Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shauna's Wedding Dress

First of all, congratulations to Shauna and Jason over at Pickles & Dimes, because they're getting married in ten short days! And Shauna, don't worry--you won't forget the dress. Your bridesmaids will remind you, or something.

Second, I volunteered to do a very important favour--I was going to say it's a favour for Shauna, but really it's a favour for her readers, since we're the ones dying to see her dress. Anyway, Shauna and Jason run P&D together, which means that she can't post pictures of her dress on her own blog because Jason would see them. So instead, she's sent me the link to post for all to see.

Click here to see a photo of a smug model wearing Shauna's dress.

I emailed Shauna to ask how she wanted me to deal with comments in order to make sure Jason doesn't hear about the dress ahead of time. But I haven't heard back yet and I'm totally impatient to post the link so that you can all see the pretty pretty dress, so for now I guess you should all just comment here to tell Shauna how gorgeous her dress is. Because it totally, totally is. And I'm so excited to see the actual wedding photos.


  1. Thanks so much for doing this. I love, love, love this dress and when I tried it on, I cried a little (in the dressing room, because I didn't want all the hoity-toity saleswomen to think I was a sap).

    But every time I show someone a picture of this dress, the model's expression irritates me. And it's the ONLY picture I can find, since I got the dress at David's Bridal (I KNOW) and they discontinued it.

  2. OMG! It's gorgeous! Almost makes me want to get married all over again.

  3. I LOVE THAT DRESS A MILLION. seriously. teh gorgeous. i looooooove the champagne accents, esp that ribbon trim on the bottom. ohhhh so pretty.

    also no kidding, wtf model? maybe they didn't let her have any lunch.

  4. That dress is unbelievable! So gorgeous! How can you stand having to wait to wear it!?!?!?

  5. That model's face really bothers me. However, the dress is lovely!

  6. "Smug model"--ha ha ha!

    *huge intake of breath* That. Is the most beautiful wedding dress. I have ever seen. My EYES FILLED WITH TEARS. (Which rapidly dried when my eyes moved upward to Miss What're YOU Lookin' At?)

  7. Oooh, sooo pretty pickles! How did you find it? Did it take a lot of looking, or was it the first one you tried on? Are you wearing a little head piece of some sort or a veil or both or neither? What kind of jewelry? And also, will you strike that same smug pose when you wear that dress? Oh, DETAILS please!

  8. Loves it! I didn't even notice the model's expression, I was too busy looking at the purdy dress. Now I have to go look at it again.

  9. P&D--You're welcome! I really love your dress.

    Swistle--Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the term "smug model." That was all Shauna.

  10. Thanks so much you guys! It's so nice to share it with people, because I got my, "Do you want to see a picture of my dress? DO YOU? I THINK YOU DO!!!" phase out of my system about 10 months ago and it's nice to have that giddy, excited feeling again.

    And Penny, I'm wearing a veil with champagne trim, and a champagne pearl necklace and earrings. (God, this all sounds so fancy, so let me say this: my jewelry cost $19.95.)

    It took me less than 90 minutes to find this dress, because I knew I didn't want anything too lacey or beaded or poufy. I had printed out about 6 dresses I liked off of David Bridal's (I KNOW) website, but my favorite dress looked horrible on me.

    Then my mom saw this dress and while it looked boring on the rack, when I tried it on, OMG. I fell in love. I tried two dresses on twice, tried this one on a third time and that was it. The whole thing was over before my dad had a chance to take a nap on the waiting couches.

  11. Oh, I GASPED! Out loud! I LOVE IT. Especially the trim.

    And whatever, I bought my dress at David's Bridal too.

    Also, the smug model is all well and good, but we better also see pictures of smug YOU in the dress.

  12. Heh. I am also a David's bridal owner.

    Perhaps we should have a wedding dress post some day. Synchronize your watches..I shall be digging a picture of my dress out and posting it and possibly tagging the lot of you. That is, if I remember to do this at all.

  13. Dress is elegant and very attractive, where did she buy this dress? anyone knows?
    I found very similar dress on, its so beautiful.