Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, we are expecting quite a bit of snow today--the weather reports are saying 15 inches in the Denver area, and two feet in the mountains. This will be our first big snowstorm since moving to Denver, and I have to say I'm a bit excited. Of course, we haven't gotten snow tires yet so we will be totally homebound, but that's the beauty of working from home.

I know Montana will love the snow too, because it snowed an inch or two right after we got her, and when I took her out for a walk she rolled all around in the snow like she was trying to make a snow angel. It was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen and I am looking forward to seeing more such antics this afternoon after the snow has started accumulating.

Also, I get to wear my new snowboots, the ones I ordered once we knew we were moving to Denver, with purple trim and laces, and which I haven't worn once because we haven't had any real snow.

I'm sure all the Coloradans who've been living here forever would kill to avoid this snowstorm, but both of us are all like, oooo. Snow! I assume that at some point this attitude will change? But then again, maybe not... I've spent eight years of my life living in Massachusetts and I still like snow. Perhaps once we own our own house and have to shovel the snow, that will be the turning point.

But the other lovely thing about the snow, and about Colorado weather in general? Is that despite the huge amounts of snow we're expecting today and tomorrow, this weekend it's supposed to be sunny and in the 50s again. That's what helps you not get sick of the snow, you know? A snowstorm doesn't mean that the weather is going to be dreary, freezing, and gray for weeks.

Basically, I love it here. And also, despite the shoveling that we'll have to do, I'm excited to have a house for the next snow, and a yard so that Montana can run around in the snow off-leash. Maybe if they do a good job plowing (and I assume that they do, since they're used to this sort of weather), we'll take her to the dog park this afternoon so she can make some off-leash snow angels there.

Hm. Maybe I'll add "snow-blower" to the list of things we need to buy for our new house.


  1. I'm pretty sure there are lots of Coloradoans who love skiing. And what makes for great spring skiing other than a spring snowstorm? We're supposed to get snow here this weekend (probably the same storm traveling eastward), but I highly doubt our snow will be as pretty as yours.

  2. When do you move into the new place? That's so exciting. Enjoy the snow!

  3. I hope they do a good job plowing, but being used to it doesn't necessarily mean they plow.

    Edmonton, for example, never plows anything but the very main streets, and they do a piss poor job of those. And we're practically in the arctic.

  4. We just got that storm....tons of snow and ice...not cool.


    Hey, at least it's pretty, right?


  5. As Nilsa said - the snow is awesome for skiing...I am bummed to miss riding this weekend!

    BUT! I will be in sunny Mexico instead. So this snow? Just will make me appreciate the beach that much more :)

    And here's the real Colorado refrain about this snow:


    And it's true, we totally do!

    P.S. Be glad you're safe at home. It took me 2 hours to get to work today, and now I get to turn around and go right back out in it because we're closing early!

  6. Stay safe! Where we live, it's a whiteout right now. Also, the city of Denver usually does a good job with plowing - and this year, since they've had no plowing to do, there's still money in the budget left to plow. Thank goodness!

    Seconding rosalicious - we REALLY need the moisture. Especially those poor farmers (and cows) out on the Eastern plains.

  7. If we've already had a lot of snow for the season, I'll dread the spring snow storms. But this year, it's been fairly dry, so I don't mind. Plus, I get to stay home today.

  8. Reading that last section made me think of the movie Stepmom where Julia Roberts tells the girl to say, "I'm not going to waste my time on some loser who doesn't even know what snowblowing is." P.S. I still don't know what that means.

  9. Something about a blizzard is so cozy...I'm looking forward to it as a way to help bond with our new(ish) house.

  10. i always THINK i like snow, and i do for like 1 day.... and then i want all the icky brown ice and slush that's left over to just BEGONE ALREADY. 50 degrees after each storm would help that...

  11. I heard just yesterday that Denver was supposed to get some big snowfall this weekend and thought of you guys. :)

    The first few snowfalls are always so beautiful and romantic, but then, yes, the shoveling begins and the winter driving (hooray for working from home!).

    I would highly recommend your adding the snowblower to your list. Much like those first snowfalls, shoveling is fun and 'great exercise' the first few times and then it just becomes tiresome and irritating.

    At any rate, enjoy your first big storm - I hope you guys have a good stash of hot chocolate. :)

  12. Oooh, snow days! My FAVORITE!!!
    Settle in and make some Swistle-style treat!

    Snow is like crack to doggies! I love that.


  13. I do love winter, but I'm more than ready for spring. I've lived in Montana most of my life and these late March snowstorms are common and ANNOYING. I want warm weather! I have a pedicure and cute wedges!