Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Baseball and weddings

Well, I assume that everyone knows by now that Barry Bonds hit the record-breaking home run (number 756) last night. The Washington Post had a big front page article about it, which was interesting enough, although I preferred the editorial yesterday about Bud Selig's wishy-washy stance on the whole thing. But what I really wanted to know was what happened to the ball--since estimates say that it will be worth between $400k and $500k. The answer is here. That guy might not be a Giants fan, and he might not really care about the whole thing, but damn it, he came out of the pile of people with blood on his face and rips in his clothes, and that's what really matters. Only the strongest survive, apparently.

By the way, for the record, the Nats gave up the homer, but they also won the game. Though I don't think any of the euphoric fans at AT&T Park noticed. I would also like to point out that although the Nats have a dismal win-loss record at 52-61, the Giants' is even worse, at 48-63.

In other news, Torsten and I are very close to picking a site (and therefore cementing a date) for our wedding. It's the only wedding planning that we've really done so far. Actually, that's not really true. I've more or less settled on a photographer (a decision made easy by the fact that he photographed my sister's wedding beautifully, that we would get all the photos in high-resolution digital format for our own use, and that he offered me a big discount on his prices because they have gone up substantially since he did my sister's wedding), and I made an ill-advised trip to David's Bridal with my friend Jill to look at wedding dresses.

I learned two important things on that trip, though: 1) I do not look good in big, poofy dresses such as this, and 2) I will not be purchasing my wedding gown at David's Bridal. And I have learned two important things about wedding planning as a whole: 1) It's all going to be okay and nobody will notice if the cake frosting isn't the exact shade of purple that was requested, and 2) If you do it in November, you get huge discounts on everything.

And since these lists of two seem to be working for me today, two vows I am attempting to stick to now that I am engaged: 1) I will not become a crazy Bridezilla, and 2) I will not turn this into a blog that talks exclusively about wedding planning.

The idea here is that while the wedding will be a fun gathering of friends and family, the real point is the life together that happens after. I'm hoping I don't lose sight of that overarching concept as the wedding planning becomes more stressful.


  1. Who hit a what?

    Oh, weddings, THAT I understand! Fall is a great time for a wedding. Paul and I got married in fall. I don't understand summer weddings: so hot, so humid, everything from make-up to frosting melting all over the place. Fall colors are gorgeous, too.

  2. Yay, thanks for the encouragement! I am glad to know that I have blog friends who have been through the whole fall-wedding-planning thing before. I'm sure there will be regular updates/tearful pleas for help.

    And yes, I totally agree about summer weddings being overrated. I am hoping that sweat will not be present at our wedding at all. My sister got married in June in a church without air conditioning and it was so hot in there that I was sure my makeup was running down my face while I stood up there holding both our bouquets. It turned out that it was fine, but still. Not good.