Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowy thoughts

That weekend went by way too fast. I still can't believe it's over. And now there's a plain old boring five-day workweek ahead of us. Blah. However, I take comfort in the fact that this week and next week are the last two full workweeks for awhile. There will be a five-day weekend at Christmas and a three-day weekend at New Year's, and that makes me very happy.

So, in the meantime, things on my mind today:
  • I dreamed last night that I was pregnant. It was very vivid, and followed the pregnancy from beginning to end. I was so happy to be pregnant, even when, in the dream, I realized just before I went to the hospital in labor that we had never put together a nursery for the baby. I assume that the dream was caused by all the baby talk on the blog recently? Either way, I was genuinely sad when I woke up and realized I wasn't pregnant.
  • We cleaned and organized the garage this weekend. I did not take photos, because to be honest, the "before" photos would have been too embarrassing. I am almost afraid to admit that we still had all the cardboard boxes in there that we used when we moved in, back in April. Plus all the cardboard boxes that we've accumulated since then, including things from online orders, packages sent, and big items (such as the shower door and the recliner) purchased. Cleaning the whole thing out took only two hours, and we recycled all the cardboard. Now that garage is clean, spacious, and organized, and I am surprised at how much better I feel. Just thinking about that nice garage makes me happy.
  • We've been giving Montana various Kong-style toys with treats in them recently, in an attempt to encourage her to play and chew more. She does chew bones and play, but she's not obsessed with either of those things, and often loses interest quickly. Because of her kennel cough, we've been keeping her away from the dog park, so eventually she got bored enough that she actually picked up a tennis ball and played with it in the yard without encouragement. We were thrilled, but we also notice that she has almost zero mouth coordination. She can't catch a ball in midair, and she almost always misses the ball on her first attempt to pick it up off the ground, and she drops it frequently once she does manage to pick it up. And the chew toys are the same way. She really struggles to get treats out of the Kongs, and often gets frustrated and stops trying. It's adorable, but it's also sad--clearly she never had toys or treats for the first few years of her life, and it is obvious that she is still behind in this area of development as a result.
  • It snowed yesterday, just a couple inches, nothing major, but for the first time since we moved here, the city of Denver seemed unprepared. The major, six-lane street near our house wasn't salted at all, so even though it was plowed, there is a very thick, scary layer of ice over it, or at least there was last night, and given how cold it still is, I'd be surprised if it were already gone. People were slipping and sliding all over the place. I foresee lots of nights in this week.
  • Torsten is flying to DC later this morning for a business trip. I only hope that we're able to get to the airport with no problem and that his flight isn't delayed or canceled. Though selfishly I'd be happy if he did have to stay here in Denver with me this week.


  1. Our (tiny one car) garage is in a perpetual mess because once you have the kids bikes and the stroller and the lawn mower and the garden tools- and of course bags and bags of soccer balls!- in there, there's never room for a car, and barely even room to make a path to walk. Jim sort of half cleaned it out last week, so I'm hoping at some point there will be room to at least put one vehicle in there for the winter.
    So in other words- I am JEALOUS of your nice clean and spacious garage! Enjoy!

  2. We have one dog who can catch a ball out of mid air, running full speed, about to slam into a wall. But he can't catch a treat from five feet away to save his life.

    The other dog can catch treats all day long and never miss, but she can't catch a ball. She will chase it, but she always lets it hit the ground first.

    Some dogs just have different motivations than others. Montana will settle in and find hers. Don't go worrying about her too much. ;)

  3. It snowed in Chicago last night and my neighborhood was NOT prepared this morning. None of the sidewalks were cleared or anything!

  4. This weather is totally not my friend. Hope your airport trip goes well!

  5. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't feel embarrassed about having boxes in your garage from your move 8 months ago. It took my parents a year before they completely unloaded boxes of books in the hallway of our childhood house. And Sweets and I still have boxes in our second bedroom, 18 months after moving in. It takes time to settle.

    BTW, SoMi has the exact same awkwardness with toys and balls. It's gotta be something about those rescue dogs and being denied a childhood full of play!

  6. I'll pay good money to have a cleaned garage. Come on down. ;-)

  7. I'm jealous! I wish I had a garage to clean and a yard for a dog to play in! It those things that seem mundane, but are some of the most precious moments of our lives!

  8. I've had dreams that I was pregnant, but I've never woken up and been sad to realize I wasn't. Mostly just relieved. Really, really relieved.

  9. We had a couple of inches of snow here too a few days ago and everyone freaked out a bit :) Its a first snow of the winter freakout.

    I'm thrilled to hear how things are progressing with Montana, she's such a cute doggy :p

  10. I have pregnancy dreams a lot--they always frighten me...

  11. Yeah once in a while Denver gets caught with a storm that it isn't ready for. A couple of years ago we had two blizzards back to back and flights were cancelled for DAYS out of DIA. People had to sleep in the airport because Pena Blvd was such a mess that you couldn't get in or out.

    Usually thought it's hot enough out the next day after a storm that the snow melts and the City of Denver doesn't have to do too much!

  12. Our garage is always embarrassing...
    I hope the roads are cleared up soon, how scary!