Thursday, December 24, 2009

An easy way to get into that holiday spirit

So, since it's the day before Christmas and all, it seems like a good time to mention that pseudostoops is doing her blog giveaway again... and this year, there's an extra twist! Not only is pseudostoops giving 50 cents to charity for each comment on these three posts, but now Swistle is in on the fun, and will be adding another 25 cents per comment.

So, head over there, post a quick comment on each of those three posts, and know that you've done your part to help someone else, just that little bit. For free!

AND, you can vote on which of five charities should be the one to receive an additional $50 donation.

So, go! Comment! Help! I don't care if you have a blog or not. Just leave a comment! It's free, and it matters.

And happy holidays!


  1. I've been following her all week. She really is amazing, no?!

  2. Happy holiday and merry christmas to you and your husband. I hope you have a good one!:)

  3. I just did it! Thanks for letting me know. I'm also stealing your blog post (altering it just a little) and putting it on mine. I hope you don't mind. :)

  4. Thanks for posting this! I'm definitely commenting.