

Well. Except. Here's what spring has meant for us so far:
  • Carefully watering our newly-planted wildflower garden twice each day only to watch grass and weeds grow. So far, no wildflowers.
  • Mud. Everywhere. In our house and our car and on our dog and our patio. Luckily we got those rubber all-weather floor mats for our car.
  • Houses for sale! Several of them on our street alone. Two of them sold in the past few weeks and we were relieved, but then two more went on the market. Oh, well.
  • Going to a Rockies game and seeing them come back from a 6-0 first-inning deficit to score 11 runs... and then lose anyway.
  • Seeing all these adorable spring fashions that I would love to purchase in my new smaller size, but not buying anything because it's not in the budget and I don't really need much other than jeans and basic tops.
  • Watching the dog chase flies and occasionally catch one and then chew it to bits, disgustingly, wagging her tail all the while.
...well, that's OK. It's actually supposed to snow today or tomorrow anyway. So we can't really call it spring yet, right?


  1. Have you read anything about watering your flowers/grass in the morning versus at night? Sweets gets mad at me whenever I try to water our growth after work ... stating you drastically increase the chances of mold growing when you do. Best time to water is the morning.

  2. Whenever we have a spring like this, I like to call it "a cold spring" and think romantically about upper New England, old Maine fishing families, Elizabeth Bishop, and wet lambs and calves birthed in a storm (note: I have never actually been present at the birth of a lamb or a calf).

    Then I grumpily rewash my sweaters, warm hiking socks, and flannel sheets and wish that we could just have some warm weather already.

  3. Ugh I hear you on the weather front. It is freaking freezing in Chicago. What happened to warm May weather?

  4. This year has been weird! I feel like I'm usually dressed more for spring in February than in May - but this year it's been a little bit wintery the whole time. Hopefully we actually get a summer, because I feel like winter started October 1st this year too!

  5. You guys are supposed to get clobbered! We are only supposed to get 12 - 24 inches. According to one station. The other says 8 inches. I chose to believe the 8 inches guy.

    I put my super thick wool socks on today. I am so sad.

  6. Ugh, it's a high of 46 here in MI today, so yeah. Come on Spring! We want you here for good!

  7. SNOW?! yuk
    I hear you on the mud - my least fave part of spring.

  8. Funny we are enjoying very similar springs. Last week I was wearing sweaters to work and a couple of coworkers had snow. This weekend it was sunny & 70, so we celebrated by wearing t-shirts & going to the dog park. The last couple of days are grey, drizzly and cold again. February was sunnier & more spring-like than May has been here. I really just want to be able to put my winter shoes away for the year and wear sandals already!

  9. at least she's not catching stink bugs and eating those! just... trust me on this one. GAH.

  10. I am unreasonably bitter about the snow forecast. Grrrr.

  11. It's a sunny 10 degrees Celsius here in Nova Scotia, and when I go back to Montreal on Friday it's going to be a pleasant 21 degrees. Ah, Spring.