Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sunny days in Texas

It rained yesterday, it's raining today, and it's supposed to keep on raining all the way through Saturday. Though I do not appreciate what the rain does to my hair, I'm still really glad it's raining--because I literally cannot remember the last time it rained like this, and the drought is just awful. Apparently in North Carolina they're on severe water usage restrictions and actually talking about closing businesses that use excessive amounts of water. And it's raining there too, now, as it is on most of the east coast.

Which is why this weekend is the perfect time for our trip to Austin. Torsten and I are flying out tonight and staying through Sunday night, to go to my (now our) friend Matt's wedding. The weather in Austin is supposed to be sunny with a few clouds, highs in the seventies, lows in the fifties all weekend. In other words, perfect.

This will be our first plane flight together, and can I say that for once I am actually looking forward to a flight? Four hours on a plane and yet when I get uncomfortable, it'll be okay because the person next to me is someone I can actually touch without it being awkward. I can lean on him if I want to sleep and he won't mind--in fact, I think he'll actually like it. Even if I drool on him. Well, depending on what shirt he's wearing. If it's his favourite sweater, he may get annoyed about the slobber.

This will also be the first wedding that we've attended together, and also the first-ever American wedding for Torsten and the second-ever wedding, period, for me. It should be good for Torsten, who expressed shock when I helped him pick out a nice outfit for the wedding, and actually suggested that the guests at our wedding wear jeans. My shriek of horror cured him of that idea, I think, along with the subsequent tirade about how this is our only wedding and it's a special occasion and it should look that way and it would feel dismissive to have our guests in jeans and most people (or women, anyway) LIKE the excuse to wear fancy clothes and the photos would look like they were taken at a rodeo and we might as well just not have a wedding at all if our guests are GOING. TO. WEAR. JEANS. Followed by several long, desperate gulps of air.

Okay, that might be a slightly dramatized representation of the discussion we had about the jeans. But suffice it to say, our guests will not be told that dress at our wedding is casual. And there had better not be anyone there in jeans. But I do think that attending this wedding together will help both of us get a firmer idea of what we do and do not want at our own wedding, especially for Torsten as it will help him visualize American weddings a bit more clearly. Although what he's really excited about is the (yes, casual dress) BBQ rehearsal dinner, to which all out-of-town guests are invited. He claims he's not going to eat between now and tomorrow night in order to be able to stuff the maximum possible amount of barbecued treats down his throat.

Also, I've never been to Austin before and Torsten has never been to Texas before, but we've heard that Austin is an amazing city, which is why we're leaving tonight instead of tomorrow night--we plan to spend tomorrow and Sunday checking out the town. I haven't actually done any research into stuff to see or places to go, though. Does anyone have any recommendations? Whether or not you've actually been there, of course. Hearsay is a totally acceptable form of advice.


  1. It's raining like a mofo here, too. Tessie might be able to help you out. I've never been to TX. Have fun!!

  2. You will love Austin. It's about as good as it gets in TX.

    The obvious choice for stuff to do is 6th Street (street downtown with restaurants/bars/clubs/etc.) Austin is known as the "live music capital of the world" (EYE ROLL GET OVER YOURSELF TEXAS), so there's usually plenty to do there.

    Also, they have this weird/cool thing downtown where there are like millions of tiny BATS that fly out from under this certain bridge at a certain time every day. Sounds CREEPY and GROSS, but it's actually pretty cool.

    Plenty of good BBQ and Tex Mex too, obviously.

    Have fun! Weather should be decent for once.

  3. Aw, I have yet to get on a plane with my boyfriend, but I have the same feelings about how great I think that flight would be. Also, let us know how Austin is! It's on my list of potential places I'd like to live and I have yet to visit. Have a fun trip!

  4. oooo Texas is fun. I've been there a few times- and the people are wonderful and the weather has always been great when I'm there. And I totally agree on the no jeans policy. omg... it's so tacky looking. It's like guests who just happened to be driving by and decided- ohh lets drop in on the reception. When the time comes for me to get married- there will be a polite note saying no jeans. ugh...

    (and sorry about the no writing for awhile on my part. it'll be a week and i'll be writing again. lol. you know i can't stop writing. but- i got a comment from someone who apparently knows me and was really nasty in the comment. the person isn't a friend of mine due to the context of the comment, so idk. i feel violated. i'm probably just going to change the web address. i'll let you know when i do. but- i'm not disappearing for good. maybe just a week)

  5. So exciting! What a weekend of firsts and seconds. Flying with your boyfriend/fiance is the best; there's just something great about traveling together!

    And I laughed out loud when you said you don't want your wedding photos to look like they were taken at a rodeo. Haha.

  6. I've never been to Austin, but my beau raves about it. He goes there often for work, and every time he comes home says, "We should totally move there. You'd love it." Have a great trip! Safe flight!

  7. Oh, Austin! It's one of my favorite cities.

    Ok, here's my list...

    Eat at:


    Have fun and enjoy the city, it's a great place.

  8. When I fly with my husband, it is not always comfortable, because he is at least 6'5" and very awkwardly crammed into the tiny plane seat. I usually try to contort myself so that I am not crowding him, and thereby making him MORE uncomfortable. This usually means that the other person next to me is uncomfortable. Also, me.

    Also, on our first (or second? I don't know) flight together, they seated me in the front row and him in the veeeeeeeeeery back row, and wouldn't let anyone change seats. I sat next to a screaming child (which was only annoying because of the parents getting mad about it) and he sat crammed into a corner next to the bathroom.

    The end!

  9. Austin is fun. It is the only town I felt comfortable in while visiting Texas, though San Antonio isn't too bad.

    I actally prefer flying alone. Then I can sleep, read, whatever and I don't feel like I am ignoring anyone. And I HATE it when I sit next to A Talker. Annoying!

    Have fun at the wedding! I hope you share Torsten's impression of American weddings, that should be interesting.

  10. i think i was have gasped at jeans too! no no no no.

  11. Jess, Austin is pretty cool, and they DO have good music. I am one of those weird Texans who doesn't rave about it like everyone else, but here are some things to do:
    Austin City Limits is great music and has its own PBS show
    Esther's Follies on 6th street
    6th street in general
    get mexican food, nowhere in DC has it as good
    For burritos hit Freebirds (there are 4): it is fun and they are delicious
    also the LBJ presidential library and museum is there
    as is the lady bird johnson wildflower center
    and do go see the bats
    they are cool

  12. I have always wanted to go to Austin. Ever since MTV's Real World had a season there.

    I live vicariously through TV though, so I feel as though I already HAVE been there. And that's sad.


  13. I will second Mal on Freebirds. Fo sho'.

  14. I've got no input on Texas.

    I really don't think it would be the worst thing in the world if someone wore jeans at the wedding. I'd be happy to know everyone was comfortable. :)

  15. Fun, fun, fun! I've never been anywhere, so I can't help you with ideas.

  16. I guess I'm too late to offer recommendations but I'd say 6th street is your best choice. Lots of bars, live music and good food.

  17. oooh have fun this weekend! i had my first flight with the New Boy really early.. flew up to Boston with him just last weekend. we had about a 4 hr delay, which would have probably had me crying in frustration by the end, but turns out it's much more bearable with someone there with you. who you can kiss. ;-)

  18. i have always wanted to go to austin, i hear its amazing.

    hell, i looked at jobs there and upon college graduation was willing to pick up and move there.

    no, i've never been. just heard great things and watched the real word austin. yeah, that's how i roll.

    have fun this weekend!!! (and jeans? at a wedding? uh.......ok...)

  19. I'm jealous, I love Austin. My sister lives there. I dont know what to recommend though, because i'm always chauffered around and never remember names of places, but you really can't go too wrong in Austin.

  20. I loved "Followed by several long, desperate gulps of air."

  21. I just went to Austin for the first time a few months ago, but I think this comment is too late to provide you any advice, so I'll just say I hope you had a great time.

    Also, only your second wedding EVER? Wow. Hope it was fun!

  22. I hope you had a great time and that the wedding was beautiful - did you get any ideas?

  23. Um wow, I wish I had read this back when this comment would have been relevant. I'm sorry, y'all, but if you want to go to a bar and are over 21 or 80 IQ points, whichever comes first, do NOT go to sixth street. No. You need to go to fourth, or second. Also, Kerbey Lane Cafe is the best non-mexican food in Austin. It beats Magnolia Cafe hands down. Also? Drink lots of tequila. In frozen margaritas is how I prefer it but hey, to each their own. The museum route is fun but I'd say see the water, even if it is a winter month. The sun will most likely still be out. Also? The Mexican Freetail Bats only make their really grand appearance in the summer months. They fly south for the winter. Also, the vintage shopping is superb. If you're ever back in Austin, shoot me an email and I can give you specifics.