Friday, March 12, 2010

American Idol has left me speechless...

...and not in a good way.

Sad enough about Lilly. Too early for her to go home even though I knew she couldn't win it all.

But Alex Lambert? HOW COULD THAT BE? He was one of the best! Just please please please let him get an awesome record deal and become a huge star. He has such an awesome voice! And he's so sweet, and bizarrely, confusingly charming (just ignore the mullet). I LOVE HIM. HOW COULD HE BE LEAVING?

Let us all revel in the wonder that is this kid's amazing voice, one last time (the song itself lasts under two minutes... the rest is the judges' critiques).


  1. I think it was the mullet. It's kind of unforgivable...

  2. I don't watch AI, so this is my first exposure to him. His voice and style reminds me of John Mayer, though a little more "easy listening" than Mayer. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but I don't hate him.

  3. I was sad that those two left also. :( I hated the mullet, but hair can be cut!

  4. I kind of liked him as well, and would MUCH rather have seen Tim Urban go. I find Tim boring, and I think Alex Lambert has an interesting voice. I was surprised about Lilly, as, it appears, was everyone else. Is it me, or was there a bit of a sore loser vibe from her?

  5. I haven't been watching at all but I just watched the video and I really liked his voice. Hopefully he will come out of this with something.

  6. I haven't watched much this year, but may I direct you to my favorite pop culture blogger's take?
    She always has a good take on things, IMHO.

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  8. Late commenting (bc AI is on now here in Iceland) and I have to agree... he was very good and shouldn't have been cut, neither should Lily. Either the girl who sung Smile or the House of the Rising Sun (their names escape me and I'm too lazy too look them up)should have gone.

  9. We missed 2 weeks of Idol, so I hadn't seen this. I just watched it 3 times and I will buy it on iTunes tomorrow!